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  1. The cache owner has been inactive for 14 years. Very likely when they made the change (I assume they made the change!) they had no idea that the date would mean anything to anybody. Likely somebody contacted them to ask them to correct the date to reflect reality, and they did so. I can't imagine a cacher who left the game in 2002 thinking that a listing date would mean anything to anybody. Jasmer, Fizzy, etc ... would be pretty much meaningless. That would explain why there was no note or explanation.
  2. This is precisely why I feel the Jasmer is meaningless. If we're talking original containers, I'd argue there are VERY few left. If it's a replacement, it's not a 12, 13 or 15 year old cache...so the statistic is ONLY based on the publication date on the top of the page and does not in any way reflect the actual age of the cache. I would never hesitate to call that silliness out. Folks get way too attached to baseless statistics. Last I knew this cache had the original ammo can and logbook, which made it that much more special. A replacement by the CO or the community just means the cache page is old, not the cache.
  3. Only 2 DNFs. Hopefully it's still there. I was planning on contacting the cache owner to see what his plans were, but the account hasn't been logged into in over a year. Won't be long before a jasmer seeker will leave a pill bottle.
  4. I'm fine with the icons either way. The new ones don't bother me in the last. Though it's a perfectly valid complaint about the colors for those who have color perception problems, and I believe that's already been acknowledged as something to address. Personally I'd like to see one more app function moved to the website. When there are tons of caches, having a map full of dots isn't very useful. I like the app's collapsing into groups with "20+" sort of thing. I'd find that useful when scrolling the web map in areas I'm not familiar with. Is that on the plan to bring to the web maps?
  5. It looks fine. Looks like a possible problem with the app you are using, which is not the official app.
  6. The QR scanning game members are known for doing that.
  7. The cache owner archived it. But they deleted their log.
  8. It could be interesting to see the requirements change automatically. For example, right after a mob gets the coordinates, the minimum mob size could be reset to 10. The next day, it would automatically drop to 9. The next day, 8. And a week later, it would drop to 3 and stay there until another mob got the coordinates. It's easy enough to have the cache owner edit it. For the one I put out, the first group of 15 people or so found it, then later during the event there were smaller groups that wanted to find it. So I reduced the number to something like 4 while I was at the event.
  9. Ah yes. Carni asked if I would share some code for that one as I did this as well, but I only saw his note months later and by then he found a more responsive person.
  10. Most of the mob caches on this list: https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=f0f07ff9-7936-49a4-b004-1904fb8902be have a good number of favorites. People like them. But I admit it's gimmicky and after 1 or 2, they don't have the same appeal anymore. I wouldn't want to see a bunch in an area all at once. Most, as NYPaddleCacher has said, are put out right before or during an event, so that you already have a mob ready to go. After that it definitely becomes more difficult to get a group together. For the one I put out, I did have it come out during our summer picnic when we had 50 people or so. The mob cache required at the time over 10 people I think. After the event was over, I changed it to a lower number so that it didn't require an event full of people to find it. This was originally developed as a concept for a lab cache, at least one of many experimental directions lab caches could go.
  11. Ignore them if you don't like them. I ignore pretty much all caches in parking lots, on road signs, on the side of the road, etc ... as those are things I'm not interested in. 3 words is an easy puzzle to solve, much better than many puzzles I've seen. The mob cache I'm biased on, as it uses one of my sites I developed.
  12. The system is rigged Debbie hates geocaching
  13. Location is #1. If I can see pavement, it's not a good cache in my opinion. I want a hike in a nice area.
  14. I have a WinTerFriendly cache, so I'm fine with it.
  15. Most email applications allow you to add filters. It's easy in Gmail.
  16. Same here. If I were a finder of this cache, I could care less if somebody had an easier time than I did. I don't see that "fair" plays here. Please also note that if you change the cache too much, you may no longer have a compliant challenge as what was reviewed is not what is current, so you should talk with your reviewer about any changes you plan on making.
  17. While I'm no Eagle scout like the green hamster above me, I have brought many scouts (cub and boy) out for geocaching adventures. I second working with a geocaching merit badge counselor. But in addition to that, one of the requirements for a boy scout to get their merit badge is: If you contact a local boy scout troop (perhaps your pack has an associated troop?) you may find a boy scout looking to earn his geocaching merit badge. By bringing a boy scout in to teach a unit on geocaching, you not only help him earn his badge, but the cubbies often enjoy working with older boys instead of adults. Presumably in most cases the boy scout has already learned about geocaching, gone out himself, worked with a counselor, and would likely be an enthusiastic teacher.
  18. I have not been a premium member for about a year, however under my avatar it still states that I am. Once again, Groundspeak doing a stellar job. That's just in the forums. Your geocaching profile does not say you are premium. If you were to logout and log back into the forums, likely this would change.
  19. https://www.geocaching.com/notify
  20. I don't work at HQ, so this is my own uninformed opinion, but I would expect that funding for different projects comes out of different buckets. Geotours are a source of revenue, and those paying for tours have different sets of priorities than we do as geocachers, and are asking for different features. So perhaps one developer or one half developer is being funded by the geotour project, and other developers are working general app stuff and hopefully looking at requests from the community who are also a source of revenue.
  21. Nice to see geotours in the app now! Will you be able to see a list of all the geotours on a map in the app? (I have Android, so can't see this functionality yet.) It would be nice to see any tours near you while travelling.
  22. The map is currently broken. I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. Navigation works fine though.
  23. ChileHead

    Is Wherigo dead?

    It just needs some Pokemons and then it will really take off!
  24. I always thought the letterbox cache type was never defined properly. I do letterboxing, not very often. The main thing that defines a letterbox *to me* are the letterbox style clues (walk 20 paces, turn right by the tree with 3 trunks, etc ...) A letterbox defined on this state is defined *only* by the presence of a stamp. It may have letterbox style clues as well, but that's not what defines a letterbox cache here. Personally, if that's what makes a letterbox hybrid on geocaching.com, then it should be an attribute, not a cache type, as the presence of a stamp doesn't impact how you look for or log a find on a cache. With all the other cache types, the type impacts the hunt. But that's not the rule, so if you have a stamp, call it a letterbox, even if it works more like a traditional or a multi or a puzzle.
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