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  1. Just goes to show you, there are a lot of jerks out there. When I started geocaching this summer, my brother-in-law said "That sounds dumb. Why would you want to do that? If I ever found one of those boxes in the woods, I'd open it up and take a s*** in it." Nice. Real nice. Needless to say, getting him a GPSr for a gift is not on the list anytime soon!
  2. I had one of my caches go missing on me today ... I haven't had this happen before. How often does this happen? Can it be prevented? I'm hoping it is a case of somebody coming across it and taking it, vs. somebody with a GPSr who has a new stealing hobby. Grrr.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like I should stay away from the Chinese made Sundowners. I see them online for about $140 or so, and I assume the ones I see for $170 and up are the Italian ones. I may look at the LLBean one, since they say it is Italian made, and I've never had a problem with LLBean products. Unforunately, I can't try them on first.
  4. My Vasque Sundowners finally have worn out after 13 years, and I need to get new boots. I'm trying to decide if I should get the same boot again, or try something new. What is your favorite boot for caching?
  5. ... and I'm happy when I remember to bring the extra batteries!
  6. Coal. (ok, so I did buy myself a new Palm Tunsten E to go paperless caching with)
  7. Oh that's too bad. You should have asked first. That's the software release that turns it into a Garmin.
  8. Found one today in the snow. I was surprised that I walked right up to it, stuck my hand in the snow where I thought it should be, and, volla. There it was. I won't get that lucky again in the snow. I planted one yesterday ... hopefully the location will shield it from some of the deeper snow, but time will tell.
  9. Me: My name is Tim. Group: Hi Tim! Me: I started Geocaching this summer. I just wanted to try it out and experiment. I was only going to try it once. Group: We've all felt that way. Me: At first it was a nice family activity. But I couldn't get enough. I started sneaking out at lunch. It didn't hurty anybody. Group: And your lunches got longer, right? Me: Yes. Soon every trip to the grocery store or Home Depot somehow ended up near a cache. Well as long as I was at the cache, I didn't want to waste it. I think .... I think .... I think I'm a cacheoholic. Group: Admitting it is your first step.
  10. An obvious hangout for druggies? I think I'd put that in my log. What's impolite about saying there's a bunch of high losers in the cache area?
  11. I've thought about making a geocache Christmas ornament my signature item: This first one is not a thing of beauty, but I plan on making it more detailed in the future.
  12. Has anybody tried to manufacture bigger hollow rocks from cement? I've throught of trying to make a rock that was hollow to hold an ammo can. I'm not sure the best way to go about it, and I'm sure it would probably look like a hunk of cement instead of a rock when I was done. I've thought about buying those landscape plastic type rocks. They appear to be big enough to cover an ammo can, but they are $40 and up.
  13. I think it's rude to delete a log. If you have issues with what a cacher said, post a note after their log explaining the situation. Not sure what happened in this case ... it might be interesting to look at the other logs the cacher made to see if he/she has some sort of phobia!
  14. >Do your kids really participate in the caching game? Yes, both of them. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. My son is almost always ready to go. >Are they really interested in seeking the treasure? Yes. At first I was concerned they would want to go only to get the junk in the cache (and it usually is junk). But now they seem very interested in the hunt, as long as the hike isn't too far. Longest hike round trip we made on a cache was about 3 miles so far. >Do you let them use the GPSr? Yes. When my daughter goes, she holds the GPS 90% of the time. >When they use the GPSr, what do you do? I follow them. I'll look over their shoulders once in a while to make sure we're heading the general direction. Once we get closer, I sometimes take over for a little bit to make sure. The excitement watching the GPS comes at two points: when we go from fractions of miles to feet (< .1 mile), and when the unit beeps because we are < 100 feet away. >Do you allow your kids to have a personal account? Not at their ages now. >Do your kids help plan geocaching trips? I usually print off a stack of caches in an area I want to go, and let them pick from the list. >How old do you think kids should be before they are allowed to cache >without supervision? How old should kids be before they are allowed to do anything w/o supervision? This really is a non-cache related topic. I won't let my kids do anything by themselves until they are 21. And that's if they are good.
  15. I thought buried caches were against the rules. That's one cache I wouldn't want to take my kids with me on!
  16. The general rule on placing a cache is it should be greater than .1 mile away from another cache. But what happens if there is a multi-cache in the area? Unless I do the multi (and all multis that have a reasonable chance of getting near my micro), how do I know I don't violate the .1 mile rule for the parts of the multi that aren't posted?
  17. I haven't looked to see if this has been done: - a progressive story cache. Cache starts off with a couple paragraphs of a story. Each visitor can add to the story. When the story is completed (defined ahead of time to be x pages), the story is finished by the cache owner and posted on-line. - a prayer cache. Cache has the usual goodies & logbook but also has a prayer request book (would this violate some hidden agenda type rule?). Write a prayer request, and the next visitor can choose to participate or not.
  18. You can already set up searches to send you .loc files, which are XML. That's better than csv, IMHO.
  19. I often go caching during my lunch break at work, so in those cases I'm always alone. Otherwise I try to bring at least one family member. The problem with caching at lunchtime is coming back with muddy clothes. Luckily my office is pretty casual.
  20. How long does it take to approve a cache? The site says 24-48 hours, but mine has been 4 days already. I don't want to seem impatient, I just want to make sure my listing hasn't been lost somehow. Thanks.
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