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  1. Thanks, mod. I didn't even realize there was a NW forum. Now I've got it bookmarked.
  2. Out here in Maple Valley, WA ( a suburb SE of Seattle) we have a number of areas full of trails and numerous caches. These are places where you can walk thru the woods for a few miles pick up several caches. What other areas like this are there in the NW? What are your favorite "cache clusters" in the NW? Here's a couple of my favorites: The cluster around A Cedar River Picnic The cluster around Danville Trails The cluster leading up to CraterPeak and I'm looking pretty hard at the cluster up on Sugarloaf.
  3. OK. But they're cheating themselves not me. I have plenty of other things to get worked up over.
  4. Just chock it up to experience and hide another one.
  5. Nothing quite beats pushing product for free in internet forums, does it?
  6. If the purpose of DNA is to construct a vessel advantageous to getting itself replicated then I would submit that this particular grouping of amino acids has been successful.
  7. I like this. Maybe I'll adopt this tactic. So far I've only logged the bugs and coins I've moved. It never even occured to me to 'discover' bugs. To each their own.
  8. What? Never seen a Texas Longhorn cow? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_longhorn_%28cattle%29
  9. It got a little better late last night and I was able to plan a few caches for today. Plus I've got a couple left over from yesterday that I didn't make it out to. Good enough for me. I wish them luck in finding and correcting the problem. P.S. - You can always go out hiking without going geocaching. We used to do this in the old days.
  10. I used the cable/ferrule method. I got my materials and tools at Seattle Marine & Fisheries Supply. There's a tool called a 'hand swager' made to both cut the cable and crimp the ferrules. It uses compound leverage like a pair of bolt cutters. Nifty tool made for the commercial fishing industry.
  11. That's quite the little cache cluster just west of Baghdad. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...mp;lng=44.24845
  12. Awesome bug. I'd sure move it along.
  13. Anodizing is the way to go. It would be a nice option.
  14. Printed tags are inherently less durable than stamped tags. Why not just buy a surplus dot peener from the Boeing Surplus Store or off ebay and be done with it?
  15. I found deer skeleton near a cache last week. I posted a note so that parents with kids would be prepared.
  16. How can I buy a premium membership with Paypal? When I click the Paypal link I get a page asking for my credit card number. Does Groundspeak take Paypal?
  17. Indeed it would add some challenge. How would you determine your longitude from the stars?
  18. Why not pause the race and allow the niece to send out a new travel bug?
  19. I usually have 2 or 3 pocket knives with me all the time. I keep an original 20-year-old Leatherman in my day pack. On hikes I'll often add an 8" Schrade hunting knife. In brushy areas I'll sometimes trade in the Schrade for a short machete in a sturdy leather sheath.
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