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  1. I've got about 40, most of them in the last 3 months, and mostly found at night.
  2. I enjoy the FTF ... it just adds another aspect to the game. There are probably somewhere under 10 or so "enthusiastic" people in the area that try for FTFs, and it's somewhat of a competition. Going for a FTF also increases your chances of meeting other cachers, as the first few hours after a cache is listed is usually a high find time. You do tend to find the same people over and over again though! Unfortunately you probably won't have people waiting around so you can get a FTF. Since the midnight type finds are probably out of the question if you want to bring your little girl, I would agree with previous comments about finding a time when others don't go. Rain, daytime (people have to work!), early morning are all good times. Evenings and weekends are more difficult. I didn't get my first FTF until after about 9 months of caching. 5 months after that I have over 40 FTFs.
  3. Why on earth would you consider that original? I agree with the previous poster about blinking text - very, VERY, annoying. Typically I find that people who are learning HTML put in the bells & whistles like 20 different font colors, blinking text & souinds, because they want to use it for something. That's fine for playing around with, but it's not a generally accepted "good style" to use. Luckily, Mozilla/Firefox doesn't render the music, as I assume it must be non-standard HTML that Internet Explorer only uses.
  4. I wouldn't search for it with that many combinations. Seems like if you have a park that big, there are a lot of other innovative things you could think of.
  5. I keep one on my keychain with powered hot pepper (habanero).
  6. In my area if I'm going for a FTF, I'm usually at the cache within 85 minutes. I've had pretty good luck. Which is why I always don't go for the FTF in Wheelygood country. I try to stick to my area and south for the most part!
  7. That's exactly what I do. My wife still thinks I'm nuts though! But I've been enjoying the late night walks, especially when there is a full moon.
  8. I have a family, which is why I night caching works best for me when the kids are in bed!
  9. 1. Yup ... most of my 40 FTFs are during the week. 2. Most of mine are after 10pm (usually closer to midnight), or before 7am. 3. Good point ... people seldom go for the multi's at night. Those are much easier to get if you're willing to go when it's dark. 4. One FTF in our area likes to tell people this so they'll go out early while he sleeps in! Lately I've been about 80% successful when going for a FTF.
  10. I have about 40 FTFs. - I use the Mozilla/Firefox method listed earlier, and am notified within 10 minutes or so of a new cache being listed. - You must be able to drop everything and go, anytime day or night. If you aren't at a cache within a couple hours of it being listed, you've lost the FTF (at least in my area). If I'm going for a FTF, I'm usually at the cache within 90 minutes. - About half of my FTFs are at night, usually after 11pm. - Many of my other FTFs are before 7am. - If your work schedule is flexible, it helps. I've gone at various times during the day, not just at lunch.
  11. So where does the green frog originate from? How did that end up being a geocaching symbol?
  12. Sounds fun, but it won't take long for somebody to leave dog treats in the cache, ensuring that some other kindly woodlands creature will find it too!
  13. When you come across mislabeled caches, please let the owner know. I'm sure in most cases people didn't know any better and would be happy to change it. I would be.
  14. A wishlist for the watchlist ... For those of us who use watch a lot of caches, I'd like the process of managing the list made a little easier. Right now I can remove only 1 item at a time, and it requires a confirm, meaning a lot of button presses and refreshes to remove a bunch of caches. I'd like to see a list presentation where I can select an arbitrary number of caches and remove them with a single click.
  15. I'd rather get notified when each picture is added, otherwise the delay would prevent me from seeing the pics at all.
  16. I placed a micro, I'm a Chile Screwball, whose main point was to get people to visit the ice cream place across the street. No commercialism in the cache, just a nice place to visit on the canal that happened to have a nice ice cream place nearby. The FTF prize was free ice cream cards, and I also sent free ice cream cards to the first person who told me what the cache name meant (it was an anagram for the name of the ice cream place, Bill Wahl's Ice Cream).
  17. If you use Mozilla/Firefox instead of that awful Internet Explorer, you can get notified when new caches appear. - set up a pocket query to find unfound caches in your area - run the query - bookmark it - manage bookmarks, click properties, and set it up to "check for updates" runs every hour or whatever frequency you want. - you'll get notified via a popup message when a new cache is added - (you'll also get notified when a new cache gets found for the first time, as the pocket query results changed)
  18. If you want to meet another cacher on the trail, try going for one to be the FTF. That's when I generally run into other cachers. Usually at midnight. In a swamp.
  19. I'm not sure that I would like anybody to be able to follow my movements. Hopefully the buddy list would work only if the watchee gave permission to the watchee.
  20. Can't say I've ever needed a 100ft rope on the caches in Rochester. Bug spray, water proof boots, maybe, but not a rope. Not even in Orc's Treasure which is referenced.
  21. How about the next one of us who dies makes their tombstone hollow with a cache in it?
  22. How does one post an image in a posting? I know how to refer to an image on another server, but is there a way to upload an image to the forums and refer to it in a posting?
  23. So it's been that way for a long time? I remember over a year ago before I joined I was able to use those features. I thought I just misunderstood the description of the premium features.
  24. That's odd, the caches I own show up as a pale yellow for me. Edit: no need for me to include the image. I get that color scheme when clicking on a map to display the caches. Other listings seem ok.
  25. I don't mind the alternating colors so much, I just don't like my own caches showing up as green or white, instead of in their own color like they used to (you get different results depending on where you search). In below, one my own caches shows as white, and one shows as green.
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