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  1. Hi everyone - on the other side of 'the water'. I've never posted over on the regional US forums but I've chosen this one (and the New England forum serving Boston) because New York has the second-largest population of people of Irish descent within the USA. I'm Klaus23, a founder of www.geocachingireland.com and an administrator on the geocachingireland.com forums. I thought it may be of interest that two Irish geocachers, The Quiet Man and albertw both native speakers of the Irish language, have put together a geocaching stash note written in Irish. You can find the stash note in this forum post. There are bi-lingual (English and Irish) .pdf and word .doc's avaliable. If this is of interest to any of you, let us know. Feel free to use the doc's on regional geocachers websites or forward them to anyone interested. The note should be listed on geocaching.com soon (hopefully)! Also, if you are a native speaker of the Irish language, we would be interested in hearing from you in the thread on the stash note. We are looking for a proofreading and a third opinion. If you are from either Donegal or Kerry (for those of you not familiar with the language, it varies slightly in it's spoken form throughout Ireland) we would especially like to hear from you. Regards from the 'old country' wink.gif Klaus23
  2. Terribly sorry, this was meant to be in the New England forum. Thread locked. Apologies to the moderators.
  3. Conveniently ignoring the important word 'if' and the term 'slotted' which sounds like you've been reading Andy McNab's latest offering, this has nothing to do with anything. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to the family and friends of Jean Charles de Menezes.
  4. Just like this , this and this thread, this has little to do with UK or Irish geocaching.
  5. Yes! But they're usually small, lithe and wear singlets... not like us couch potatoes Best of luck with the event, folks.
  6. He does indeed have a point, and I could see myself doing this with a young, educated, urbane bobby in one of Britain's major city. ... but when I think of my local county policemen, I'd pass.
  7. And calling towns by their correct names (An Doire = Derry)
  8. This might sound odd, but I have a phobia of nettles. I panic when I see the things. I cannot be withing 3ft of nettles or I go a bit daft. I'm 6ft1' and around 16st. Very few things scare me. I can do heights, the number 13, ladders, dodgy streets, strange people, motorways at 145mph*, but when it comes to nettles, it's a different ball game. Oddly enough, tonight I googled "phobia of nettles" to see if a proper word existed. Try it (with the quotation marks). The only page you'll find, oddly enough, is my log at Geocache. Small world, innit? *in Germany, Constable.
  9. Pet peeve about geocaching? People moaning about geocaching. Just get on with it.
  10. I dare say you might have to wait a couple of weeks, but I'm sure you'll get a helping hand. Best of luck!
  11. Apologies for closing the thread early... Hopefully the coin will raise a few bobs for Children In Need and go to someone who really wants it. lordelph, I'll have it in the post by tomorrow at the latest.
  12. After unexpectedly large interest it's gone to the first person who mailed me (lordelph). Thanks to everyone for getting in touch, I have replied to you all individually.
  13. On your behalf I have posted this on the geocachingireland.com forum. I'm not aware of active cachers in Carlow but you hopefully you'll get interest from neighbouring counties.
  14. What a legend! Congrats Ozzy
  15. I have a Michigan geocoin which I got as a present - but I find the tracking website impossible to use and don't want to leave it out as a trade item incase it gets nicked... so I'd rather that it went to a collector. So... if there's anyone out there that collects geocoins and would like this one, please e-mail me and I'll drop it in the post for you. If there are multiple people interested, preference will be given to a British/Irish cacher.
  16. From all in Ireland, fair play to Alibags. Well done on the 500!!! A friend indeed who has been on MSN at all hours of the day, and who is getting a White Jeep for her troubles. Here's to the next 500 - perhaps we'll go caching together in the West Cun'ree sometime!
  17. Can't fault that one. Just added my (Dad's) number for ICE (Ireland) and my SO's number for ICE (Britain). Now if only this could be more public? Or is this already S.O.P. for the emergency services in Britain and Ireland?
  18. I think that the last thing ANYONE should be doing in this thread is fighting. My sympathies to people affected by today's mindlessness.
  19. I showed a white TB the sights of Bristol at the weekend - but I couldn't leave him there as I'm under orders (you know who you are!)
  20. I was there back on May 12th - at this cache.
  21. I was going to say the same thing. Highly recommended. You can get the 'old' ones for around £200... the new ones are a tad more expensive, but useful if you want a small car with great off-road capability. I ran one of the 'old' Panda 4x4s for about three months and it could put many a larger 4x4 to shame. You just have to live with a 4-speed gearbox where the 1st is so low as to be unuseable, and a tad of rust and welding ever so often. The 4x4 FIRE engine is good for over 250,000 miles, just make sure the drivetrain isn't too worn.
  22. Ah - that'd be the Fiat Ulysse (also known as the Citroen C8). I'll have to try and find someone that owns one of those
  23. I refer you to 1. the newspaper article which I linked, 2. Harry_Bristol_UK's post, 3. the smiley used to imply light-hearted fun, and 4. this thread with leads me to the conclusion that you're holding some kind of a grudge. Do you know which FIAT's specifically? It's not an issue in my Punto and not in a Seicento and Stilo Estate which one of my mates owns.
  24. Not that I know of... cars, dogs, people maybe... not a house (to date). I can't see your house racking up the miles
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