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  1. How do I get access to Earwigo to build a cartridge?
  2. Just like "Roseanne Roseannadanna" use to say "NEVERMIND....................
  3. Love it, Like it was said before you guys ROCK !!!!!!! One thought. Could there be a check-box to just not show the distance of the closest cache to your Home Coords? Many get puzzles fake coords right on our house so when they found them it is easy to figure out where certain cachers live. Some people would want that kept unknown, but would still like the great STAT page. Thanks again and again and again.......................
  4. FIRST, I love the updates. Thanks for the hard work to make this game/sport we love so much more enjoyable. SECOND, I just noticed that if I click on a cache icon on a Profile Page, no matter which Icon I click all cache types show up. I am sure it is an easy fix for you guys, but thought you would like to know. Thanks again
  5. Just my 2 cents worth. We are in a cache rich area and we never know what dirrection the caching bug will bring us. We could go 2 miles south or 136 miles North. I run PQ's by date placed and update them once a week. I know the info could be a week old but that is fine. So the "time of day" i get it, is no problem, as long as i get them to update GSAK. I would rather run less PQ's and get more in them. Thanks for asking.
  6. Woke up to find ALL of yesterday's and today's PQ's in my in box. The Lakey's must have been working all night. My hat is tipped to all of you. Great Job
  7. I just edited my unpublished Event page and I had to check "The guidlines of an Earthcache" before I could save what I changed. I thought that was just suppose to show up on Earthcaches.... FYI. I love the site. There area lot of new changes I really like. Formatting is just formatting. GREAT JOB.
  8. I submitted our very first earthcache on 01-12-10 about 10:00 at night. When I checked my email in the morning (5:00am) on wednesday 01-13-10 it was already published. Never using the old system, I give this one 4 thumbs up. GC22Y5N http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7c-d51951c23669 Thanks
  9. 76-CJ7

    Picture Edit

    I cannot "EDIT" any of the pictures that I have put on my cache pages. When I click on the "EDIT" link I get.... Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  10. We finally have all the info gathered for our first Earthcache and can't wait to use the new system. Or for us the "only" system. I am sure it will as high quality as all the other work that the Lackeys do on a daily basis. Happy Holidays
  11. Nice to hear from you Team taran, I do use this function which is working for me, BUT sometimes there is a certain coin I am looking for. Usually one that I purchased and I wanna see where others may be. Thanks for the comments. 76-CJ7 Manchester NH
  12. Thanks Zoltig, We also have a 95 YJ that I let our sone beat up on a daily basis. He likes coming caching when there is offroading avavilable to get them. Another subject. 2004 YJ - Anyone use Coil Spring Spaces??? I wanna lift it up just a bit for some beafier tires but don't wanna go crazy with since this is the daily driver. 76-Cj7
  13. This is how I came up with my log-in. Still not "road worthy" But getting there And this is currently the "Daily Driver" "Cache Hunter"
  14. First off I'd like to say this is my first time using the Forum, So bear with me..... When searching for trackables you have three options on how to sort the pages... Distance Traveled Last Log Name Anyway of adding "Distance from Home GZ"? I think this would be very handy. 76-CJ7
  15. Hopefully this one will get on the road (or should I say trail) soon. Not getting the full restoration but enough to get it going as a new toy to play around with. It's pretty much a Mutt, but being registered as a 76 CJ7. [/img]
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