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  1. When I go on organized bike rides, I like to input the route into my unit (Vista Hcx) allowing me to use the prompted auto-routing so I do not have to rely on the printed cue sheets or worry about road markings. I do this by creating an auto-route from start to finish and create waypoints at appropriate locations so the route follows that of the cue sheet. Works great, except if I happen to miss a waypoint on the ride. For example if I miss a turn that is marked with a waypoint, but decide to take the next road instead of turning around, for the rest of the ride my unit will try to get me back to the missed waypoint, even if I end up back on the route. The unit is now pretty much worthless, from a routing standpoint for the rest of the ride because it wants me to go back to the missed waypoint. Is there anyway to tell the unit to just skip that point and let me continue the route? If not, perhaps there is a better way then to develop the route than using waypoints the way I do.
  2. If you have a card reader, you might try erasing and/or reformatting the card and/or transferring the maps to the card using the reader. Then, see if you can restart the unit with the card in place. Thanks. That's what I did and it worked fine. Still not sure what happened, but suspect my notebook may have gone into hibernation mode towards the end of the process, interfering with the USB connection. In any event, card reader is the way to go - considerably quicker than using the USB.
  3. Duh - should have figured out how to get the GPSr working again before posting. I pulled the card and rebooted - no problem! Inserted the card and the unit shut down. So I guess my question now is what happened, and how can I avoid this again?
  4. I have had Topo 2008 maps installed on my Vista HCx for several month with no problems. Just bought CN NT 2008 and tried to load the entire CN & select Topo maps (total about 1.4MB with 940 segments onto a 2GB card). Saw the maps created and the beginning of the transfer to the GPSr. Came back a couple hours later and discovered message on PC saying there was an error communicating with the GPSr. The GPSr still had the transfering data screen, but appeared to be frozen. Disconnected the GPSr from the PC and shut down. Now the GPSr will start booting up (back light screen), but then turns off. I can see for a flash of a second a line at the bottom of the screen that says "ok" before it shuts off. Anyone know what happened, but more importantly what I do now? Figure I could do some sort of a reset, but don't know how. Help!! (FAQ on Garmin's site is having issues, and the manual does not address - surprise.)
  5. The manual says that the circle around the location pointer is an indication of the accuracy of the location. In other words, the GPSr is reasonably sure one is located within that circle. This does not seem right to me because for example if I view the accuracy data field, it may say 15 foot, while the radius of the circle may measure 400 feet! Can anyone explain this (at least better than the manual)? Thanks!
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