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  1. Holly $^&*# #^&^&*&* %%^%^&*&^&* man! I had the willies before I saw that monster , but now whooooooo is that thing, Oh My Gosh, You have got to be, No way. And you stepped on it! Not me man. No Freaking way.
  2. Yea, there are some screwed up people out there. Not thinking or caring that some child may get snapped. Even though it may not do harm I am sure the child would be done with Geocaching forever. It only takes one idiot to ruin a good thing.
  3. Oh, I grabbed this unit for almost nothing . I have a Nuvii 200W, and an Etrex H, so I kind of lean towards the Garmin. I have to say; once I upgraded the firmware I am going to let Z-Man use the Etrex H. I need glasses to read , but not to walk in the woods . With the upgraded firmware, and the addition of the large font screen the unit made my mind up for me . I have heard some nasty things about Magellan’s customer service , but for how cheap I got this one if I ruin it I think I will just replace it.
  4. I think he knows how to share, but I have not learned that yet . No, it seems that we are caching at the same time, just not in the same area. It is that 17 year old thing. He would rather cache with his friends than his old man. I’ll show him though, I will beat him to all the FTF.
  5. Since my son Z-man of B-man got hooked we have been going caching together. No problem, except he wants to get out on his own so I picked up a 210 the other day dirt cheep. Now here is the problem. I have a Garman Etrax h and I am not sure which unit I want to keep for my own. It took me a while to figure how to put Geocache points on the 210, but once I got that figured out I like the way you can look at the descriptions right on the unit. So I guess my question would be in the field which unit performs better? I know I will be using one in one hand, and one in the other for a few days, but I was just wondering if anyone else had experience with both units.
  6. The other day I saw a TB window sticker on a car. First question is since it has what looked like a legitimate TB number under it; do you log it as discovered? Second question is if this is a traceable, where can I get one for the Fit?! Even if they are not traceable I think it would be very cool to have it.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going to Cabela’s, and trying on everything they had. I ended up coming home with a pair of Cabela's Backcountry Hikers. I also got ten pair of good wool sox. My son also grabbed a pair of the backcountry hikers. 59bucks, could not beat the price. I put them on, and went for a five mile walk yesterday (in the rain) my feet felt great, and dry to boot. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me good advice. When I got to Cabela’s I had a list of things I wanted in a boot, and no kidding with the number of boots I had to choose from I am glad I had this info.
  8. The main reason I am asking this question is usually you will get the jest of what people are using, and also when your local store says you will love xyz brand, and someone has said they tried them, and they fell apart you will have a little bit of a loaded gun.
  9. Ok, last weekend I took a path less taken, and ended up going through mud, and water. My Redwing steel toed shoes kept my feet dry, but my toes got cold. I enjoyed walking on the not so developed paths, and I think I want to do this more often. I just need to find a good waterproof hiking shoe, and I figured I would get some good advice before I start.
  10. My license plate frame says, “Do You Geocache?”
  11. Oh No, not another thoughtless cache placed just because there isn’t one within 150 feet. Show me something, take me somewhere, and make me think. Don’t just put something somewhere just because there isn’t one there yet. Maybe there isn’t one there because the area just does not deserve one. I don’t think anyone here (but I could be wrong) gets inspired by looking at a freeway or a gas station guardrail. Give us something that after we find it we will want to talk about it. Put it somewhere where you would like someone to take you. Maybe I have it all wrong, and it is just about how many stars you can get on your Google map. If that is the case, please tell me now, because I have it all wong.
  12. I am very new to this, and I have to agree that I would rather have the challenge of finding something that was diabolically hidden in plain view or being taken somewhere that is worth going. Sure I like to cache, but a nano attached to the cart coral in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart is not my idea of fun. Now give me a quarter mile walk on or off the trail of some wooded area that is off the beaten path, and I am going to be happy if I come up with the cache or not. Put both of those together and I will take pictures and talk about it for a week. (Or until I come up on another one like it) It didn’t take me long to learn how to use the maps on Geocaching.com so I am not lot caching. Now my wife, on the other hand, she would be happy if she could drive up to the cache sign the log and never leave the car. So in conclusion there are caches out there for everyone, you just have to find them. Ha Ha! I still crack myself up.
  13. I messed up by doing just that. I was all excited about finding the TB that I logged it as grabbed. Not understanding that there was a difference. For now on I will make sure that it is logged into the cache that I find before I log it taken. I have to admit that getting this all straightened out has taught me a lot about TB, and TB operations.
  14. I don't care what Eastwood says, you can't put this in a cache.
  15. No, it's a game. People hide things, and we . . . First To Find!!!!!!
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