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  1. I was thinking about setting up a cache involving postcards, and would like to solicit input on the idea. - cache requires you to bring a self addressed, stamped postcard (I'll start it off with a handful of stamped postcards just in case) - finders will leave their postcard, take an addressed/stamped postcard from a previous finder, write a short note and sign it, and drop it in the mailbox - only after you get your postcard in the mail, are you allowed to log your find. Your log would also be required to include the message and name of the cacher who sent it. This cache would involve the cooperation of the cacher after you, and the USPS to log your find. Some people might have a problem leaving their address in a cache, so I'm not sure if that will prevent many from visiting. I don't believe in deleting logs if people don't follow the rules, so I'd probably let people who just want to find the cache log their find as well. Ideas? Comments?
  2. Sounds like this could be interpreted as gambling. I don't have a problem with gambling myself, but many do, and would this technically be illegal in some areas? Since this is a game of skill instead of a game of chance, does that make it not gambling? Do we want the image of geocaching.com tarnished by possible misinterpretations?
  3. During the winter months, which are hopefully almost over, it would be useful to have a way to search for caches that have been found during the last n days. The reason being, it is not always apparant from reading cache descriptions whether they are winter accessible or not. Many caches disappear under the snow, and its frustrating looking for a cache that is two feet under where you are standing. If I have 2 feet of snow on the ground and I see a cache was found yesterday, then I'm pretty sure the cache is located off the ground, or the last finder was hard-core. Maybe a better alternative is to have additional checkboxes when submitting caches, like winter accessible.
  4. Each and every? I always assumed it was more like *none* were inspected (if you're talking about physically checking it out, that is).
  5. The general rules for cache placement are to keep them > 0.10 miles apart. But how does this apply to multis? Does it only apply to the starting point, the end point, both, and all points in between? What happens if somebody wants to place a traditional < 0.10 miles from an intermediate waypoint? They wouldn't necessarily know they are doing this.
  6. After reading this and another similar thread, I went back through my own finds and found two caches I logged as a find twice each. The only reason being that I went back a second time to take another group. I didn't mark the finds twice to boost my numbers though. Most of us aren't in it for the numbers. By the way, I did go back and change my 2nd finds to notes.
  7. Same time for me. A friend told me about geocaching and I thought it sounded really cool. So I bought a GPS without trying geocaching first.
  8. During the winter, I appreciate DNF (or notes - I don't really care) to alert me that a cache may not be winter accessible. A DNF with a message "Couldn't find it" is useless though. A DNF with a message "Area has 3 feet of snow. Dug around in various spots for a while until I gave up. Will come back in Spring." is useful.
  9. I started to reply to this thread, but then I forgot what it was about.
  10. I recently placed a similar cache, although it had fully stocked "seed" caches next to it. I'm waiting to see where the seeds end up. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9b-199a24127cd7
  11. I'll be soon placing a temporary cache on school grounds, but only because I'm coming in to show my daughter's 1st grade class geocaching. But that, of course, will be placed with permission.
  12. This has probably been done before, but has anybody else made a cache inside of a birdhouse? I nailed a birdhouse in the woods near a stream, just off a main path so it didn't look too out of place. On the inside I glued a black piece of wood over the bird hole so a bird wouldn't make the cache his home. Inside the birdhouse was the actual cache. People seemed to like it.
  13. Some of the themed caches seem to have more thought put into them than non themed caches. Not just in the trade items, but in the cache description, placement, and route to the cache. If done right, it can add a lot of fun, especially when you cache with micro-cachers (kids).
  14. I've only posted my caches on geocaching.com, and never navicache.com. Not that I have anything against navicache. Are there guidelines people follow on dual listings? I notice a bunch of the caches in my area are listed on both sites, and many people also log their cache visits on both sites. What's the point in having the dual listings?
  15. I wouldn't mind having the oven. Half of the s-dinks I try to make don't come out well. The oven is basically an EZ-Bake oven (you know, the ones kids use to make awful tasting desserts?). The problem with the oven is it only makes one at a time ... probably not what most people here want.
  16. Uh, so which word did you have trouble with?
  17. I normally cache alone, which probably increases the danger level. Whether it be crossing a raging ice cold creek on a log, crossing a pond that you hope if fully frozen over, or climbing a tree to get that cache that's 20 feet up, there certainly are dangers in this sport. Have there ever been reports of somebody getting killed while out caching?
  18. If the legs are far enough apart, leave plenty of time to grab something to eat between them. You need to keep up your energy.
  19. It should be easy enough to find 30,000 caches with a Where's George dollar. You might get luck and find a couple caches with > 1 George dollar in it.
  20. While this seems like an interesting venture, and I'll definitely check it out when available, what could a magazine provide that we don't have in the forums?
  21. Count me as another who doesn't really care. I didn't know this was a competition. What do you win if you have the most finds? As far as fake logs encouraging somebody to look for a cache that is not there, I'm sure this happens, but I really can't imagine it is a problem. I don't look for a cache based on when it was found last. We don't need more red tape to cache. The use of an approver assigned number would make hiding more difficult (a hider assigned keyword wouldn't have these problems): - hide the cache - submit info - wait for response to get unique id - go back to cache and write id in log book - email approver to activate cache
  22. I'd like to place a cache in a cross country ski area I frequent in the winter time. The land is privately owned, and requires purchasing a ski ticket to use the land (at least it does if you want to ski). Assuming I could get permission from the land owners to place a cache there, would this be against guidelines because you would need to pay to find the cache? My assumption is that nobody would pay to go caching, but if you happen to be skiing or biking (summer) anyway, you may as well cache it too.
  23. I've only created one micro. It was on a boardwalk through a swamp, and there was no place for a regular cache. With the micro, I was able to attach the micro to the boardwalk which is unlikely to be found by muggles, and fairly easily found if you're looking for it. Micros do have their place IMHO.
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