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  1. I realize this is an old thread, but figured I'd add to it based on my previous suggestion in it. I recently picked up an eee for a trip to China that I don't want to bring my full size laptop on. Using an eee 8G with 2GB ram.. I installed virtualbox with winXP pro running under eeeXubuntu. It works well and is plenty fast. Mapsource and gsak run well. I think they would work okay on 1GB ram (Limit XP to around 512MB) , but I wouldn't try it on a 512MB eee. YMMV with the xandros OS - I removed it from the eee within 2 hours of it leaving the store. (Not because of any problems with it, I just wanted to use a more familiar distro) Just an FYI for anyone curious about this question in the future. I rarely use WINE so I have no comments on that.
  2. Sounds like you've probably decided to just buy a PC, but if you haven't... you could try out emulation software like VirtualPC or Guest PC. I've never used either, just a thought.
  3. Depending on your mac setup you can probably run it in a virtual machine. I think it requires an intel mac. You could check out parallels (free) or virtualbox (commercial). http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBox http://www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/sr/
  4. Too many horror stories to bother telling them all. Latest: They want $80 to update my maps on a gps that i got less than 2.5 months ago. Yeah, right. (Magellan crossover, actually it was a gift).
  5. My thoughts when I read the thread too. This is the correct answer. Headlamps rock. Check out a petzl tikka or similar for a lighter idea than the BD Icon, if you prefer. You will never hike with a flashlight again. As far as the Maglite reliability - the only time I managed to kill any bulbs on them was with cheap costco (kirkland signatures) batteries. Killed 4 bulbs in one weekend. Once I returned home I measured the voltage on the batteries... I don't remember the exact voltage but it was significantly higher than a standard alkaline usually is when it's new. (I want to say it was around 1.72V... but can't recall. This was about 3 years ago) Something to be aware of anyway. This was in some mini Maglites.
  6. I use a customized version of the gsak macro found here - http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=3172 Gives me name, desc,hint, last four finds (not logs)... works very well. I strongly reccommend it.
  7. Try using gpsbabel to convert the gpx files to csv, then you could write a simple sh or perl script to interact with the csv file for your purposes... This would be my choice. If you need help let me know. Alternatively, consider running a virtual machine with windows xp or 2000. Then you could use almost all of the windows GPS (and other) software. Sounds like an eee could handle it, but I have no experience with them. I would recommend virtualbox for a lean & fast virtualization app.
  8. Based on some reviews I've read, I picked up some MICROspikes for $60CAD a pair last weekend and tried them out. They worked fantastic, I tried them on rock,mud, and slick ice going up a slope.... I would definitely recomend them, although they have yet to stand the test of time.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have pretty much zero interest in blowing another $70 on this POS, especially since there is no way to tell what has improved.
  10. Can you tell me if this map update applies to a 2500T (NA Crossover)? From Magellans sad excuse of a website it appears that it does... But if I look under "map updates" in the support section, it says there are no map updates available. I'm going to be even more pissed about ever getting one of these if they want another $70 for the map update. (On a < 3 month old product, that has loads of other problems) (And WTF is with the update requiring a SD card? Does that mean I can't have the USELESS topo west canada I bought on the same SD card? How convenient.) I will undoubtely write to Magellan again later tonight. I also have no doubt I will get the same useless canned response they always give me. (Either that, or one written in broken English that isn't even related to the questions I will ask.) What a horrible, horrible company. Thanks PS. Anyone want to buy a 2500t with Topo West Canada?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know the max field length for name & desc with custom POI's on the 60CSx? From searching it seems the name is limited to 15 chars, but I can't find anything about the description. Thanks! EDIT: From more searching (why did I find that so hard!) it appears to be 44 / 88
  12. With data theft as prevalent as it is, people are hardly "parinoid" for wanting to protect their personal information. Only a fool would think otherwise. http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2008/01/01/data-theft.html From the sounds of it though, you can sign up without giving real personal info... (Can you? ) That's better if so. Still a pain in the ... though. Magellan made me sign away my first child to get western Canada topo maps on my Crossover. (Not really, but they definitely have most of my private info.) Of course, every experience I've had with Magellan in the last year has been pretty bad.
  13. Thanks, the Topo USA software looks great..... But I'm in Canada. I seriously considered the PN-20 vs the 60Cx/Csx, but the lack of pre made topo maps and imagery (for Canada), and reported slow map scrolling speed stopped me from going the DeLorme route. My search for decent 3rd party elevation profiling software has not met with much success.. Cheers
  14. Definitely double check your unlock codes. You need to unlock each map product to your specific GPS. FWIW, I've got a 60CSx working fine with the non-NT version of CN NA 2008
  15. I've had mine since it was first introduced. Love it for driving. It's a little complicated to transfer cache files, you have to convert them first. The biggest dissapointment is that there are still no topo maps availabe and the topo basemap is not adequately detailed. Also, it's really not waterproof enough for serious trail or marine use. If you put it in a dry box it's bulky and you can't operate the touchscreen. Other than that it's great:) Seriously, had I not purchased it I would never have known how much I would use a streets GPS. I like mine a lot for vehicle nav. For outdoor mode, I purchased the topo maps of western Canada for $50..... The topo maps look great, but I find the crossover a pain for anything other than vehicle nav. What I dislike for outdoor mode - It's bulky! Too bukly, not comfortable in my hands at all. I generally like to have my GPS in my coat pocket or pants pocket (cargo pants). Can't do that well with this GPS. Of course, the size is a good thing for vehicle use. My other dislike is the often complained about problem where it cancels navigation when you get near your destination. Both in vehicle and outdoor modes.
  16. 1) Go to outfitters 2) Exchange for "handheld" GPS. Just kidding.... but I find the crossover horrible for geocaching. For vehicle nav mode: Export as .loc from GSAK Open loc in POI editor, save as magellan compatible file.. make any changes you want, if any. Safe in magellan POI format. Use magellan tools to transfer POI file. All the software required except GSAK should have come on your CD with the crossover. (GSAK is not required either... just DL .loc files from geocaching.com) For outdoor mode: I've only ever done it manually to try it out a few times.... I'm sure a google search will give you more info. Trying to use this thing geocaching annoyed me enough to go out and buy a 60CSx. I do enjoy the crossover for vehicle nav. Having unlimited (AFAIK) POIs is great.
  17. I thought the "S" version might come with enhanced elevation profiling support, but no such luck I guess. Thanks for the reply.
  18. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the software that comes with the 60Cx is the same as what comes with the CSx? (I had a Cx but switched to a CSx, I just wonder if I need to re-install the software to get any missing features) Also, anyone know if you can access the barometric data over USB or are we limited to elevation? Thanks!
  19. I'm in 100% agreement. I think it's really important people don't blame the volunteers for this. This is an issue Groundspeak needs to step in on. Seems to me the reviewers are just doing as they have for a long time..... but I'm very new around here. I think there would be many competitive sites, but Groundspeak copyrights the data they are given. Until people are willing to submit cache data to two sites (or just one alternative), Groundspeak will be the only significant site. It would be easy to create a (superior) replacement site, but not easy to replace the data. Anyway, I'm also done with this subject. I have no wish to create enemies.
  20. I have no wish to argue. You misunderstood my point and quoted me out of context. Please accept my apology (sorry!), I had no wish to offend. I do however disagree that a pdf menu is a commercial website. (Regardless of where it is hosted) Website - Wikipedia A PDF is not a website, and the hypertext transport protocol that the www happens to use is used for many other things. I think this is an important difference in this case, because a listing to their website would be significantly different. (IMO, still quite fine though) A menus purpose is to show what the restaurant serves. A website is usually far more advertising oriented. My points were, and remain: -> Unless I am misreading/reading the wrong guidelines, they say no to caches that require entering a business, purchasing things,etc. How does having a menu on the listing further the commercial listing violation? (The cache WAS and IS in violation without the menu!) -> How can this cache be perceived to have a commercial agenda? It is clearly a meeting of geocachers, with no intended benefit to the restaurant. (Unless there is a conspiracy here that I am simply not seeing) -> A guideline is meant to be flexible. Protocols & policies are not. Clearly the spirit of the guideline is to stop business owners from using geocaching to their personal gain. The guidelines are even worded (for the most part) to that effect, though they seem mildly schizophrenic in nature. Cheers, really, lets keep it light. My apologies to everyone if I came off as anything but. (Love the jihad comment though! lol)
  21. <sigh> A link to a restaurant's website is not commercial? How could it not be? lol, Sorry you find it so tiring The link is to PDF of the menu, not even a link to the website. (Generally a website consists of html/scripts, PDF files being generally static documents.. in this case anyway.). It has the name of the restaurant on it, menu items, and that is all. No address or anything. Perhaps you should read the thread before commenting. From the guidlines: -- This indicates to me that all events taking place in a commercial establishment are against the "guidelines". That was my point (at least for the sentence you quoted). The menu link doesn't further the violation in any way that I can see. Edit - fixed bad sentence. I think we can all agree that an all out banning of events in any commercial establishment is not in anyones benefit. (I'm in no way wishing that to happen.) Exit X2- I also fail to see how this cache could be perceived to be of a commercial nature, which is what the guidelines say is restricted. -- at least, it's definintely the "spirit" of the guideline. (I also feel the need to point out that guidelines are *not* policies, and just the use for the word guideline indicates it is supposed to be flexible. Funny how the guideline page says guidelines/requirements! )
  22. I repeat that the guidelines indicate that commercial caches are restricted.... Not linking to a menu. Perhaps I am reading the incorrect area? Anyone wish to correct me? Seriously... I can't see anywhere it says menus are restricted. Just commercial caches. (In which case shouldn't all commercial event caches be removed that don't already have explicit permission? ) This is what I am reading: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#commercial -- Seems like *someone* involved has a commercial agenda, but its not the person who placed the cache, (Obviously Groundspeak has a commercial agenda, but I fail to see how linking to a menu harms them or their profits in any way) Question: Can I put a menu link in my profile? What about a commercial adverstisement? What about religious scripture? (Just curious.) I think the lengthy discussion that has come out of this is that many people see it as a ridiculous restriction on their gathering... Interesting to see that in the guidelines.... given the obvious agenda we are seeing in this service.
  23. I've just started doing much geocaching. I use a Magellan Crossover for vehicle nav, 60cx for the rest. I find it pretty handy to have both... One nice feature on the crossover is an unlimited (AFAIK) amount of custom POIs. This allows me to have all of the caches in the unit for a large area, and also have proximity alerts for them in the vehicle nav. The vehicle gps is handy to have anyway.
  24. This would be a fantastic argument if GC.com was in the food hospitality business - completely irrelevant here! It's a metaphor. As an operator, I want to be in control of the advertising in and on my property (web site). If something or someone was advertising a service on my property (web site), you can bet they would either be helping me make money (by advertising my business), or by paying me to do it. If I had a billboard on my lot, you can be darn sure the owner of the billboard would be leasing the space. Same thing with a web site - I would want complete control of what I was advertising. Welcome to Capitalism. Enjoy your stay. (edit to clarify) This has turned into quite the thread. Apparently folks in support of the menu are anti-capitalist whining terrorists. I would say your metaphor is more of an analogy, and a bad one at that. I think you will find that most successful companies (regardless of size) listen quite well to what their customers want. The exception (often) being monopolies. The fact is that a good capitalist company will often do what it takes to please the customers. (Your billboard comment is also a horrible example -- a billboard is quite different than a link!) Allow the menu link! That it is even against policy is ludicrous.... Though from what I've read of the policy, it seems that cache events taking place at commercial locations are against the policy, not the menu link. I don't expect much for $3/mo, but if it really is against policy, Groundspeak would be doing themselves a favour to explain why. Of course I realize it is their website and they can do as they please.
  25. I've got it running now. My previous trial runs have been 50/50.. Seems like i'm often getting map (or just parts of a map) that crash mapsource when zoomed in. I'm running it on AB/S. BC/SK right now and expect that to take ~3 hours based on my previous trials. I think if this run doesn't go well, I give up. Given the price of SD cards I think it might make best sense to just buy a couple more. Either that or just re-load the maps when I need them. (Splitting the maps and combining is pretty tedious... and I don't understand why some are crashing mapsource) Thanks for the response.
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