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  1. Congrats, Rusty and thanks again for helping George out.
  2. Congratulations to HartClimbs (and Hart Climbs)!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Well done, Jody. On to 300!
  4. Survival! is an evil cache (Gwho is the evil genius behind it). To find it on your own is quite impressive. I tip my hat (metaphorically, at least). P.S. Thanks for hitting the George I left
  5. Pardon the rustic, but "bomb" is a good thing, yes? In any event, congratulations!
  6. Congratulations, Bella. Your caching sidekick hasn't done badly either.
  7. Good topic. Here's Future Perfect Tommy: Then (9/8/01) Now (4/4/04)
  8. You say that like it's a bad thing.
  9. There is a Sports Authority in a small mall (at 60 S. Broadway) almost right next to your hotel - they should have GPSs. Failing that, there are two large malls within walking distance, the Westchester (again, right next door to your hotel) and the Galleria that may have an electronics or outdoors activity store that may carry GPSs. Good luck.
  10. Well done and congratulations!
  11. Congratulations, Harrald! Keep those pencils coming!
  12. This thread is killing me. I would love to go but I would have to bring Future Perfect Tommy with me and, although it would be a labor of love for me to carry the boy up the trail, I'm sure the rest of you would not appreciate having to haul my carcass back down. And the ATV is still in the shop! Seriously, I am green with envy. have fun!
  13. Rather than demanding apologies, MiGO should challenge/invite Turner to go out on a hunt, preferably to a high quality cache, to see what "a day in the life" of a geocacher is like. Educating the uninitiated about our hobby may serve us better down the road than inflammatory emails. Granted, one would think a newreader would actually listen to the content of a news report before opening his piehole to toss off a glib comment.
  14. The key word in the information provided by Cruzin on Groundspeak's registration for the term GEOCACHING is the term "SUPPLEMENTAL" which some courts have construed to be effectively an admission that the term is descriptive of the goods and services covered by the registration. Being on the Supplemental Register, the registration does not enjoy any of the evidentiary presumptions conferred by the trademark law for marks on the Principal Register. Groundspeak can attempt to convert that Supplemental registration to a Principal registration after five years of continuous and exclusive use. Even with a registration, however, Groundspeak would be hard-pressed to get a judge to enforce its rights in the term "Geocaching" particularly in light of the many third party uses out in the relevant market. Even if they keep trying to build equity in the brand "Geocaching", a court may nevertheless cancel the registration and find it to be generic and free for all to use. This probability explains why the logo is used as a primary identifier. As for the second reference, I would be surprised if the Patent and Trademark Office allowed that application through to registation. Titles of books, particularly those reflecting their subject matter, usually are refused registration. As to "prior art" - Cruzin is using a term of art used in connection with patent infringement cases. However, as he divined, third party uses of "Geocaching" are relevant in any infringement analysis. I am sure Groundspeak is aware that others use the term "Geocaching" to describe the sport (and not Groundspeak's goods and services). What they are going to do about it is another question.
  15. Actually, its both copyright and trademark infringement. But only of the logo. I don't believe Groundspeak owns the rights to the term "Geocaching" yet. TPTB should look into eBay's Verified Rights Owners program to shut these auctions down (without having to use a lawyer).
  16. This one accomplished its mission. I just hope it can hitch a ride from New Jersey back home to New York.
  17. Congratulations Mr. Snat. Better throttle back some though in order to maintain your healthy post to cache ratio. Thanks also for your posts - posters with common sense and wit are a rare occurence in the main forum so it's a welcome sight to see your avatar (even if it is the hillbilly with too many molars).
  18. You can't see me but NJ Admin is actually sitting on my shoulders. I was trying to coax him over to a bathtub filled with jello shots just so I could log the "Fat Man In A Bathtub" locationless cache. No luck as NJ Admin was arrested shortly after this picture was taken for parole violations.
  19. Congratulations Well done, Kber. You're almost a third of the way there! See you on the trails!
  20. Congratulations. Boy I miss the thumbs up icon...
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