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  1. You're all wrong... It's to do with the metal content in the Renault windscreen (which resists UV and is the tinting in the glass), that causes issues with everything from GPS reception to toll-bridge badges not being read. There's an article from the Irish Times here, I spotted it in last weeks Motoring supplement.
  2. I'll be moving to the "West Count-ree" at the end of the summer, and I've liked The Wurzels (Scrumpy n' Western) since I first set foot in Bristol, hence the 'new' avatar.
  3. rrrrr... are you the A.I. man, big fella?
  4. Klaus23 Is my first name, and my lucky number. - and co-incidentally, for another 2 weeks, my current age
  5. I've been in touch with a US cacher I know and there's one coming to Ireland next week
  6. Guinness, makers of lovely dark stout are currently running an advertisement campaign entitled "The Stuff Of Legend" to publicise the summer's Hurling Championship here in Ireland. Hurling (more here), along with Gaelic Football form Ireland's national games. It is the oldest field game in Europe. Hurling is played in a similar form in Scotland (entitled 'Shinty') and Gaelic Football is similar to Aussie Rules. Often described as the fastest field game in the world, it appears dangerous at first but at the highest level is played with sublime skill and speed. "The Stuff Of Legend" advertisements evoke the legend of Cu Chulainn, who was born with the name Setanta. His legend tells that a feast was been hosted by Culann, the smith, for the King of Ulster. After the banquet, Culann inquired as to whether or not anyone else was coming. Forgetting about Setanta, they replied that there was no one else. So Culann unleashed his fierce guard dog. When Setanta arrived, the dog attacked him. As the hound bounded towards Setanta, he swung his hurley stick and drove a leather playing ball into the beast's mouth and down his throat, killing him instantly. When the men inside heard the commotion, they came running out. Culann, although happy Setanta was alive, exclaimed,"Now I have no dog to guard my house!" So Setanta piped in, "I will guard your house until another dog is ready, and then I will train him to be the fiercest dog ever." Thus, Setanta became known as Cú Chulainn, or "Dog of Culann. You can see the poster being used below. It doesn't appear to be anywhere on the net so I had to take a (reasonably poor) photo of it. Look closely at the dog. You can click on the picture to view it full-size. And where was this fine animal before it became famous in an advertisment? A talent agency? An extra in Lassie? A glamour model? Big Brother? Look no further... his identity can now be revealed! World Exclusive! It's Ozzy!!!
  7. I read it most days... but it's gone very quiet over there
  8. Did anyone else think the title of this thread was "Caching in Amsterdam" ... and did anyone else think "You haven't a chance of working the GPS after the local 'distractions' "
  9. Wrong end of the cow (edited to add... after checking in more depth the album's rear sleeve does have some similarities)
  10. You can knock Bunaniver (wildlifewriter) Europe's First (me), Keem Cache (missing and disabled) off the list
  11. No mean achievement in Ireland, Fjon and Kili Or Bust both reached their 100 over this weekend. A big hats off to both
  12. They are there, but keep your eyes peeled on the news in the next three weeks - because after that, they'll be soooo Hans Blix.
  13. Forgive me if I'm too amazed... but how on earth is it possible to rack up 1000 finds in 15 months... I mean, what about sleep, or work... or food even? Hats off to what must be total dedication!
  14. No, I think you're right. It really is the most right-wing, xenophobic, disgusting piece of newsprint to find it's way onto shop shelves. What sickens me is that it is sold in Ireland, and there actually are some people that buy it and read it, after all of the junk that lot wrote about this place during the 70's and 80's. Off-topic... sure. But as long as Daily Mail readers get lambasted, surely there can't be any harm.
  15. ... but I will be doing that one at some point while heading east Cheers Harry!
  16. If Governments spent more time and money thinking about how to improve public transport to the point of being preferable and less costly to private transport (although it's not always possible, it can be done to a degree), then bureaucrat pipedreams such as this one would be consigned to the cloudcookooland they really do belong in.
  17. Happy Birthday to GC4E Ireland's Europe's First (GC43) turned five on Friday. In true fashion, the celebrations began last Monday...
  18. Are there any really simple drivebys en route? e.g. no more than 1/2 mile from a motorway junction?
  19. I agree with The Hokesters. What I might see as a 'bad' cache might be perfectly acceptable to someone else. Also, I've been against grading caches except for "Must-Do Before You Die" or general recommendations. Imagine you placed a cache and found it 'graded' badly? How would you feel? If you're going on holiday or in an unfamiliar area, consult local cachers on their recommendations. Use these or local forums. Read the logs. Creating "league tables" is not the answer. If you think a cache is lame, do another.
  20. ...and since you appear to be the new moderator, feel free to post that on the cache page in question. Oh... you already did.
  21. Lads, whatever chance you had of getting people to listen to you about a new format in relation to congrats threads, you've blown it now. If this was my forum, there'd be bans all round for simply spamming the boards.
  22. On second thoughts, it could be nothing else than the Trotter's bright yellow Robin Reliant. Or could there be a more suitable British car (and no, Morris Minors don't count)?
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