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  1. If you're in the White Plains area, try American Terrain located at 175 East Post Road. This cache may still have some discount coupons for that store. Happy hunting.
  2. Depends on how you define "World", I guess. In the "World" comprising Zip Code 10514, I'm #1! And will remain so until someone else moves into the area.
  3. Interesting topic. Since joining in 2001, longest stretch between physical* cache finds has been forty days (8/5/02-9/13/02), a geocache fast of biblical proportions. *Excluding virts, LCs, certain Mystery caches, Webcams, Events, et cetera, et cetera.
  4. The website for Hudson Valley Orienteering is here. Their maps can be found here. Ed Hicks, "The 'O' Guy", who, I believe, is an officer of HVO was an active geocacher back in 2002 and was kind enough to send me a bunch of HVO's maps. They are far superior to most of the hand-drawn approximations passing as maps that are distributed by parks and preserves in Westchester and environs. Although you need an electron microscope to read the Ward Pound Ridge map, I have found their maps of other parks (Saxon Woods, Muscoot Farm, Cranberry Lake) to be very good. And, no, I do not get a kickback from sales of HVO's maps.
  5. If you opt to hike Breakneck Ridge, take care.
  6. You may want to consider this attraction instead of, or in addition to, Dutch Wonderland. If your 2 year old is a boy, he may enjoy it.
  7. Explore the possibility of having the Parks people hold onto the cache at their offices at the Arsenal. A combination on the actual cache would be fine (since there would be no "hunt", the touristas should work for their smiley somehow ) but instead of hiding a key or combination in a microcache (which may be compromised), have cachers derive the numbers from various points of interest in Central Park. There are plenty of dates and other information on the statues and sights to use as clues for the combination.
  8. At the risk on jinxing it, my The Entombed Incognito Computer Buddha TB has been out in the wild since September 15, 2001. I would be interested in seeing if there are any other bugs that have (continuously - no replacements) been on the geocaching circuit for a longer time.
  9. Depending on the date, I'm in. I'll bring my defibrillator along.
  10. Congrats! And I finally found your ***** cache in its crevice.
  11. Congratulations to Westchester's Best and many thanks to you and Darielle for your excellent caches.
  12. Although the reward is tempting (and I am off today), I'll pass since BMSquared is apparently making the trip out from NJ tomorrow. Interesting TB, btw.
  13. What's the reward, or better yet, what would you pay in ransom?
  14. Do as I say, not as I do? J.E.B. Stuart was West Point, Class of 1854. Back on Topic: I agree with Gwho. New York should have its own forum. Please give us the bandwidth you're wasting on Belgium and give it to the great Empire State.
  15. As far as I know, there is no rule requiring that you post your LC (or any other cache) find contemporaneously - it's a good idea to do it though to prevent another 'cacher from claiming the object/location in the interim. As long as you have the coordinates and the old picture of the fire tower includes your GPSr, a two-year old find should still qualify. The owner of the locationless cache may disagree however so you may want to send him/her an email to confirm before going to the trouble of posting your find.
  16. Approximately a year and a half ago, a temporary moratorium was placed on locationless caches so there have been no "new" LCs since then. Virtuals are still allowed but you need something exceptional.
  17. To claim a find on a locationless cache, you usually must take the coordinates of the location of the "find" and include them in your "Found it" log. You also need to post a picture with your log of the object/location you are claiming with your GPSr in the frame. You should consult the cache page for any locationless you intend to log to be sure what the cache owner requires. Some require additional information/history on the location or object you are using to claim your find. Also, in most instances, once a location or object has been claimed by a 'cacher as a find, others may not also use it to claim a find. You also can post a find for a locationless cache only once although there are a couple of exceptions that allow multiple finds. Hope this helps.
  18. Send an email to the seller and ask. It does not appear this is "authorized" Groundspeak merchandise. TPTB may want to look into eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to stop such auctions.
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