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  1. Congrats to Zeus55 who found their 200th cache at Buryed Treasure 1 - The Hill Fort yesterday
  2. Not that I want to suggest a conspiracy theory or anything but who will own the rights to commercially exploit the vast amount of data that will eventually be available as a database for anyone who might want to know how many lamp posts or bottlebanks might be available in any given town ? I don't mind marching about the country logging 'stuff' for my own enjoyment so long as the data is not going to be used to line someone elses pocket FWIW, I think that the new site is a good idea, it simply gives people more choice to play the game in a different way. Although those people who's locationless / virtual caches have been forcibly evicted from GC.com may have a right to feel agrieved.
  3. Ticks have a nasty tendancy to vomit their contents back into the host ( i.e. YOU ) when attacked. This is a sure way to get any nast bacteria that they picked up including the bacteria that causes Lymes disease. Bad way to remove ticks; squashing, burning with cigarettes or smothering with creams, jelly etc. Good way to remove ticks; tweezers, tick removal tool or cotton thread.
  4. As previously mentioned, there are a number of technologies that can be used together to provide location information; GPS Satellite based positioning. Pro's: Very accurate. Country wide coverage. Con's: Suffers from satellite loss in built-up areas or under foliage. Galileo will help but not eliminate this entirely. EOTD utilises signals from mobile phone base stations to provide positioning. Pro's: Good signal penetration where GPS might fail. Con's: Less accurate than GPS and variable coverage. Accelerometers measure movement in all 3 axis using tiny movement sensors Pro's: No need to receive any radio signals. Con's: Accuracy degrades over distance travelled and so they need to be corrected by GPS. If you put all 3 of these technologies in a black box then you have a fairly robust system that can cope with a number of scenarios where one technology fails, another will provide covereage. The integration of these systems into relatively small/cheap IC's is making this a very feasible option. If Pay-per-mile charges are introduced then I believe that you can expect that a lot of people will take to the back roads instead of using the motorways and so there will be an increase in accidents in rural areas However, it seems that the regular use of cars has become part of our lifestyles so I think that if the system could be made to reduce unecessary travel or encourage use of public transport then it is a good thing.
  5. The Wilkinsons clocked up their 400th find at our Buryed Treasure 2 cache yesterday. A hearty congratulations from The Hole-in-the-wall Gang
  6. Thanks for the congratulations folks. We haven't spent much time in the forums recently so it was nice to get a name check. Thanks to all of you who have made this so much fun or us All the best , John & The Gang.
  7. That business is pretty good in terms of price but I have to say that IMHO their customer service is rubbish. I had a shortage on an order and when I sent them e-mails they were ignored, I investigated further and eventually found their 'customer support system'. 6 months later on and I am still waiting for a reply (fotunately the shortage turned up a few days later). Also, in my experience their despatch and shipping times can be a bit erratic so I don't order from them any more if the item is required urgently. Oh and as a parting shot; they stuff everything into white padded envelopes. whether it is a £500 lens or a 50p battery case so don't expect fragile items to be particularly well packaged. Any item sent by them is either under the £18 VAT limit or, if over, is VAT paid so I believe that there is no risk of extra charges. :
  8. Well done to Ann & Brian who made the big 800 this weekend
  9. Very Sad to hear this, the world will be a lesser place without him.
  10. Very good they are too. Bought mine from 7dayshop for £18 plus £2 P&P. Cheers, John
  11. I have downloaded it now and it looks very good, I even recognise a couple of the locations Thanks for your efforts Chris and to all the contibutors
  12. We go on holiday and look what happens whilst our backs are turned, Nice one Andy
  13. I had a problem with this last weekend. seems ok now.
  14. Us of course This is one of the few times that I welcome cookies.
  15. Having previously followed Steve's advice about the Brodit mount I can confirm that they are excellent. They have mounts that are specifically designed for most cars which means that they are mechanically very stable. Nemesis sent the mount next day so full marks for speed but they forgot to tell me that P&P was extra. Cheers, John
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