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  1. 1) Only as difficult to find as necessary to keep it from muggles. Going to the water and doing the paddling is the challenge. The hunt need not be difficult. 2) Depends on the surroundings. I don't mind landing if there's a reasonable place to land and search. E.G. - Keechelus Crossing II is a better cache for having to land. Lake Alice is great to do from the boat. 3) I'd still make the trip for a virtual but a micro or small container is better. 4) For me it's about the paddle. I recently logged a DNF at one of your paddle caches. But I still had a great time being out on the water and I knew I had been to the cache location even if I didn't bag it. That was a much more satisfying trip than finding a tough micro in the woods (I hate those). No worries, mate. We appreciate any cache you give.
  2. I wasn't aware of Lake Morton. :addstolist:
  3. Spring Lake and Shadow Lake, if Shadow Lake is still there. I might try for Spring tonight.
  4. I've got an extra raft. There's still 2 local paddles I haven't done.
  5. Grabbed. NICE paddle cache!
  6. Thanks for the cans, Trouble. They're in remarkably good condition. I ended up taking a couple more than I had originally planned. I can't wait to set one out on the trail.
  7. Oooooh! That looks good. And I've already been nosing around the Small Boat Caches bookmark list. I wanna do Blake Island this summer, too. http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/ima...emlins/cool.gif Thanks and keep 'em coming.
  8. A good summer topic. I just did my second one tonight (Lake Desire). So what are your favorite paddle caches?
  9. You might be able to load the Above the Timber 24K's on more than one micro-SD. Like suppose your original micro-SD was damaged or lost.
  10. You might be able to load the Above the Timber 24K's on more than one micro-SD.
  11. Great pics. Glad you all had a good time.
  12. I didn't know Garmin had 24K Topos for entire states. I thought they just had national parks. Is their US Topo 24K?
  13. Must have been a long and fun day. They haven't logged any visits yet. So........how'd it go?
  14. I have the 'Above the Timber' Washington maps. It shows alot. What you'd see on a typical 24K topo map. Anything in particular you're interested in? Link. http://www.abovethetimber.com/Features.htm I haven't seen the Garmin stuff yet.
  15. I'll take 5 of each. I commute thru Issaquah every day.
  16. Thanks, Pandora! Great new group of caches you set out here in MV. But danged if one of them didn't stump me. Ah, well. There's always next time.
  17. I'd love to go but I just did the tunnel today. Have a great ride!
  18. I use this. http://www.abovethetimber.com/WashGPS.htm Excellent 1:24K topos for the whole state. But it'll cost you.
  19. So interested parties might still join an existing team?
  20. My ex still has about 12 feet at her place near Alpental.
  21. square_peg


    But global climate change is with us big time. Extremes will be the norm in coming years.
  22. Great links in that thread. Thanks!
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