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  1. I agree with the acorn. Don't go looking for a cache named Wally World or Wally World II and then complain about it because you weren't enlightened. The only lame thing here is the person who doesn't like this type of cache but seeks it out anyways just to complain about it. Of course this works until you live in our town - Wallingford. lovingly named Wally World long before Walmart ever became what it is today. So we have "Wally World Wamble in our town and it requires about a mile hike in and out of the woods. Not quite what you'd expect if you've come looking for a lampost and a micro
  2. You can try lexan paint. You can find it at most Hobby Shops. It's designed to be sprayed onto lexan plastic models (like RC car bodies). It flexes well and to the best of my knowledge holds up well during the winter.
  3. Anything that's handmade would be a nice FTF prize.
  4. Not exactly camo'd (unless you're used to seeing this sort of thing ) But I thought it was a cool looking container for a Roman themed cache. Oh yeah, and also because I made it
  5. Love the re-design! I have a question and perhaps a request (depending on whether or not it's already been implemented): The new "picture at the top of the main page that changes every time you enter the page" thing, it's realy cool, but is there anyway to know if a picture of yours has been used? A little icon next to the picture in the gallery that it was once a main page picture, or an asterix next to the picture description... or even an icon on the "user cache list page" that this user had a front page image? It'd beel nice to know that a picture of mine had been used, although I may never actually be around to see it! Keith.
  6. How about one made out of Diamond? That'd be pretty hard.
  7. No, You need to do the work for the cache and THEN do some lame photo editing. It's not EITHER OR, it's definately AND. And to the cacher that logged for a joke; Here's your chance to show some character, delete the log NOW because you must, by now KNOW it's not a goof. Peace! Keith.
  8. I had Iowa and Illinois mixed up I never knew about buxleys stats, I guess I wasted my time....it won't be the first time....won't be the last time
  9. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this sort of thing is listed anywhere, but I made up this little chart about cache density in each state. Is this sort of thing interesting to anyone else but me? http://www.zaphs.com/geo/geodensity.htm
  10. I put silica gel packs in all my caches. It's great and it's simple to reactivate as mentioned above.
  11. Wouldn't the addition of real-time or near real-time stats encourage abuse? I know that where ever there is an emphasis on competition there are a number of people that what to win or look good without actually doing any work. It's already at work on the site with people putting in false finds. Currently it doesn't really seem to be that much of an issue, but when there is a chance to "get you name up in lights" it could become something of a bigger problem. Does anyone else see this as an issue or am I just a pessimist?
  12. I have Street Atlas 2004 and I highly recommend it. You can download waypoints into the program without the use of any other external programs. The auto routing features are great. It's been a boon to the amount of interest I have in Geocaching.
  13. Yes, I have metroguide V5. It does not do autorouting when hooked up to a GPS. I'm looking for "left turn coming up in 300ft" and so on. Metroguide also does not talk to you.
  14. Here's what I want to do: I'd like my laptop and GPS combination to work just like one of those nifty auto routing GPS's made specifically for driving. I have seen that there is software for the pocket PC that does this but have not found laptop software yet. Preferably, I'd like the thing to talk to me as well Does anyone here do this currently? If so, what do you use and how would you rate the software? Thanks in advance.
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