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  1. I agree with Boda, he answered the same way, I would have.
  2. Yeah, I think your right there. Read your past couple of posts, and see how much you are contradicting yourself. Get some sleep.
  3. I have a NUVI 250, and to be honest It's ONLY good for getting to the Caches. I use the NUVI to get me there and a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx to find the cache. The trouble with the NUVI, is that if your close to a road, it will stick to the road, so getting to the exact spot, will be very difficult. Don't get me wrong, it CAN be done, but a NUVI is not a good idea. If you drop it, your done. As for the driving part, the NUVI is a great unit. Maybe you can look at a cheap handheld as well, if your strapped for cash. Just an idea. Good luck in your quest.
  4. Thanks Guys, It's not exactly what I want to do, but I guess it's the next best thing, as it does what I want. I appreciate the info.
  5. Hi, I have TOPO Canada V2, and the entire Province of Ontario has 902 Maps, due to the fact that each one covers a smaller area. Having 902 maps loaded onto my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx, creates a problem, when I want to switch between TOPO and Street maps. Is there any way to combine those 902 Maps into 1 Map, so that I only have to turn on or off 1 map, instead of scroll through 902? Any help is appreciate. Thanks.
  6. Today is me best day yet. Found my FIRST cache on January 14'th 2008, Today I found (With my Daughter who's 11) 14. We found our first at 12:55pm and out last at 5:10pm Had a great time.
  7. I don't see a Grey Zone anywhere, it's a RED ZONE, as In, Illegal, like the other poster said. You get caught, you get burned, it's not worth it.
  8. I have CN NT 2008 and tried it out today on the 60CSx, and it worked just the same as it does on my NUVI. I just got the 60CSx this week, and I was impressed how well it works for driving. I also have TOPO on it, and that works fairly well for driving, but if you want all the streets, you Need the City Navigator. Now I've got a GPS with driving directions for each car. So, since I got TOPO and CN, I've got the best of both worlds on the 60CSx, CN for driving and TOPO for caching. I'd NOT recommend City Navigator for caching alone, it's not meant for that.
  9. So how do you get a cool profile page like this: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=cc...c1-56a94b2e4b18 With the maps and stats and stuff? Umm, by pasting the code. That's run with GSAK with a Macro. And it works awesome. I run mine, view teh source code then paste it into my profile.
  10. I can't rave about the Garmin GPSMAP60CSx enough. I have it, with TOPO Maps installed. I just got it during the week, after using an Older Garmin 12XL, that'a bout 14 years old now, it did the job, but not like the 60CSx. I was out today with the kids, and a River prevented me from getting to the next cache, so I zoomed the map down and followed the river on the map page to find a suitable crossing spot. Try doing that with a No Map capable GPS, and it's accurate. I also have a Garmin NUVI, which I use for driving to get close to the cache, then jump out with the 60, to go get it. It's pricey, but seems to be the GPS of choice at the moment, without going nuts and splurging on a Colorado. Good luck in your quest.
  11. Fluxuated


    Or go for it in the dark. We've gone for several at night and even meet other FTF racers at night. Our latest/earliest was a 2 mile hike through the woods at 1AM. True. Your in Toronto, go out there and grab the 2 I placed in Guelph Friday Evening No one's logged them yet. Once I order my FENIX Flashlight, I may have to try some night hunts. Sounds fun.
  12. Fluxuated


    A lot of it is LUCK as well. Try to catch one that's published when it's dark, then plan to leave, so that you arrive at the cache at first light. That strategy has nailed me 4 FTFs and I've only been doing this for 3 weeks now. Best of luck, grabbing a FTF is awesome. I did it, with my 2 kids.
  13. CONGRATS! And Happy Birthday
  14. I tried sending a PM, but it said your username doesn't exist??
  15. Thanks for the reply, I just downloaded GPXSonar a few minutes ago, and my phone is saying it's not a valid PPC File. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Hello, I have an HTC Touch phone with Windows Mobile onboard. I'm presently using the web browser of the phone to connect to my own personal website where I have Geocache data stored, to get data, when I'd like to just upload it to the phone. Can anyone tell me which software I can install where I can use Geocaching data on the phone? I'm using GSAK as well. It would be great not to have to keep printing out sheets, when I have the phone with me already. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.
  17. I Agree, you should DEFINATELY be able to choose. I can see situations where I'd like the option of using both.
  18. What exactly does that mean? I'm having the same problem. Thanks.
  19. Disregard. Figures, I wait, post, then the name change happens a few minutes later. Thanks!
  20. Anyone know typically how long a name change request usually takes? I sent an email about 52 hours ago, and have yet to hear a word. Patience here is probably the key. Due to my excessive bad luck, I don't want to upgrade my membership until this is completed, in case the upgrade gets pooched. Thanks for the info.
  21. Thanks guys, I ordered some items this afternoon from GPScity. I just wish they had more items in their inventory. Thanks for the advice!
  22. I'm brand new to the hobby. Looking to buy some Travel Bugs, where's the best place to buy from that ships to Canada. I'm looking for price of bug as well as shipping. Looking for the best deal for what I get, as I'll be buying other items as well. FYI, I'm in Guelph, ON Thanks for the info.
  23. Is this allowed? To place more than 1 travel bugs in the SAME Cache? Myself and 2 kids are BAND new at this, we started yesterday. We have 2 Travel bugs in our possession right now, and have our own cache made up. We plan to hide this cache and get it posted on the weekend. I've not seen 2 travel bugs in the same cache on the site, so I'm not sure if its allowed. We'd like to place both in the one cache, since it's our first hide, but if the rules don't allow this, then we certainly won't do it. Any help for this newbie geocacher is appreciated. Thanks!
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