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  1. As far as optics go... abolutely true you get what you pay for. I have gone through dozens of $30 range bi-nocs, they are not as waterproof" as they say, maybe they can fight off a bit of rain, but they last about 3 seconds in the 1/4 inch of water on a duck-boat floor. If they are more "waterproof" then just dont bump them, let alone a drop from about waist high, then you'll need a face like Sloth from the Goonies to see a single image again LOL. My dream bi-nocs are a nice 10x40 or 10x50 Stieners, ya can beat a bear to death with them LOL >>sigh<< someday when I get an extra $350 or so I guess The compact kind about 10X are still good, in low light is where they are weak, but for size and daytime viewing they are just fine. My advice, go the extra couple of $ for shockPROOF and water PROOF not just 'resistant', that way they can handle bumping around a pack, and wont fog up when you go from cold outside to warm car. They may only take a few seconds to fog up but days to clear ( I have put them on top of a lampshade to de-fog them and still took a few days)
  2. Depending on task and/transport.... (pretty much what I have on me at all times) Knife- basic folding Buck type Lighter- usually a Zippo Cell phone -CHARGED Gloves- leather Bandanas- x2 (1 for sweat and or hankerchief, 1 kept clean for wiping glasses or first aid) In my pack or saddle bags depending on trip----( my saddle bags {packed} are less than 10lbs) Water/drinks snack string/cord/rope Magnesium fire starter (w/striker/scraper) strike anywhere matches perpetual match whistle & mirror flares (1 or 2 small handhelds, and "pencil"launcher /mini kit) emergency blanket " poncho multi-tool heavier straight hunting knife Mini-Maglite GPS extra batteries LED headlamp LED "glowstick" first aid * ( 4x4, 2x2 pads 2-4 ea, 5x9 1ea, tape, CoFlex 1 ea, asst bandaids, hemostats 2ea, scissors, gauze roll 1 or 2ea, small bottle ~2oz of Betadine and or Nolvasan) all this can be put into 1 zip baggie. I also made a "survival kit" out of a poly-carb wide mouth bottle water purification "space" blanket light poncho S/A matches (waterproofed) compressed bit of tinder (dryer lint) hand warmers candle(s) pen/pencil pad duct tape carabiner(s) first aid *(same as above w/o liquids or rolled items) SA knife zip baggies AA bateries It is easy enough to put in a day pack or saddle bags, so depending on where or what I am doing, I will toss it in my bag. Caching and hiking.... I will also have a "swag" container, maybe a cache of my own, walking pole(s) * First aid... My kits vary depending on thier purpose, I have the little ones like above, and my full or heavy ones that are for my horses and humans, med sized duffle bag, that has surgical kits(sutures) and supplies, trauma kit,cautery, IV kit, horse meds/topicals, more dressing and bandaging supplies. my camera broke so no pics sorry.
  3. The North Face one looks like the Spire 45 http://www.trailspace.com/gear/the-north-face/spire-45/ or Terra 30 or sprire 33 maybe older version on that series? tough to tell because all the ads are "puffed out" Found same one on E-Bay no model # though, maybe you can e-mail seller and ask. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nice-North-Face-Campin...1QQcmdZViewItem maybe email The North Face with the pics and ask them to ID model. same for Mountainsmith one too Sorry
  4. That was quick and easy, thanks.
  5. I think it would be a good idea to know where they are. I'm sure the county could use the info so someday they can be filled, re-boarded up or roped off. Or at the very least know where to look if a hunter goes missing. I just thought of the idea during this thread, so I have no idea who would be behind it, or if the info would actually be of any use. Though I can't imagine how it won't be. BRIANSNAT--- If they are found, and could be deemed hazzards? do you think it would be possible to mark co-ords and have a danger symbol put on the maps (like a cache) ? so if you are caching in area you could be a little more alert to a possible hazzard. JONBOY------- As for your "secret lists" It's safer and more "responsible" to keep them secret because knowing there might be a hazzard is worse than finding it through an accident? ALSO, for the "those who need to know" idea; So...if I am out on a search, I would have to rely on that info being passed down from the IC(s) ? ya know the ones who dont seem to understand map scale...(specific location withheld) 2006&'07....where maps/sat photos given to task units that were so bad that you couldnt see features that were easily 1000 ft across (school complex w/ ball fields, that was hidden by the "pushpin icon" on print out) and/or the 6 or so tennis courts and a 1 acre pond. And I am supposed to rely on that for my safety??? So cool off with that "need to know" attitude. Yeah, I wouldnt mind being utilized more, but I am not comfortable with NOT advising a hazzard for some remote fear of some clown trying his hand at spelunking might end in a call out. You would probably be MORE open to litigation for NOT making public notice of a known hazzard. Sorry your argument sounds good at face value, but, after a little thought...not so much. ---sorry I am (still) a bit upset that I felt hindered on those searches due to poor intel, and we spent more time trying to locate our task area(s) than performing search.-------- How can you avoid a hazzard if you dont know where it is? You will always have the "wet paint touchers" no matter what. (wet paint toucher= someone who sees the sign "wet paint" but still has to touch it to check for themselves) ANYWAYS,,,,,, The Park Authorites might be more inclined to "make safe" such hazzards if it is known they are a hazzard, not just relying on OLD info that it was "secured when abandoned" (which may have only been a couple pieces of scrapwood placed over a hole 50+ yrs ago) or at least signs in areas to be extra alert for such things. They might even be able to get extra monies for the improvements. Or at least have a detail go and assess the danger, might be nothing or only need a piece of chianlink fence to cover a small opening. or a steel plate to be anchored over a shaft. Heck, they might NOT know every vent shaft of well ever made, could be good thing to report any open hole to proper authority. Like saying dont mark a minefield, someone might step on a mine.???
  6. I try to avoid searching when there is snow on the ground, as it could be the worst type of spoiler or open the cache to muggle theft or vandalism. I wont break saplings or branches to find or hide a cache, I might use a loose (very) or previously disturbed rock, but not dig one out of ground to make/add to a hide. But basically agree with most if not all of the above comments. The area(s) I am planning to hide, I have the guideline that I should be able to get to it with my horse, either mounted or dismounted, so I shouldnt have to destroy and veggitation, and they wont be leg breakers either. CITO when possible (or at least move it so it is not a hazzard)
  7. Yup I was the "Caller" at team penning-- aka Rich Hope your horse is better soon, let me know if you want on a nice day come over and maybe we can go out for a search and place a cache or 2.
  8. " I am looking for the government's secret mind control transmitter" " I am looking for the landing sight of the mothership" "I am looking for Elvis" " " Bigfoot, Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper,Fountain of Youth, Jersey Devil, .....etc.....you choose. "I dropped a contact" "Don't you hear that? shhhh, the voices, the voices are calling..." " Must find Precious..." Say something totally wierd, and most people will just walk away, but say it like you completely belive it. LOL
  9. "let's see IMspydar or stayfloopy FTF this one!" LOL "WE got him on CCTV...he's either a terrorist, drug dealer, spy....or myabe he is just Geocaching..." "Cant anyone just use an ammo can and keychains anymore?"
  10. Sorry cant help myself....... Greatest swag ever! I gotta start putting some of these caches out........ " TFTH, LTB" or "OK now onto the next stage...."
  11. MMM- I have been using Cappy as a "packer" and just riding him back to barn, I need to shed some of my "winter coat" LOL so I walk with him. I want to do same with my other horse Gunnar too, So maybe we can put a few caches out in that area that KR3 is in the same way. I have a bunch of places in mind. Let me know e-mail me.
  12. I found a t-shirt called something like "seamless" by Haines I think, to me it looked and felt just like Under Armor, but was only like $7. I have worn it under everything from dress shorts to flannels and Carharts, and I was really comfortable with it, not too hot or cold, good for wicking layer I would say. It is basically Spandex. JMO
  13. Oh and If you know any good old bottle or rockhoundin places around W.Milford, maybe I can get ya on a horse.
  14. Cool, I am trying to get our SAR Team to use these as "training" I need to work on my "pitch" since I am new to GC'in myself. I am in Northern NJ. That park is down by Devon right? Maybe this year when I compete at the Mounted Police Horse thing I will try to set some time aside to hit a cache or two with ya.
  15. I actually had to use: "just playing around with my GPS kind of a game...", I had a guy who lived next to the property "Big Piece Meadows Cache GC186TP" is in, stop and ask if I was OK, and then what I was doing. I probably will use :"Search Team practice, we set out markers and send the co-ordinates to the other members to find", in the future, Sounds more serious than " I am hiding toys for people to find " LOL
  16. " I hate these 'look in the rocks' hides!!" I dunno, some of the caching "teams" might be TOO into it...LOL "ok let us get this straight, it's a game? and you hide these containers all over the place? and you want to put one here?" ok break time I was laughing too much for this, and yeah I know some of mine werent all movies, sorry.
  17. Nano.... CLUE= under the loose rock. "so much for LOW muggle area" "It said 'high muggle area'...ya ready?" "Trust me, there's no dangerous wildlife around here..... WHAT THE.........?" "Good signal, it's gotta be right over there" "Come on Geocaching is fun, we get outside, take a nice walk, play with the new GPS Mom bought you for your birthday, see some wildlife,...it will be fun..." "oh yeah this is real fun you @$%#*)&%!!" "FTF ...again!" "Back off!!! I was FTF!!!" "OK.wait untill he leaves than we will grab the cache"
  18. " ...Serioulsly, this is the spot, I got perfect signal, YOU said you wanted to be FTF....the clue said; 'just reach in and grab it' so get to it, toughguy!...'
  19. "It said a nice easy one by the riverbank on a lazy stream and maybe a muggle or two, what could go wrong?"
  20. Sorry to hear that, I once had knee surgery and turkey hunted with crutches, wasnt bad (wasnt great either LOL) ,...especially when a couple of bears wandered by LOL. Ya can always do the horseback way, then only a couple of on and offs. or....in total cabin fever induced desparation, a quad, eh lol. get better soon
  21. "Hey Vern, is that a rabbit over there?..."
  22. My Geocaching website has a larger pic of it, scroll to right of the horse. and yeah that catolog cover has it too (it's a .pdf link )
  23. Not out Caching, but just hiking, and came to a narrow part of path, with tall reeds on each side..... this little Whitetail fawn jumped out about 4ft away.... he/she went " Bawaaaa!!!!!" I went "Aaaaahhhh!!!" and we both jumped back like 10ft LMAO!!! ( it was like that thing in the movies where one persons screams, then the other then the first one louder then second one louder and repeat LOL)
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