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  1. To be clear, the archival of mob caches started because of my action to retire the platform, not because of any action from HQ.
  2. The thought of an ALR was raised when I first released this 10 years ago. Personally I wouldn't call it an ALR but I can see the concern. To alleviate this, I deliberately did not use IP addresses to determine attendance, but instead used sessions. What does this mean? One person could act as multiple people with multiple browser instances (not just tabs) which allowed a slightly tech savvy person to do this on their own.
  3. It doesn't matter. Really. Anybody can claim FTF on any cache, even if it's been signed 100 times. Does it make them FTF? Of course not. Since FTF isn't a real thing, with no rules, add it to your list of FTFs if you want. So can the person who signed first. You can both claim FTF in yours logs and the world will still turn. Who is FTF on a virtual? The first person to visit the site, or the first person to email answers to the CO, or the first person to post a Found log? FTF on a virtual isn't verifiable either. Same with earthcaches.
  4. As far as I know, HQ has not weighed in on what any concerns are. I have speculated on a couple things, but that's all it is. I doubt there is a concern with the actual code, or domain it lives on, they never saw my code. I own a number of domains I use for various projects, so leasing isn't something I'm interested in providing, and honestly the actual endpoint is irrelevant. I expect at this point HQ just wants to re-examine the concept as it's been nearly 10 years since the original hack I threw together in a few hours.
  5. When I first created the mob application about 10 years ago, I had planned to do it for a single cache that I had published alongside an event. When I decided to make it general purpose and allow others to do the same, I took the concept to the reviewer forums and directly reached out to several people at HQ to discuss. There had been some concerns at the time about the concept, which I addressed. The new platform here does not address one of those concerns, but I won't get into that here, that would be something HQ can discuss with the new app owner and it may not be a concern any longer. There is likely less of a concern about "one off" apps used in apps vs an app that is general purpose. As a reviewer if I saw an offsite link that was not in the list of approved sites, I would probably bring it to others to discuss. If it appeared to be something designed to be used for many cache listings, the discussion would probably be more lengthy and involve more people from HQ. Since I developed this tool, the EU GDPR regulations have gone into effect. I have no idea whether or not use of IP addresses falls into any of the regulations, but it's a possible problem. I doubt it is, as there is no direct personal identifiable information associated with it, but again it's an issue HQ should probably weigh in on.
  6. I created the functionality many years ago when lab caches were first coming out, as an example of my own sort of "lab". After getting it vetted by HQ, I released my own as well as functionality for people to create their own. Since then, I have made almost no changes to the code I released, which honestly was just a big old hack. I wrote it on a rainy day while on vacation in the Adirondacks wondering "I wonder if ..." Well it's lasted longer than I expected, but the poor choice of implementation on my side with polling back to the server was causing some issues on the server side off and on. Rather than fix it I decided to retire this fun experiment, about 8 years after I thought I would retire it. Thanks to all who played with it and created their own. After retiring it I found out that there were many more out there than I had expected and I apologize for the sudden retirement. It may come back some day if I decide to rewrite it. I thought after I retired over 4 years ago from a full time software job I would have more time to create and maintain similar projects, but somehow my days are getting filled with other activities! Side note: When I first released this, some random person came across it and wanted to use it for other purposes. They didn't say what the purposes were, but from their email domain I concluded it was for, let's say, anonymous group encounters in the woods. I chuckled, and never responded. I should do a database dump to see if there are any non-geocaching purposes out there.
  7. If there are things that aren't working you should post them here, as even if you could opt out you'd get the new logging experience sometime in the next few weeks as it rolls out.
  8. Came here to check if others got the French. I can barely speak my native English!
  9. I just found this one today, and admit to targeting it because of the attribute. It was a nice hike even without the cacti.
  10. Just came here to check, thanks! Hopefully there won't be too many sad dads today!
  11. I noticed now if I go to a player's profile that has an apostrophe (') in it, and click on the link to show their finds, I get an Error 500. I verified this with 4 or 5 different players.
  12. I can't imagine asking any other cacher to provide a translation in my language, simply because I don't want to bother copying/pasting the description and/or hint into a translation app. While English is spoken in many countries, it is not a universal language. I visited Europe a few years ago and went to multiple countries where the write-ups were all in French or German or Italian. I had no issues caching.
  13. I don't care if non premium log mine. I make some of my caches premium when it took longer to set up, or was more expensive to put together, and I want to prevent the kids that sign up for an account and go out on a destroy mission. This seems to happen about once a year, and caches that are premium are normally spared as it's tougher for the kiddies to find them.
  14. I noticed on a new virtual published yesterday a number of logs didn't have the required photo. When I logged mine today using the app, I noticed it logged immediately which was suspicious. I checked my log and my log text was there, and the photo wasn't. I texted a couple friends who had photos missing and they were surprised as they selected a photo. The CO posted in FB about the same time wondering why nobody was posting photos, so I explained it looks like an app issue. This happened with both iPhone and Android apps. I tried logging again and the photo didn't go. So I used an unofficial app instead.
  15. But that's still terrain. Terrain is how you get there. Difficulty is how hard is it to find it once you are at GZ.
  16. Also, seems to be an issue particular to google maps on firefox. If you switch to leaflet maps on firefox, it still works the old way.
  17. Seems to be a firefox issue. Still works the other way in Chrome. Firefox recently updated to version 57 (2 days ago for me), so perhaps people are seeing some incompatibility with that?
  18. Nice to see this native! I know a lot of people have wanted this for years, and this will solve the problems people have had with copying/pasting HTML, forgetting to update final coords on the puzzle or site or both. This should work great for the bulk of the puzzles where the puzzle solution is coordinates, and there is a single physical stage. If it's not too early to ask for new features: Some mysteries have multiple stages. It would be nice to be able to mark 1 or more hidden stages as needing a coordinate checker, and they would all appear on the cache page. You might in fact have stage 1 have the coord checker, but not the final, if the cache is set up as a multi after the puzzle has been solved. Add a new field on hidden waypoints to allow entry of a keyword or phrases that is used in the checker instead of coords, that reveals the coords. These are becoming more popular around my area. Even without these features (and others!) the coord checker could be used in a large percentage of caches. Nice to have the auto update of corrected coordinates too, that's a nice bonus. Is the "10 tries in 10 minutes" set up per account or per IP address?
  19. If I come across a cache I'm not comfortable searching for, I move on. I don't expect anybody to only hide caches that meet my criteria (no more caches with pavement views!)
  20. I hid my first after finding 2 caches, 14 years ago. It required a 3 mile hike to get it and was an ammo can. Today, 14 years later, it's still there. Glad there was no rule when I placed my first cache.
  21. I don't see what is "offensive" with the current message.
  22. If this cacher found hundreds of caches and posted with their logs vulgarities and advertisements, then I could see HQ just deleting them entirely, and there would be no reason to bother dozens or hundreds of cache owners, or spend the time doing so. But since you didn't list the log content, we can only speculate.
  23. I have about 10-20 PQs that I set up using placement dates to avoid any duplication of caches. For example: PQ1 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 1/1/2000 through 8/1/2007 PQ2 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 8/2/2007 through 8/1/2009 PQ3 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 8/2/2009 through 3/1/2011 .... When I first set them up I had to tweak the end date to make sure it resulted in less than 1000 caches, and then I based the next PQ on the end date for the previous one. This way I get all caches within 100 miles of whatever point I'm picking that I haven't found. Occasionally I'll go back and tweak the dates as PQ1 that used to return 1000 caches may now return only 800 because of caches I've found, or caches that have been archived. I don't need to do that more than once a year or so though.
  24. I see cachers with thousands of finds hiding poor caches such as those in parking lots, guard rails, or road side. Experience doesn't mean they will always hide good caches.
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