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  1. Yeah...I'm doubting that Groundspeak owns the GPX so you would have to go all the way back to whom ever created it to see what you can and cannot do with it.
  2. I found a web app that will allow you to enter the lat and lon but to be honest...I can't remember exactly. Go to apple.com and search for iGeoCacher. I do remember it was on the developers website.
  3. Lindsay and I both have the iPhone. And I'm not sure that you could use it as a geocaching GPS quite yet. I haven't tinkered with the GPS as much as some people probably have. From what I have seen...in my five minutes on messing with it...it looks like any other automobile GPS receiver with how it snaps you to a road. But only time will tell. What I have been looking for is a Geocaching App. or something to that effect that actually works so I can do the paperless deal without having to log on to www.geocaching.com every single time. Know of any???
  4. I'm getting some decent ideas. Personally, I was thinking more along the lines of painting. Anyone out there taken their eTrex apart? I'm curious to know easy it really is.
  5. I thought about that but there's really no where to engrave...at least no where of any significant size. But I may have to look into this idea some more. Any suggestions on where? Also...keep the ideas coming...Thanks
  6. So. Here lately my girlfriend realized that I'm going to be gone on a ski trip for 18 Days in Montana and she also realized that I wouldn't be leaving my eTrex Legend behind for her to cache with. So, she went out and found a great deal ($75) for the same Garmin eTrex Legend...blue and all. We were messing around I 13% jokingly asked if I could paint her. NO! Was the answer. So, I started looking online on how to take them apart and what not. Basically, all I'm looking for is ideas / suggestions / recommendations on what I could do. I have more points loaded on my eTrex because I work further from home and sometimes need things to keep me occupied...I'd hate to end up in a drunken juggling match and forget who's is who's...and I'm a techy nerd. I'm open to all ideas / suggestions / recommendations on what I could do. Thanks guys Chris of (Chris & Lindsay Caching.SC@gmail.com
  7. What gets most people are conflicting selection criteria. You have to remember that it is an AND statement. For example, if you select "Caches That I Have Found" AND "Caches That I Haven't Found" you won't get both, you'll get neither. Yeah...that's what got me. I think I got it now. I just have to way for my "allowances" to go away so I can try this again
  8. Well, I'm not going to just let that sit. I've added a simpler version of the setup that mirrors what Miragee has used in the forums many times. I've even included a basic setup graphic: Mark, I don't want it to seem like your tutorial wasn't helpful...it was but the search criteria is what got me. Now that I have read some other peoples comments and help on it...it has made it a little clearer. Thanks for your concern through. Nice to have someone around that cares enough about their information to try to clarify it even more to help one person.
  9. I think the attributes are what's getting me. Of course I have used up my daily allowance...but I just senected IS ACTIVE and I get the email with the files attached. It only counts against my five if I select a day / get an email? This Geocaching deal is fun yet addictive. I catch myself walking around Walmart looking for what I could hide a cache in, put in a cache, what a cache might be in. Thanks guys
  10. I find his tutorial very hard to follow. I followed his steps to a T (Minus the home cords...Just used Zip) and it kept sending me emails that contained 0 PQ's. I did noticed that on the Search by Google Map within Geocaching.com you can do the same thing. Any experience with that? Any other suggestions?
  11. I just joined and became a premium member so I could benefit from the GPX files. Is there any way to download multiple GPX files or do I have to download them one-by-one. I can get the LOC files page-by-page but not that way with the GPX. Any input and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Chris & Lindsay Do_Not_Reply@windstream.net (Yes, it's a valid email address)
  12. Okay. So, my girlfriend and I are really getting into this Geocaching business. It's fun...it gets us out of the house...it gets us working together...etc. But me being the technologically advanced one (between the two of us) have to have everything nice, neat and organized. I'm using a combination of Windows XP and Mac OS.X (10.5). I don't mind spending a few bucks for a good program. I kind of have to lean more towards the XP side because my eTrex Legend is Windows compatible. I am asking for all input, advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc. Thanks
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