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  1. I have one letterbox I've put out and it uses GPS for the first waypoint, and then uses more traditional letterbox clues (take 20 paces, turn right at the forked tree, ...) to find the final. I always thought a letterbox hybrid should actually be found using letterbox style clues, as well as GPS, though very few seem to be set up that way. The way we have them listed on geocaching.com it would make more sense to have an attribute for a letterbox stamp, and then let the cache type reflect the actual cache part.
  2. A scrolling marquee ... why not add multicolored blinking text and flames as well?
  3. Another option is to open up all non PMO caches, but they can see details of only 1 or 2 or 3 per day. This is a common strategery for online newspapers. I can read 2 or 3 articles per day, before having to login with my paid subscription.
  4. I am concerned that this kind of thing would just incite false logs. +1 Since they are generally using the app in the field near the cache, I'd only count those caches that are logged within some specified distance of the cache. This wouldn't eliminate false logs, but it would at least require the cacher to be near the cache they claimed to have found - so just assume a log in the field near the cache is good. They can still see all the non PMO caches on the website, with coordinates. So all they have to do is enter the coords into the app (or another GPS app) and they can cache like us old timers used to in the pre smart phone days.
  5. If someone is motivated enough to use the full website, why limit them? Exactly. Limit access to those who haven't spent the time to login to the website and get a better feel for what this is all about. But if they look at my cache page and have the knowledge to program the coordinates in by hand to their phone or GPS, then I'm fine with them looking for my cache. They have at least done a bit of research.
  6. I'm happy that there is some limitation on new members. In the old days people had to make an investment into a hand held, find the website, read the rules, manually load coords into a GPS ... the barrier to entry was a bit higher so people had a bit of commitment before they could start. Now all it takes is finding out about the game, and downloading an app. It's way too easy to start without understanding the rules. I've had a few caches go missing because of kids (or adults!) not understanding that you have to replace the cache, or rehide the cache properly. I've adjusted the D/T of some of my hides to make sure that new members cannot see them, or I make them premium. It would be nice though to open up the app a bit once people show a bit of commitment. Maybe after a month or 20 finds or something, they get to see higher D/T. One of the letterboxing sites does this ... you can make your caches available to members only after they have 50 or 100 or whatever finds. It's not perfect, but it does allow cache owners to protect themselves against a 10 year old who downloaded the app and doesn't have a clue.
  7. To my knowledge no such challenge exists in our area That would likely have not been verifiable, and our reviewer wouldn't have published it.
  8. I don't think I've ever cared what town or city or whatever I was in. It's not like I've been banned from certain municipalities and need to avoid stepping inside them. It doesn't help with cache route planning.
  9. The mailing address for the park is Newark. What is the issue here? Are you finding geocaches with a GPS or some sort of mapbook? Finding geocaches with a GPS. But since it's not in Newark, Newark offices won't have information or police coverage of the park. How do you let the police know where you are going to be if the cache page doesn't list a town, village, hamlet, etc?
  10. Maybe you should post a needs archived for that. That could really mess up your cache planning.
  11. Application Programming Interface ... basically the way the app talks to the website.
  12. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a fake cache page, could be a simple mistake. If you planted a cache in many parts of Russia, but accidentally entered the co-ords with a W rather than an E then there's a good chance that it would show up as being in Canada..... From the retraction note, that appears to be the case.
  13. Please see: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=339292
  14. Google chrome on Android recently changed and no longer permits use of geolocation to non-https sites. My mobile Waymarking site was still using http due to a case of laziness to get it done right. I had to update my site to use https, specifically for my intercaching.com site, but that broke Waymarking which wasn't using https and I hadn't gotten around to checking it. But all should be good now. Please use the following for mobile Waymarking: https://geotrailsw.com/wm (spelling Waymarking out works as well, but the forums insist on capitalization so I just use the shorter version of wm) I had a version on another test site of mine (www.chilehead.us) but something broke there preventing you from staying logged in, and I never bothered figuring out why, so please use the link above.
  15. I'm not sure what problem the OP is trying to solve. After reviewing tens of thousands of caches (or more?) I can say that the number of problems a physical in person review would solve, is slim to non existent. There have been a few where cache owners have been deceitful, or when cache owners have bad coordinates, but these usually become visible within days of publication. You see, we already have an arm of volunteers who check these things. They are called the FTFers.
  16. Harder? Not sure I agree with that. The strategy will make it easier in some ways as there will be less grey areas - I hope! - on what makes an acceptable challenge. There will be more work to get a checker written, unless there is already a generic one. But there should be less back and forth with the reviewer and appeals when a challenge cache isn't deemed appropriate. I would not assume that there was some poor guy at HQ toiling away for the past year on a solution. I'm sure it was a background activity along with everything else. As with any business, there are always tasks on the backlog that need to get done. Add the challenge into that list, prioritize it against all the other items, and it probably didn't make it to #1.
  17. That must have been right after I posted in the CC thread that one year had passed. That's it. After your post an emergency meeting at Groundspeak was called. "'on4bam' posted they need a status, stat!" So the founders and all free lackeys had a pow-wow so they could quickly put together a rushed statement in the hopes of satisfying on4bam. Status was given after a year, I think that's fair. And no, you can't compare GS to Apple. GS doesn't have the resources to make date commitments to an ill defined product.
  18. 13 months is not "rushing" It's once again lack of communication. BTW, should "half baked" not be (tm by GS)? (MC comes to mind) Lack of communication? Did you forget who started this thread right at the 1 year mark to give an update? Rock Chalk said they were finishing up and had a few more weeks. If it's another few weeks to get it right, then it's right to do so. I don't expect to get daily updates as part of their scrum stand-up. How often does Apple give updates on their product development during development?
  19. I have the 600 and a PN40. I like the interface better on the Delorme better, but that's a personnel preference. I did like the multiple file support, but like the unlimited geocache support on the Garmin better. Try both, buy on price and usability preference. I wouldn't worry about support, as you will be unlikely to need it on either.
  20. My dog has been to hundreds and hundreds of caches. So far he has sniffed out one. He just wants to walk.
  21. If it increases the social aspect of geocaching, sure. Hopefully the event is more than just finding caches, but sometimes that's what it becomes. Most of the geomobs are released around events. The first one (mine) was found on the day of the event and then not again for many many months.
  22. That sounds like a misunderstanding of something that was said. Not being privy to anything said or posted, I'm speculating. But most people don't randomly start getting angry. Situations like this usually calls for just ignoring that person's caches so it doesn't escalate into a bigger problem.
  23. I also use both. Phone for casual caching, GPS for all day outings because of accuracy, battery, durability.
  24. I often don't have a pen, either I lose it, forget it, or didn't plan on going caching and did. So I've added one of these to my keychain: http://amzn.com/B007IOHPKY It's small, I always have my keys, and it's packaged in a container you could use as a geocache!
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