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  1. OK I will be the one to throw the gasoline on the fire...... Make micros/nanos on thier own site or a seperate section, or at least limit thier numbers somehow ex: distance between/density. Honestly, I like the site now, but if you could promise me that when I sign on and see the new caches in my area, I could have a "pre-filter" so they (micros) are not shown unless I ask for them, ( I am sure micro hunters might even ask for same about regular sized caches at times) I am so happy when I see new caches in my area, but then see that 17/20 are micros is kinda heartbreaking. If that is a an option ya got my $30 no sweat. (not so much a gripe, just a options request)
  2. Just made one of those soda can stoves, worked pretty good for a first try
  3. Cool, more motivation to beach ride the horses!
  4. Mine started out as my AvP online name, (Kid=as in the gunfighter nickname, Ripley= I shouldnt have to tell any Aliens fans) then it stuck through DeltaForce online games (Black Hawk Down) ...... In the live world... It stuck as my SASS alias for Cowboy Mounted Shooting, So I use it for hobbies and such 'cause its pretty easy to remember.
  5. "I'm sorry children, someone already claimed the FTF." "I didnt come all this way to git run off that cache..."
  6. I bought one of these in a pinch while traveling... It worked better than I thought it would. It's called Bene Casa 17720 aluminum espresso maker(there are other brands too and prices vary) they come in 3 and 6 cup sizes, they are aluminum and hardly weigh anything. simple to use, it has a screen/filter built in, put grinds in there, add water to bottom part, screw together, put on heat, when you hear it stop boiling, take off heat, and pour. It doesnt let the grinds perk, it uses a pressure method. Its only like 6inches tall. It work just like the mini espresso makers, just has a little pot on top. And it can probably transport a couple brews worth of coffee grounds and sweetner/creamer packs inside to save space They are like $6.00 and you can find it in alot of supermarkets in the houseware or ethnic isle. Try one you might like it , if not, it looks cute on a shelf for decoration LOL When I make coffee while camping I kinda go the "Cowboy" method, and I dont care if it is blasphemy to the gourmet java-heads plbtbtbtt LOL
  7. Honestly, and ya'll know it.... you would never watch it if it was some fat, scraggly,old hippy dude (even if he could show you how to build a GPS from rocks,twigs and rabbit bones). But...if it was an eye-candy, bimbo TV hostess, who always looked and dressed like Lara Croft, you would cheer her on while she searches and crawls and bends over looking for that micro like it was the SuperBowl and you would probably TIVO it religously, no matter how lame or boring the show was (like a whole show about "why to put batteries in the way the little picture on the cover says..teehehehe "<--bimmer giggle). LOL
  8. "Another FTF!!!" "I told you this would happen with all those micro and nano logs..."
  9. I added hook&loop (aka Velcro) to my GPS-- the grabber / hook stuff, the coat I wear while caching has material on the shoulders that it will cling to. It also keeps the GPS antenna with a better clear view of sky than in a pocket. Never underestimate what you can accomplish with a few cents of Velcro and/or a needle and thread. My SAR unit uses Gander Mtn Guide Series shirts and they are nice for hiking, Cabelas makes a heavier shirt that has zippered pockets, velcro, mesh, and D-rings, its a chamois type shirt, I have ridden with it even on a hot day and was comfortable, problem is; only in blaze and blaze camo. I am looking for a nice light guide shirt and alot of those 'fly fishing' ones look good. Gander Mtn no longer has a website (one of any use that is) These are nice...radio chest harnesses( Work well while on horseback for SAR too)
  10. "That's a pretty big cache for just a couple of keychains and a carabiner..."
  11. This brand "hunt" is also a LC on TC for those who go there too. LCVX
  12. I spent quite some time reading about a few of them at equipped.org, interesting, and one was almost scary - the TracMe, so easily mistaken for what it can do. I think this one is geared to sell more to mass retail market, it does look like something you would see in a big sports store (like Sports Authority, Dicks, Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc...) and the makers refusal to clarify its use/capabilities on it packages is scary for this type of product. It only transmits a verbal call, NOT location, NOT user ID, like a PLB. The SPOT seems OK but the parent company has a few issues, and it they seem to elaborate its uses and capabilities a bit better (stressing "messenger") If I were in need of these things, I think I would go with a common PLB/ EPIRB or the SPOT. I also think the TracMe is a false sense of security and not endorsed, recommended or possible to respond to by the average SAR unit. I mean; what am I supposed to do? carry Radio Direction Finding gear while in the saddle? or just get to listen to "Help...Emergency" every 15 seconds or so? and ride around trying to loose and find the signal to find it? wouldnt a better search pattern or ground tracking be more efficient? I would warn off anyone to TracMe and even "enlighten" the people in the stores that sell these things. I kinda get the feel that it is like those "miracle wieght loss pills" ya know the one that just changes its name to escape lawsuits. By the time it goes badly they made thier cash and already have dashed. Stick with the proven tech I say.
  13. "...Isht a gooold boxsht disht big yah.." "..that's right Mate, FTF has it's privelages.." 1) "What da ya mean, ya cant put snacks in these things? I'm starvin here!" or 2) " OOh, I got a place ya canna put yer mirco..." or 3) " I cr@p bigger thanna tha cache..." " I should have just gone caching, I'm not even supposed to be here today..." " T F T H..."
  14. "What do you mean you left the trade swag in the car?" "What do you mean the batteries died? when? you have been behind me this whole time! what the @$^%! were you looking at all day ?!??"
  15. Should be a basic filter selection, since there are so many, and I am another one, who would rather be able to ignore thier listings when new caches are posted instead of clicking thier link only to see they are micros.
  16. "Are you sure it is OK to park here?" "Dont worry it's a quick 'grab and run' " "I didnt see any attribute icon for this...." "Look, it's just common courtesy, if you take something, you leave something..." "500ft to go for my first FTF.....what? ,lost sat signal'.....WHAT?!!? LOW BATTERY?!?!!"
  17. KidRipley


    <---I love that one LOL <---good one too We deserve the right to review moderators! We deserve the right to review the reviewers! We deserve the right to elect the board of governors! We deserve the right to review our rules! "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" LOL Dont like it? then dont pay $30...ya dont pay $30? and dont like it? ...then go get co-ords from another site.
  18. I agree with the drop down menu idea. Here in NJ we seem to need more of th "NO..xxx..." buttons (sadly) Maybe even tweek an icon or 2, like the TICK one to ticks and/or mosquitos. As for "...read the description..." how many logs have you read that someone has left a "I should have printed out..." or " I shoulda read the cache page..."
  19. "Looks like there's some kids partying up there, I hope they dont muggle the cache" "..MUGGLES!!!!" "What do you mean it only said 'look in crevice'?" "There shouldnt be any muggles..it's a night-cache..." "So, is this your first 5/5 star Trooper!?" "Congratulations on your FTF.."
  20. "Whooo hooo, I can finally get to my account page... now we see if there any new caches around here...." "D@mmit! its been like 4 hours and there still arent any new caches?!? I am gonna fire off an angry post in the forum!" "Sir, a new cache just published!" "Dude!....ya gotta stop staring at that danged GPS screen..." " See, you should have read the cache page, instead of just downloading the co-ordinates and then maybe you would have seen the hint on how to open this thing..." Where PQ's come from? OR... LOL "Doesnt seem to any muggles around..., but keep your eyes open..."
  21. "...shaddup!, I dont care how long it takes, I am ganna figure out this clue for the next stage..." "I didnt see a cache attribute for this, did you?" "...Yeah I signed the log, it was a bit damp though..." "OK, I think those muggles are leaving, get ready..."
  22. I am happy "recycling" plastic Mayo, peanut butter, and mixed nut jars -wide mouth type.
  23. This has to be the cheapest thing I do.... I have 2 horses (1 cow horse, one is a Mounted Unit horse) Scuba, paintball (RAM and regular) Duck hunting w/boat, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, starting to get into CW re-enacting -Cavalry. Since caching didnt require me to buy any big ticket items, I already had GPS for hunting and SAR unit, I would have to say, by far caching is cheapest and probably safest thing I do.
  24. One Cache to rule them all, One Cache to find them, One Cache to bring them all and in the darkness bouncy signal, bind them LOL I know that is so goofy, but I was thinking more along the lines of "Clerks II" LMAO WWRS? (What Would Randal Say) LOL
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