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  1. For now on I will strive to add pictures to every cache. Shoot, I take the camera, I may as well use it.
  2. I try to write good logs, but sometimes I slip. FOR NOW ON I WILL ONLY WRITE QUALITY LOGS ON EVERY CACHE I am going to start with a checklist so I make sure I cover the important info like you mentioned, then I will add a little flair to the cache. I want the person hiding the cache to know that I appreciate every one I find, and even the ones I don't. Thanks for the little kick in the behind.
  3. If I look I log. If I run out of time I put that in the log, so others don't shy off the hunt. I also made a bookmark list of DNF's. Just hoping someone else finds it. If this happens I will usually head to that cache the next day.
  4. OK, I am glad that I am not the only one doing this. I never thought of making a DNF bookmark list (GOINK!) I am going to go through my DNF's tonight, and make a bookmark and watch list. I have gotten an e-mail about one that Z-Man and I looked for an hour and a half. The owner said it was missing, and there is a new one in it's place. Rain or shine I am going to get that one before Friday. I have 3 more DNF's that I am seriously not sure if they are there or not. We spent a long LONG time looking for each one of them, so I am just sitting back waiting for a log to be posted one way or another.
  5. I log every time I have a DNF. I was reading some other topics that noted they looked for the cache a few times before they logged a DNF. I thought that by not finding the cache and logging a DNF that you are actually helping the owner of the cache. If I have 2 DNF's on my cache I will make sure the cache didn't somehow grow legs. After I log a DNF, I put a watch on that cache. As soon as I see someone has found the cache I am back out looking. How do you handle DNF's?
  6. I use GSAK to keep track of all My Finds, and My Caches. You can download a micro named FindStatGen3.gsk It is a free download from GSAK's micro page. Once you download it you then run the micro, and it will generate the information, and show you what it will look like in Internet Explorer. From their choose View, and source. This gives you the code that you just copy and paste into your profile. I hope this helps. Mark
  7. You said it!!!! "Oh no, NOT A (cache owners name) cache!" I recently went searching for a few of these types and had to log several DNF's. Come to find out I wasn't the only one!!!!! This person has hides in the three digits and obviously has the time to hide but no time to maintain. Also the ones that have caches about 170 feet apart everywhere, you find some full of water, and when you log it you see three or four others noting the same. I am now getting in the habit of making a needs maintenance note on those caches, because it is obvious that the cache owners have to many out, and don't take the time to read the postings.
  8. That would be a very nice thing to find. I love finding personal things in a cache. It makes it a little more personal than the fast food toys. I am trying to come up with a personal trinket for myself. Great Idea, I would love to see a picture of it when you are done.
  9. Send one of each to me, and I will let you know what I think. If it was me I would think it was cool to find swag like that. Go for it.
  10. The wife works on Easter, so we are celebrating it on Saturday. Well my son asked me last night, "With Mom at work, how would you like to get all the high muggle caches on Sunday. Ill bet there will not be to much traffic, and we will be able to get at least 50!" So with high hopes we are going to be hitting the bricks hard Sunday and he is seriously hopping for 50.
  11. I got mine yesterday (while I was caching 65 miles from home) Will have it on tonight! Thanks for taking the time to help us all.
  12. I am quoting this from another post, it sure sounds logical to me. I am not sure how hard it would be to impalement something like this, but it is worth taking a look.
  13. I was at a birthday party in middle Ohio in January. After the party I decided to burn off the cake and ice-cream with a little caching in the local park. It was a very cold day, and I was the only person in the parking lot. I gathered the papers I needed and I headed into the woods. After a long hike that could have been a lot shorter if I knew the area I found the cache. As I was walking back to my car and already on the main path I noticed a couple walking towards me. As we passed one of them said “Patches” which was the name of the cache. I smiled and said “Yep.” With that the other asked “Do you have any clues?” To which I replied “Oh sure, it’s in the woods.” We all had a good laugh, and stood in the bitter cold and talked for a few minutes. They were very nice people, we exchanged phone numbers, so if we are in each others area’s we could cache together.
  14. This is the point where you are not sure the snake is real This is when you realize the snake is real. This is where you scream like a little girl this is when you are back into the car safe and sound.
  15. Here is the picture I took of the deer that was watching me flounder in the mud. Now if that deer isn’t thinking “what an idiot” then you tell me what it is thinking.
  16. This could become the Deals Gap of the Geocache world. I am going to be in Myrtle Beach this summer, so I am going to try to and make the trip.
  17. After ten inches of snow got melted by four inches of rain I became a little concerned with my Close To The Path GC19HPH cache. Well without giving up to much information we will just say the cache is inherently buoyant, and with the river higher than I have ever seen it I figured on the inevitable. Well the water went down, and after work I went to the closest trailhead to see what I could see. I knew after about a hundred yards that I was in trouble, when the earth took on a scrubbed look. There was nothing on the ground. All the leaves that covered the forest floor were washed away leaving a muddy mess. The normal path was gone, so I just made a b-line to the cache. I had to cross a couple of new small creeks that I am not sure are just from runoff, or are now permanently there. Did I mention there was mud everywhere? Well by the time I got to where the cache was placed I was covered in it. Sure enough when I got there my cache was gone. If I would have put it five feet to the left it would not have been touched, but where it was ended up being the very apex of the flood waters. I gave a quick look around, but I knew how hard the water rushed through the rest of the area, and this cache could quite possibly be in the Mississippi by now. So with my head hung low, and my feet slipping with every step I started walking out of the mud. I came to a creek crossing that I had to climb over a fallen tree, and sure enough about three feet out of the water pressed into a bunch of debris was my cache! I could not believe how lucky I was. The only thing I had to do was climb down to the cache, and retrieve it. Yea, right the only thing I could do was walk out into the small stream and pull it from its entanglement. Did I mention that the runoff was melted snow water, at least it washed the mud off my pants. I got my cache, and put it five feet to the left. Now I am making sure it blends into the scenery when I notice this deer watching me. I can imagine the deer was thinking “What an idiot” It stood there long enough for me to take a great picture, then snorted and ran away. Well the cache is back up, and my shoes are dry so thinking back on it I think I had more fun retrieving my washed out cache than I did putting it there in the first place.
  18. I still think that I would point the arrow 90 degrees away from the cache. Let the cheaters look in the wrong spot. Myself I never trust anything that is not on the cache page. When I was in the Navy we had a group that did our own Geocaching. (long time ago) during the week we would hide our treasure, and on the weekends we would go find them. (remember there was no rules so things got ugly sometimes.) we would gather up the numbers from each other, make a list, and head out. The first one to bring their log book with all the stamps on it was the winner for the week. (Prize was you didn't buy your own beer that week, and we could drink a lot of beer) so anyhow back to the posting. We would do nasty stuff like purposely cut a trail away from the treasure from the road in a circle back to the road. Move a marker sign, or add a bunch of them all over the place. (remember this was for beer) so you learned to not trust anything but your own trail to the treasure. Now that it is all in fun, I would never try to make a cache easer, or harder than what it was intended to be. So in conclusion, You can remove it, add more pointing everywhere, or just leave it. It is your cache, and your choice. Good luck.
  19. Could you please pm or e-mail me the web page again for the TB sticker I lost it somehow.
  20. Ed, what are you doing? Trying to get this GPS to pick up WAAS I saw you logged a DNF on my CAMO-CACHE last night. This is way better than my Garmin
  21. This whole idea is very cool. So let me understand, when you see one you log it as discovered? If that is the case, you don’t get mileage. OK, I get it now. This is going to be great. OK, I am going to order one for Z-Man of B-Man’s car, one for the wife’s, and one for the GEO-Fit. This hobby just keeps getting better and better.
  22. Very true, I regress. I was just thinking about where I have mine.
  23. I am in it for the hunt, and to me that is cheating. If it was me I would just leave the log the way it was, and remove the arrow. If people want to cheat make it doubly hard on them by having them out there looking for a cheaters arrow that is not there instead of a cache that is. Now this is just uncalled for . We should be making the area better by removing trash instead of trashing the area. This is the kind of idiot that makes all of us look bad. If people start trashing the area’s around my caches I am going to remove the caches and deactivate them. Especially after you specifically said you don’t have to move anything .
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