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  1. Not so fast! If it can recognize faces then surely it can recognize cache containers. In order to log the cache you need to show both your mug and the specifically encoded Bison tube which can only be obtained by rooting around in that laurel bush. Sorry, Harmon... But before I go, consider that there might be even further implications of this technology. Sgt. Argyle would no doubt approve of the following cache. Using this technology, you could have an Unknown cache that has the additional logging requirement that socks must be properly bunched as verified by the video camera. James, I bow to the depths of your reasoning. Just what I need, product ID codes on Bison-tube hides. Ye Gods, that's a Jodi technological nightmare that speaks of limitless suffering. You mean t' tell me that I would actually have t' start spotting, opening, and signing Bison tubes? Next thang y' know Geocachers will have t' actually solve puzzle caches on their own. What next? ... no more leap- frogging power-road hides? As to Sgt. Argyle and the possibiity of unbunched-sock recognition ... that's a good thang. I've spoken to Captain Neezoks of the San Diego County Unbunched Sock Police about this idea and he said that he's already workin' on it. What's it all comin' to? Oh for Heaven's sake Harmon...just come on over and I'll let you sign the 450 bison tubs before I cover them with fake pine needles or stick them in a bird house...... Speaking of Sgt Argyle..I saw this amazing picture of Habu! with unbunched socks on FACEBOOK, but I didn't know how to steal it and send it to you...so the infraction went un-punished..so sad! Jodi darlin', My dream come true, to become your offical Beta Tester. Finally my ship has come in, a chance to skyrocket to the top of the find-count chart while I'm still a young man. Is there room for an Army cot and lantern in your cache-container warehouse? As for Habu!'s infraction, I have it from a reliable source that he owns only one pair of socks that once upon a time were knee-socks but now tattered and torn. I'm also told that he darns his own socks. Go figure. Maybe some other "Friend" can put the unbunched-sock photo into circulation by way of Sgt. Argyle and the San Diego County Unbunched Sock Police. That would surely count as a thoughtful public service. As ever, Sweet ol' Harmon What a minute someone must of hacked into Jodi's account there's no way she wrote that, come on over and sign the 450 bison's. :huh: Did you catch the fine print where, after he signs them, he gets to roll those 450 little buggers and then stuff them into said tubes?
  2. That was on my list for sometime soon now that it's getting too hot to play in the desert, so count me in. Moonboat
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