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  1. I haven't been here on the forums in a while, so needless to say I was completely surprised when I checked the mail yesterday, and I had gotten a mystery coin!!! I have been roped in too! I never thought I would get one of these being way out here in the middle of the outback (although it was mailed to my US PO box <_< )


    THANK YOU SO MUCH GEO BANDIT!!! It was a wonderful surprise, and made my day! :anibad:


    (mine is number 236)

  2. For some reason, I cannot get new caches to write to my GPS. I have tried it on my mac and PC and both say they recognize the GPS, and have "written" the cache to the GPS successfully, but then I can't find it on the GPS anywhere! It's not in geocaches or waypoints...


    (I feel like they answer is probably something easy I'm over looking but help would be appreciated)



  3. I have noticed several TBs that I have moved have a "view map" option above the logs showing where the TB has been. However, none of the TBs I own seem to have this feature - is it something I need to "turn on" or should it be there automatically? Help?

  4. I am looking for a Dallas Mavericks (as in the basketball team) coin, and a Mozart (as in Wolfgang Amadeus, or in the same vein) coin. Does anyone know if these exist? Is there a list somewhere?



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