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  1. Wow this thread has been going for awhile! I want to take the time to thank every civilian out there doing their job, living their life. If it wasn't for you people I wouldn't have a good career that I love very much. And that my family loves to be affiliated with. Also want to thank my brothers and sisters out there. We are a military family. Though sometimes dysfunctional I know that I can depend on when times are rough. I've been given the opportunity to visit many far away places and have seen things that most only read about in National Geographic! I've been Geocaching in different States and as of now one other country due to my military service. Within the next year I'm hoping to be able to cache in several other countries as well. I have been in the Navy for close to 15 years. The countries I have visited are many and varied across the world. And soon I hope to be visiting more! I am a Chief Hospital Corpsman. I joined in 1994. And since I’m still on active duty I’ll leave off my current and past duty stations. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you everyone for the info. Called Garmin and they said that the dog voided the warranty, that figures. But the good news is that they can fix it for $150 and then I will still have 9 months left on the original. They said it will take a few weeks. Oh well, its better then having to purchase a new one!
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. Looks like I'll call on Monday and see what they say.
  4. So this is my first post. I have been lurking for a little bit and wanted to get the hang of things and learn as much as I can. So I am asking for opinions on what to do. Tonight I came home and found that my <1 year old dog got a hold of my Garmin GPSMAP 60csx. He did a doozy on it. Teeth marks everywhere, the screen is shattered, the rubber on the top is torn. It is still functional and the lcd screen underneath the hard plastic screen is relatively untouched. So needless to say it is not water resistant anymore and not functional in a rugged setting. What can I do? And please no wise cracks about the dog....the wife just read this before my post and she said you can put them in. LOL Matt
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