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    I O The Ohio State University: 20 Louisiana Slacker Unite: 9
  2. I dropped off five geocoins recently, when I went to activate I found that one was missing the sticker, all I have is the tracking number. the geocoin site is devoid of any help and GC.com doesn't seem to have any suggestions either. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  3. That would be a great update, much eaisr to download them all at once... .Jeff
  4. Relax! Now that you've provided a rational explanation for your original post I see your point and in fact I would support your argument now. All your other comments are best left off this board, if you want to follow up with me on my thoughts of your behavior, email me.
  5. IF the serial numbers are being used independant of the bill, then that is indeed wrong, but placing a bill in a cache is stil acceptable IMHO. Jeff quote:Originally posted by Jeremy Irish: quote:Originally posted by gjeff:The fact that lowbluethunder tried to get the bills removed is actually pretty offensive considering geocaching is public domain. The issue is not geocaching related. The discussion is on the abuse of the Wheresgeorge site. Although I don't advocate destroying something, I do agree that Wheresgeorge.com should be notified if folks are taking bill serial numbers and stamping them on other items to track them there. That doesn't seem to be the site's purpose. Jeremy Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location gjeff
  6. Lordy you are one angry person... I personally don't see a problem with this practice. The fact that lowbluethunder tried to get the bills removed is actually pretty offensive considering geocaching is public domain. If you don’t like it, play something else or at lease be less offensive with your feedback, we’re all friends here. quote:Originally posted by lowbluethunder: It is wrong for you to use the wheresgeorge site for this. You are not even passing the bill around. Even if you were passing the bill it is not circulating the bill in the normal course of business as required by wheresgeorge. I don't think that we geocachers should be using the caches to pass our wheresgeorge bills. In fact, I think that we should all discourage the use of the caches for marked bills and do every thing that we can to stop this activity including reporting offending serial numbers to wheresgeorge and destroying marked bills found in caches. Just my 2 cents worth. BTW... I have already reported your bugs serial number to wheresgeorge and asked that it be removed from the database. gjeff
  7. I actually tried this cache when I was visiting the area (didn't bother posting a note to the cache) and was asked to leave by a park ranger of sorts. Nonetheless if you can obtain a permit then it just becomes part of the challenge of the cache, 5 stars covers that. On the other hand you should also be careful NOT to place a cache where it might be against the same laws that require a permit to go there. If you have permission that’s one thing but breaking the law and placing a cache anyway just give us all a bad name IMHO. Looks like a great location though... Jeff gjeff
  8. If it's all in good fun the go for it, better an active bug than one that sits and never moves... gjeff
  9. probably not legit but what are you gonna do about it, at least the bug is getting some great travels gjeff
  10. For me it helps me keep my bearings better... gjeff
  11. Right on, we need to be level headed and intelligent about raising awareness. Flaming these people and their opinions only serves to make us (and Geocaching) look bad.
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