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  1. Here's a bit of a rant, but I'm looking for opinions...


    A Cache was published in the morning of June 30'th, and was quickly found. I Headed out with my daughter to find it, as we attempted a FTF. We got there, opened the cache and saw the FTF log entry, and we were second. No problem, it happens, and the person that got the FTF is well known in the area, and has quite a few finds (Almost 3,000 finds.) This person decided not to log the find, and proceeded to travel to Geowoodstock, and logged it this morning, JULY 4'th. which is 5 days after Publishing.


    So my question is this... I realize FTF is just a bragging right, and doesn't really count for anything. Should a Cacher claim a FTF, when they didn't bother to log it for 5 days? Or, did the technically find it first, but lost the claim, due to not logging in a timely manor? I Believe that a FTF should be logged ASAP, so other potential cachers know it's been found. After that, I don't really care when people log it.


    Opinions, are welcome.

  2. I will let you know how it turns out. If It doesnt ship within 3 days and I receive a tracking number, I will have to report him. I will let you know how it turns out.


    I hope the whole thing turns out well for you. Please do let us know as anything develops.


    I just checked on it, and the listing has been removed. I guess it was bogus after all. Doesn't really matter to me since I don't like the 450 anyway, I was going to flip it for more money if I got one.


    I was just going to ask why an ANTI Oregon guy, would buy one, but that about sums it up.

  3. I Just bought an Oregon 450 a couple weeks ago, and WHAT Sunlight issue?


    Used it for 2 long days, Monday and Tuesday, outside in the sun all day and had 0 issues.


    Had a friend in the area buy a 62s and regrets it. Says it locks up all the time, and was a mistake. That was a deal breaker for me. It's a coke/pepsi thing. Use them both, see what works for you.


    I Had a 60csx before and loved it. That's why I was leaning to the 62, when I heard that I got the Oregon, and never looked back.

  4. I'm interested to know as well. I do night caching sometimes on my own, and it would be nice to be able to have extra security.


    Is there an option for someone at home to find out where you are, in case you are rendered unconscious? That location feature would help sway my decision. Thanks.

  5. Looking seriously at the 2, the Oregon is obviously more money.. I'm using a 60csx, and love it. But it's time to look at upgrading.


    I really like the 62st, but I'm looking for top of the line for Geocaching, and Bike Riding. I'll be adding TOPO as well as NT Street Maps.


    Opinions, on which is better and why? The comparisons are hard to do on the screen, I'd like to hear from people who have used both. Thanks for the opinions.

  6. Whoa boy. Hold your horses!


    If your reviewers are like our reviewers then this is what is probably going on:


    Typically, when a reviewer logs on to GC.com to begin their work they will look at and work on caches that are in their que (new caches that have been submitted). They will work through this list - publishing some and sending emails to the others to address problems.


    After that, then they will move on to caches that:


    Have been previously submitted (new) and have had problems that are in the process of being worked out.


    Have been requested by the owners to have the coords changed (over 528 ft).


    Have been reported as "Needs Archive".


    Have been reported by other cachers as having a problem.


    Have been archived for various reasons and the owner is attempting to re-enable.


    Or perhaps a cacher is submitting coordinates for the reviewer to check proximity to existing caches.


    You can see that your reviewers are doing a lot of work and they have a life too!


    If this is the cache in question then I don't see the need for the speedy action. It sat for a month with the archive warning without a response on the cache page from you.


    Things will work out OK if you just give it some time.



    AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI


    Nice, thanks for the armchair reviewer comments. Hold my horses? I asked a simple question, don't jump down my throat for it. And as for the Less than speedy response, I don't owe you an explanation, You don't know what's been transpiring in MY life, or the fact that my wife was hospitalized and I nearly LOST her, the last thing on my mind was running out to replace a cache, that was lost, while she lay there.


    As for the hurry, it's part of a Series of caches, and I'd like to let the geocachers in the area be able to complete the series, now that I'm able, I'd like to get it up and running, nothing more.


    Sure it's holiday season, but seeing as though the reviewer is publishing local caches daily, that leads me to believe, that somehow I fell through the cracks, sorry for having a concern.


    Thank you, to those who offered assistance. I think you've all answered my question. I won't ask again.

  7. If it was archived - don't count on it getting reopened. They are going to view this as a brand new cache and likely ask you to submit a new listing. Archive was intended to be the end of a listing not a temporary status change. Exceptions have been made.


    If it was temp disabled you can re-enabled it yourself via a log entry.


    Hmm, The reviewed that disabled it said "You may request that this listing be unarchived by email as provided below."


    I did that. I guess I'll create another one, with the same name, info, coords, etc.. and see about getting that one listed.


    Thanks for the replies.

  8. I replaced a cache, that was archived, and asked for it to be re-opened on Nov. 29'th, I've Emailled 2 Reviewers, and posted a note in the cache, asking for it to be re-enabled, and I'm still waiting.


    I thought it would be a fairly quick thing, is there someone else I should talk to?


    Any help is appreciated.

  9. I'll admit, I clicked on this thread, because I saw who the OP was.


    Looks like a classic case of KARMA to me.


    The OP has attacked me previously as well, as he didn't like my opinion. He took to personal attacks, rather than a civil debate, so I must say, I'm NOT surprised that KARMA has swung back on him.


    That's all, just had to mention that. :wub:

  10. Can someone answer this question for me?


    I'm looking to get a GPS that has Bluetooth output. What I need, is GPS Coordinate output to use on my Cellphone. Something like the Garmin Mobile 10.


    Is ther a NUVI out there that can send the GPS Data to the phone, or is it just Bluetooth Cellphone operation, its capable of?


    Any help is appreciated.

    I have a 2820 with bluetooth and it loads the phone book from the phone and will let you make hands free calls, but that's about all it will do, I don't think Garmin had any GPS functions in mind when they designed the system.


    Thanks a lot for the reply. I think I'm SOL on this one.

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