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  1. It's weird I have the problems on my Xfinity (cable modem), but don't have the problems on my hotspot from my phone. I don't get it. This morning the message page won't load now! Of course, works fine on my phone.
  2. Ok, I see in my profile it does say "validated" next to my email.
  3. Not sure how to do that, but I will say they emailed me the correct email when I downloaded my stats/finds GPX. Also in those emails, I'm unable to download straight from the email. I have to go to the website to download PQs. I deleted my antivirus, I need to reinstall it anyway since I moved. I'm curious if the windows firewall is interfering.
  4. Also when I click on my hides, and traditional the page just spins. It doesn't load anything. It seems, most of the links to access my actual info don't work. I can read most everything, but to change is not working. I was able to update my profile, but that's it. Any ideas why these pages are not loading?
  5. I recently moved, and want to get back into geocaching. I've done some here and there, but I started it all here in town. I went and placed 4 caches this afternoon, but went to the website to enter them, and the "hide a geocache" link just hangs, nothing loads. Then in my profile, it says some of my caches need attention, ok fair enough, but I click on that link and I get what looks like a javascript error. Has anything changed in all these years? I used my phone for the few that's I've done in the last few years. Sky Rookie John
  6. Hey all, I'm looking to plan a visit to the Boise area to tackle the power trails out there. I've done similar trips to CA and NV. Last time there was 4 of us, and it worked out perfectly. Please let me know if any is planning a trip to the area and have space for one more. I'm fairly addicted and would like to spend most of the daylight each day attacking the trail. I'm thinking around May when it gets a bit warmer around there. Thanks, Sky Rookie
  7. Hey all, I will likely be taking a job in Kuwait this fall. I noticed that many of the caches are on US military bases. As a civilian can I access these caches? If not, is it possible to find a local solider and join him/her into the area to grab the cache? I certainly don't want to cause a problem or security issue, but do want to grab the caches. There are not a whole lot of caches there. Thanks, John aka Sky Rookie
  8. I have recently moved to Dubai, UAE! Not a whole lot of caches around, but I'm grabbing them when time permits. My employer will be renting us an apartment very soon, and the one we like is likely to be our home. The building is in an area that is not built up yet at all. I'm considering creating some geo-art here, plenty of room and they desperately need more caches in this part of the world. Does anyone know any software that would assist me in creating an image of caches? Some that would allow me to frame out a square and then click my points/caches and it give me all the coords? Thanks! I look forward to working on this as soon as I get settled in and have a somewhat easy way to place caches in the desert and them not getting buried in the sand!
  9. I'm flying from Chicago to Dubai next June. It looks like I'll get to Amsterdam, NL at 7am and my connection is at 2:30pm. So I'll have about 5 hours to spend in the city, of course giving myself time to get back to the airport in time for my connection. I don't know the city at all, but I was hoping to grab a few caches while I'm there. Is it possible to rent a scooter or something so I can go to the nearby neighborhoods to grab a few caches? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, John
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