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  1. I went and found a handful in Guatemala--and placed two in Quetzaltenango (Xela) with a local babysitting.. however, the cache disappeared because someone did not replace it well enough... and they don't sell magnetic nanos in guatemala... and mailing stuff there is out. Looking for someone traveling that way to whom I can mail 10+ magnetic nabos that I can leave with my contact to keep it up and running.
  2. I am planning my first full day of caching soon to celebrate my 40th birthday, and have pretty much used up my local caches, or rather, would like to save the remainders to keep my streak alive -- so would like to head 40-90 minutes out from the Eastside to a town smaller than Seattle -- don't want difficult parking issues, but a city, or couple nearby cities big enough to support a healthy caching community. Kirkland/Redmond/Woodinville/Bothell are pretty much used up. Any suggestions for a town or two that would make a good day trip, and where I can pick up a bunch of quality caches? Thank you so much!
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