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  1. I own an HTC Touch, and I'm also with Bell Canada. I Installed Garmin Mobile, and it's basically a NUVI device built into the phone, I've not hooked a gps to it, but the display and functionality is almost EXACTLY the same as having a NUVI in the palm of your hand. I Installed some local TOPO and the map display was awesome. If I was going to use ONLY my phone for Geocaching, I'd look at this route. You can combine cachemate and go completely paperless, or upload HTML exported code from GSAK and upload to a website, and use the mobile browser (That's what I do, as I have unlimited Internet) there are LOTS of possibilities, and that's a great phone to use them. Good Luck.
  2. Like the others keep saying, and Inverter is the way to go. I use one when I bring along the Laptop, and it plugs into the Ciggy Lighter. Works like a champ.
  3. Nimmich, I have a Garmin 60CSx and a Nuvi 250. Here's how I do it. First I have Garmin TOPO, and City Navigator NT 2008, and GSAK for the PC. I have the NUVI Loaded with City Navigator, I have the 60CSx Loaded with City Navigator AND TOPO. Here's where it get a bit more complicated. The NUVI Has All 4100 or so Caches that I have in my GSAK Database loaded onto it, as POIs. The reason they are loaded as a POI (Point Of Interest) Instead of a Waypoint, is because the NUVI is seriously limited for waypoints, and can store an UNLIMITED amount of POIs, as long as you have enough memory. My unit can EASILY handle all 4100+ Caches, that I have. Using GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife software) I have a Filter set to display ALL Caches 30KM or less away from me. I keep my database updates with Pocket Queries, and import them into the software. Then when I'm ready to head out, I send ALL those caches to the 60CSx, as Waypoints, so I can easily find them on the unit. As I head out the door, and get into the car, I use the NUVI to find the POI for the cache I want to find and route the unit to it, and use the NUVI to drive. Once I get there and park, I bring out the 60CSx, and use it to get me to the cache. This works incredibly well for me. I even carry a PocketPC/Cellphone combo, and can log a cache, right from the cache itself. The possibilities are endless, but this keeps things paper free for me, and aid in my planning. If I'm going out for the way, I bring along my Laptop, with ALL my caches in my Database imported into Microsoft's Streets and Trips, so I can eyeball other caches nearby while I drive. I hook the 60CSx up to the laptop, and use S&T's GPS function, to see whats around as I drive. If you need any help with any of this, fire me a PM, and I'll be happy to assist. Good Luck.
  4. You can have them Both. I have Both TOPO and City Navigator on my unit, and can easily switch back and forth. Depending on the size of the memory card you have, will dictate how much map Data you can store on board. If you have a Large card, you can store the entire country. Micro SD Cards seem to go on sale quite a bit, I just bought a 2 pack of 2GB Cards, as my phone/ppc use that type of card as well, and got it cheap. Good luck!
  5. Yep, as the others have said the 60CSx is a great unit, well worth the coin, add on TOPO and your all set. You can also add City Navigator and turn it into a driving tool as well. Lots of options, and transferring waypoints is a snap.
  6. Try Hypermiling to squeeze some extra juice. Do it properly and you can EASILY beat your vehicle manufacturers EPA.
  7. Sounds like you'd got the MUST HAVE items, The only thing extra I'd get right now is some TOPO. Get that and your GPS Geocaching is complete. City Navigator is great for incar navigation, but you can't beat TOPO when out on the trail. Happy Geocaching.
  8. To the original poster, I'd say let them keep the log. TO the guy too lazy to climb up and sign the log, I'd delete that one. In that case his excuse was not valid. IMO.
  9. If you want to see what the detail is like in your area go to http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ and check out the Map Viewer, and Select TOPO 2008, you'll be able to see what it covers, as for accuracy, it's accurate, but the Accuracy is only as good as what your GPS is capable of. Hope this helps.
  10. Absolutely, I have TOPO and CN Both on my Garmin 60CSx. If you are going to Geocache, then the TOPO is a priority. but also having the CN onboard, I can use the 60CSx for street navigation. That's not really a big deal for me, as I have a NUVI in the car as well, but for someone that doesn't have one, it's a great feature.
  11. Original poster. You joined on Feb. 27'th of this year, and your making a complaint already? I find the site very easy to navigate and get the info I need, which is probably why my FTFs are 13% of my overall finds at the moment. I wouldn't be able to have done that, if I couldn't find anything. Take a bit of time to learn the site, and you'll find it's a lot easier than you think.
  12. Leaving a loaded mousetrap in a cache, is beyond sick.
  13. Congrats on 3000! That's awesome!
  14. I use my PPC Cellphone, and before heading out to cache, I use GSAK to convert my Database to HTML, upload it to my website, and I can access it on the trails with my phone, if I need ANY info on any cache I'm looking for. I've even logged finds from the phone, in the car. Cool stuff.
  15. My kids wanted to have their own account, and therefor didn't sign any of the caches they'd found before that. I Emailed every person that owned the caches we found, and asked if it would be ok to have them log it, and EVERY ONE of those people replied back and gave me the go ahead. This is a hobby, and meant to be fun, if she's found those caches, she's logging, then what's the problem? Good Luck! I hope she enjoys having her own account now.
  16. I have no idea why you'd want to post your phone number in a public forum. Might want to edit that ASAP!
  17. Sorry it didn't work out so good. But I DID manage to See the ISS with Atlantis docked as she flew overhead last week. That never gets old, no matter how many times I see it overhead, and it's especially special with a shuttle attached. I'd love to see that coin in person someday. You've got yourself a neat little treasure there.
  18. I believe it includes everything. Trackables, Forum Name everything. What they do is rename your account, so everything tied to it remains the same. EMail them for more info. They did a name change for me, and it was before I activated my Travel Bugs, so I can't saw 100% for those. but everything else worked like a champ.
  19. Yep, that's what I do too. the Nuvi is great for getting me there, then the 60csx does the rest.
  20. That's not true, Contact Groundspeak, and they will change the name for you, on a case by case basis, and you won't have to relog ANY of them.
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