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  1. I am planning a series of cache hides with tautograms for the titles. I've been able to string 8 or 9 words together into a coherent sentence (not easy to do using I, J, Q, U, X and Z) but realized that there is likely a character limit for cache names. I've done some searching but can't find any info on the character limit. Does anyone know what the limit is, and does punctuation and/or a space count as a character (I assume yes but would appreciate some confirmation)?
  2. A dark day for geocaching in the area. Thanks for the great caches and events and the fun. New York's loss is the Pacific NorthWest's gain. Good luck in Seattle - those lucky b@stards just got a cachemaster.
  3. Good to see you've had a relapse. Welcome back to the fun.
  4. I'm a little rusty but can play chess (you didn't ask how well though), if you need fodder and you can't get anyone else. I can get down to Washington Square Park for a lunch hour during the weekday. One caveat - I'll agree to play another geocacher. I'm not going up against the pros at the Park. My ego would never survive the mauling.
  5. Y'all seceded once before and look at all the trouble you caused then. It is ironic that the capital of the Confederacy is now part of Yankee territory. You can't fight City Hall, particularly when it owns the sandbox.
  6. Well done, Floopy! P.S.: You can ease up now, BP is no longer in your rear-view mirror.
  7. Jonboy broke the 800 barrier with this log on my Geocaching 101 cache. He'd have cracked a thousand a long time ago but John's all about quality over quantity, whether he's hunting or hiding. Congrats and thanks as always for your superior hides.
  8. Congrats, Ed. That a lot of walkin'
  9. How big exactly is the bug? There are some small (not micro) caches in Manhattan that could accomodate a small TB. Your best bet might be this cache in Central Park which is a cleverly camo'ed, decent sized cache. Good luck.
  10. Here are two more for Lord Elwood's list: The Corps of Discovery Town & Country
  11. Perfect Tommy


    Now that Future Perfect Tommy and the Long-Suffering Wife got snowshoes for Xmas, we'll probably get no snow. I'm not complaining - this good cold means no ticks, easy bushwacking and fewer muggles on the trail.
  12. My The Entombed Incognito Computer Buddha travel bug passed its fifth anniversary of being in the wild last month. Although there have been some close calls, it is still the original bug I released back on September 15, 2001. I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows of another travel bug that has been in circulation longer?
  13. How about a log in NADSAT?
  14. Congratulations, Pete! Since you've cleared out New York, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey, caches in England and Ireland must be popping up on your closest to find list. Keep up the good work and see you on the trails. EDIT: How's that for serendipity - my 300th post. And it only took my nearly 5 years to do it.
  15. What can one say? It's Flop-tastic! Congratulations to the Master. Just out of curiousity, how many sneakers have you run through on the way to the milestone?
  16. Congrats to Team Mumu on hitting 800 and to sleuth for reaching the century mark both on this cache on the same day. Here's to many more!
  17. Search zip code 10004. To my knowledge, there are no geocaches on Liberty or Ellis Islands - they're federal parks. There are some caches on the Jersey side though.
  18. It's not in Connecticut but this CITO Event is just over the border in Westchester County, New York. Just a suggestion for those Nutmeggers in the southwest corner of the state who lack 'yaks.
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