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  1. I think that quote was meant for me, I'm not BETA testing anything.
  2. Was that a joke offer? Asking for something, then offering less than face value? nice.
  3. you have to pay for: ability to be a premium member ability to list caches as premium members only $3 ability to download coordinates of caches - free (or $3 to get coordinates for PMOC) ability to download additional cache information - $3/month ability to list a trackable item - varies around $4.25 per item Aww, and I suppose it's a hardship to pay for GAS to get to the cache, Wasted Energy causing you to buy food, sore facial muscles from smiling when you get a FTF, the breathing of fresh air, because you got outside and did some OUTDOOR activity. The list goes on. It's the exact same as any other hobby, you pay for what you WANT to pay for. No one is stopping you, or forcing you. You can still do this for free. I think 30 bucks a year is insanely cheap, considering how much money you can spend on other activities. If you don't want a TB, then don't buy one, if you do, then sorry, no one is going to hand it to you for free. If the price is too high, sell that GPS and take up another hobby. Although I'm not sure what you'll be able to do without spending a penny.
  4. I don't buy that argument at all. I have 46 finds (I'm still new, Found my first on January 14'th this year) and I have 5 FTF's! How did I get them? By heading out as soon as I saw them published. ANYONE can go get one, if they want it, it's all about the effort. If you see one published late at night, try to be there at first light, if you don't feel comfortable doing it at night. I got 3 of them that way. Sure I won't get there first all the time, but I have as good a shot as anyone else. And I'm still considered a newbie. Should people sit there and let me get them? Of course not. If I want it, I need to make the effort myself.
  5. If you have no prior knowledge of cache locations or pre-release coordinates, then it's all fair IMO. You have as good a shot as anyone, and if you happen to get the notification 2 minutes after it's published, and are out the door 5 minutes after that, then all the power to ya. I Nabbed 2 FTFs in 1 day because I was up in the late hours when it went live, and decided to head out so I arrived at the first cache at first light, then raced to the second, beating a fellow geocacher by 5 minutes. That's how it goes, it can go the other way too. Good luck.
  6. It's funny. The amount of time it took you to come here and whine about Garmin, is MORE than it would have taken you to actually register at Garmin and get yourself set up there. Kinda humorous actually. If you have a legit copy, then what's the problem?
  7. Now that I'm this far down the thread, I can't remember the title of it.
  8. Umm, what's the point of this thread, other than to post farm?
  9. Garmin is running a business, so why would you expect them to release incomplete information to an outside source? It's just not going to happen. I'm glad I didn't buy the BETA Colorado that's out now, but instead bought a completed GPSr. Let them know how you feel with your Wallet, that's more important than anything to a business. I'll get one in a couple years when you guys have finished BETA testing it for me
  10. Yes and no. Yes it will only show 1 Icon on the GEOCACHING screen, however if you find by WAYPOINT, it will show the other Icons in the map window. Hope this helps.
  11. Welcome to the hobby, I've only been a geocacher for slightly less than a month myself, and I'm having a blast. I geocache with my kids and they enjoy it too. We are up to 43 finds, and have hidden 3 ourselves. It can be addicting. Too bad the weather this weekend was -30C with the windshill, so we stayed indoors. Happy Caching!
  12. I'm using this Macro just fine, with 1 Database. You don't need 2 Databases, one for found and another for unfound, you can use the filter option to seperate those if you like. I Just did a test with an EMPTY Database and it stopped with the same error. Select one of your active databases as the placed DB and it should work fine for you. good luck.,
  13. I've been in the hobby, for just under 1 month now, and having a blast. I'm eager to see how other Geocachers plan their routes. Here's how I do mine. I load up GSAK, filter the types of cache's I want to find, and Export to Microsoft's Streets and Trips. The I import those cache's. I Select them, and add them as stops, then I Optimize those stops and create a route. How do others do it? I'm looking for a way to cover the most area in the least amount of time. Now Obviously, I know there will be limitations, such as terrain, but I'm always open to learning new tricks, from people that know. Thanks.
  14. It would be good to have as an attribute, especially for the Micro's, but like someone else said, you should always have one with you. I always carry a few, just incase. If I don't sign the log because I don't have a pen or pencil, then I won't log it, and to me, it seems like a lot of effort to waste a smiley, because I wasn't prepared.
  15. Sounds like plenty of reasons to become a Premium Member.
  16. I'm not sure you can, I just had a quick skim through the manual at: http://www.magellangps.com/assets/manuals/...0_manual_en.pdf but since I don't have the unit, I can't say for sure. Good Luck.
  17. Where were all the people selling these a week ago, before I bought mine. Grrrrr. Good luck with the sale.
  18. I don't have US TOPO, but to give you an idea, the ENTIRE State of Texas, from City Navigator 2008 NT, is 68.6MB As for TOPO, the Entire Privince of Ontario (Which is HUGE) is about 195MB. It all depends on the size of the state, and which maps.
  19. Actually, I was able to get your address very easily Dennis! Who's Dennis? Might want to check that again.
  20. I was just going to say that, why would ANYONE want the entire US on 1 card? Have your home area, maybe with a 200Mi radius loaded, that's more than enough. Unless you plan to do a long haul, in which case, load more. But why would you want to load it full with places you'll never make it to?
  21. Some people are laced with Paranoia. If someone wanted to find out who I am bad enough, they'd find another way to do it. Ever enter your user name in google and see what it pops up? If I was worried, I'd uplug, and throw a magnet across my HD. I've only been in this hobby a short time, and I've had messages from more than a few HAMs, so Yes, it appears I'm noticed, and those people were nothing but friendly. Infact I met a HAM I used to talk to from way back, about 14 or 15 years ago, because he saw my callsign pop up on here. Each to their own I guess, I think your probably typing away wearing an Armadillo Helmet.
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