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  1. That's not a current limit. I think what sTeamTraen was meaning is that you could run 5 x 500 cache PQ's one day and then the next run the remaining 225 cache PQ. Obviously it would be a lot better if you could get a 2500 cache PQ even if it's just for an extra 30 seconds downloading 5 attachments from separate emails instead of 1 attachment, every little helps I'm not talking about sending it to my email, because I can 2500 per day and I'm not question that. I'm talking ONLY about CREATING PQ. Now I can CREATE 40 PQ in ONE DAY, there is no limit for this, the limit is for sending it to email. Simple, isn't it? Now, when I create PQ for area where is large density of caches i takes me long time, because I don't know what is date for 1st 500 caches placed in this area, what is for 2md etc. So I'm trying: 22 June 2005 - result - 376 caches, so I'm trying 31 December 2005 - result: 500 caches, what means there are more caches than 500 and I still don't know how many (no information about it). So I'm trying 15 November 2005 - result: 456 - not bad, but still trying best, because I waste 44 caches, what is important because there are limits 40 PQ's I think this inot very complicated. Years ago, when sloppy disks were popular they had only 1,44 MB space. So was very hard use this space optimally if you had e.g. 10 files 1MB each. But if you packed all you data using ZIP or RAR packer you could define maximum size of one file. So I defined it as 1,44, and program automatically made files 1,44 MB and last was smaller. Similar could be with PQs. and all the time I'm talking about CREATING PQs, NOT about SENDING
  2. Another ideas what may be helpful and will not make server more busy. Some time ago I tried make PQ for whole Czech Republic, as I was planned visit this country and had no idea where exactly I will there. I used for it nearly whole space in my PQ's, and it took me about one hour to set it correct (use correct dates). After creating this and get all via email, I had to delete it from my PQ list, because was no space left for other PQ's. And no, if I had no saved links to these PQs I have to create it again - Will be very nice if you can save settings of your PQ somewhere in your profile and use it when you need it. Keep limit caches in one PQ, daily and weekly limit, but add option for saving inactive PQs, what you might use in future. - Other idea - if you create PQ and number of caches is largest than 500 can be automatically create more PQs, maximum 500 caches each. For Example - if your settings giving result 2725 caches will be created 6 PQs (5 PQs with 500 caches and one with 225). It will be very useful, and Groundspeak can still keep current limits.
  3. yes, please, this is good idea
  4. I read all the time the same answer when somebody has an idea for new useful waipoint. And I still don't understand why atribute "dogs allowed/not allowed" is better than "car allowe/not allowed" or any other attribute. So maybe is good idea cancel all attributes beacuse you can all include all in desription?Sorry, but I really don't understand what's the problemm add atribute if people says it's useful...
  5. Hi, just leave it where did you find. And join to us Don't forget sign your name in logbook!
  6. No problem. I was only afraid my email is missing. Thanks for your answer!
  7. How long does it take wait for reply? I sent some questions to Groundspeak one weeke ago and still no answer. Should I send it again, or stay patient?
  8. Few weeks ago I placed cache in a cave. It's basic rule in caving never go to cave alone. I left that note in description, but will be better display attribute. This is really good idea for this attribute, I'm talking about safety not stealth.
  9. Many thanks Igi for your answer!
  10. Same problem is in Poland http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=220088 Sometimes we have to wait for publishing more than one week.
  11. And that means this region needs more reviewers and this is exactly what I'm asking for Anyway, I will send my questions straight to Groundspeak, thanks!
  12. Is any chance for more reviewers in this region of Europe? There are only Czech and Slovak guys, and they check caches from more than 10 countries. Sometime people from Poland wait for review more than week, now my friend is waiting 5 days, it's log enough.
  13. I'm really interested in this coin
  14. and it's not true because for example in Poland there is more than 4 000 geocaches The title of Polish geocaching forum is "Geocaching in Poland" (translated), but there is only link to local opencaching page, no links to geocaching.com (where is more than 800 caches placed in Poland now). It is local database as in many other countries. Only Polish people register caches on opencaching.pl, Hungarian register on geocaching.hu, German on opencaching.de, Rusian on geocaching.ru etc, is only one database (geocaching.com) what is real international, that's the fact. Is not like Windows and Linux, because Linux is international, local databases are not compatible because there are different rules. No, it isn't now. As you know on Polish database are registered many caches what only you need is find password in Google and left log on page. Polish opencaching include geocaching but is not the same game.
  15. I allways have U-lock with me. When is forest or tall grass I hide my bike and didn't use lock, but when are people around I use lock. In Ireland (where I'm now) is hard to find tree (hehe), that I lock wheel to frame. But everywhen I try take my bike with my.
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