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  1. Yes, im aware of those guidelines, but i have done several that didnt require an account creation or downloads such as http://coord.info/GC36GTG http://coord.info/GC35E8R
  2. Im looking for an online game/puzzle that the finder must complete/win in order to have the correct coords reveled to them. I have seen one or two of these but i was wondering where i could find one to utilize on a mystery cache. So i decided to come here and ask the help of the many Puzzle Masters out there for help.
  3. Honestly, it wouldn't bother me. Do i agree with it no, does finding the cache make me a supporter of it no and it if it did bother me i have the choice to not find it (i ignore bush hides too). Do they have the right to believe and support what ever they want even though i dont agree or like it, yes. If "agenda" caches are againt the rules then they all need to go and not differ from reviewer to reviewer and area to area.
  4. ^^^ This ^^^^ That wouldn't bother me at all. If it was close to me i would even go find it.
  5. Dont yell "agenda" in crowded movie theater! So i can not encourage people to pick up garbage along the trail if they have time while on the way to the cache...... like CITO? I agree that agendas/advertisement (unless a new movie wants to advertise ) should not be allowed in placing caches. However, who draws that line? Groundspeak, the reviewers the players? I realize that this can go back and forth forever, nor will it probably ever get solved as Groundspeak will probably not get involved. I doesn't bother me that the Veterans cache was denied, but its the double standards and inconsistencies that i feel need to be addressed.
  6. So just to paraphrase some of the Moderators, Reviewers and other cachers, caches that pay tribute to Veterans, Fireman, 9/11, teachers and so forth are promoting agendas and are therefore should not be published. I have a series of caches that pay tribute to local cachers should i archive them? Like: GC23PTE What about the caches that are tributes to the reviewers? (published by reviewers) such as: GC1R5JJ GC1MKQ3
  7. A local reviewer of in my area shot down a cache because of the title as he put it was "political or pushing an agenda" the title was "Thank a Veteran" Then was asked to change the name. The same reviewer published an event for 11-11-11 to meet up and wave American flags to honor Veterans. Did a search for Veteran caches and over 780 popped up with it in the title. Really?! So we emailed Groundspeak and this was the response: Thank you for writing in. Certainly the Veterans do great work, for which they are worthy of both recognition and support. However, as you go down the list of organizations and people starting with those doing great work, and then those who are doing good work, and then those who are doing fair or so-so work, and on to those who are held in a negative light by nearly everyone, serious problems become obvious. Those problems are where do you draw the line, and who draws it? This is what is known as a slippery slope issue; once you start on the slope, it is hard to avoid slipping beyond where you wanted to be. Therefore, the answer is that we do not step on the slope at all. Just curious as to the thoughts of others on the matter. Is putting a cache out for the veterans pushing an agenda? If so, arnt the Breast cancer awareness caches doing the same..... as well as CITO? (ok now im ready for the burning torches and pitch forks) What do you all think? has anyone else had a similar situation?
  8. One of my wife's and my first caches "Democratic Headquarters".
  9. I have a stamp with our name so we never put the date on the log unless its a FTF, then we date it and put the time on it. Like others have stated the on line log dates it.
  10. Here is mine called "The Big Ten" http://coord.info/CX172D
  11. I guess im an exception, the new format doesnt bother me at all. I like how it looks, but thats just me.
  12. I give them to the FTF, they always seem to think its a cool little gift.
  13. hmmmmm a nude event..... Can i pick the cachers?!
  14. The best and worst thing about geocaching are the cachers themselves.
  15. Caches camoed as garbage run the risk of getting thrown away. The problem with taking a hard stand on these caches is that just about every cache that I've ever found has been hidden in a container that has been repurposed for geocaching. This true, the hanger in a bush, fake rock or the LP hide can all be argued as littering but i think the difference is most caches are disguised to blend in to the surrounding as to not be muggled and not to blend in as road side trash.
  16. I cant stand it when Cachers camouflage their caches as garbage and toss it on the side of the road or in a bush. There is one cacher in my area who does this, one is a broken set of head phones, another an old highlighter marker and the last one i found was an old moldy squeegee. The last one i was actually doing some CITO in the area and threw the cache away. I was going back out to GZ a second time to try and find the cache when i realized who the hider was and immediately knew what the cache was. So i had to dig it out of my garbage can and then replace the cache t GZ. However, i feel like I'm just contributing to road side litter as i replace the "cache" by dropping an old squeegee in the weeds on the side of the road. And this is not a new cacher. Just venting i guess, does it bother anyone else? How do you deal with it? I was tempted to leave it thrown away.
  17. I hid my first cache with less than 10 finds. It doesnt matter how many you have just read the rules and youll be fine! Good luck hiding it!
  18. When I did the ET highway with friends we did the whole thing in one shot, took like 16 hours and we saw 6 cars in that time. I dont see much of a car safty issue, however we did run into several scorpions and hiding under and around caches.
  19. Thanks for all the feed back, it was just a question that popped in my head. Thanks for all the sugestions.
  20. Ok, i want to use a UV pen in a multi cache i have planned and i was just curious if you wrote on say a phone booth for example with the pen is it considered graffitti or against the guidlines since the ink would technically be invisable?
  21. I hid my first cache with 10 hides or so, it just might take some trial and error, try taking a set of coords, walk around with your GPS for a bit then come back and take another set. As for your cache being muggled well that just happens as does haveing your hide rejected because its to close to a mystery.
  22. I remember some of the milestones that we (my wife and i) hit like, 100, 1000, 2000, but after we hit 1000, milestones didnt seem any different for us, so now we some how got roped into an ongoing battle with a few of our caching friends there are four of us always trying to stay in the lead with the most! Its a fun little game we play. My wife will get a text from a local cacher saying they just picked up 47 last weekend! And my wife will say "Oh no! We HAVE to go caching tomorrow!" Its fun little banter and games like that we look forward to now.
  23. ive accidentally found several caches that were archived but were actually still there.
  24. I think lamp posts are offensive....
  25. I read it before it was changed and Yes i would of approved it and no i didnt find it offensive at all. I found it funny though! Im suprised that you found the cache page offensive by being "suggestive" and yet you still posted this picture on one of your logs kind of a hypocritical a bit if ya ask me. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...0d-111f066c91d8
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