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  1. Didn't know this existed! Sweet! No more 20min to log on my phone!
  2. printed two pictures and cut the squares out on one and then cut out the rest on the second leaving the squares. xacto knife works wonders!
  3. After purchasing a ridiculously expensive leather junk container my fiance wears and calls a purse, I thought I would implement something that I noticed was helpful to her finding her chap stick... Painting the inside of my hidden caches red or another bright color. Does anyone else do this? Thoughts? Criticism? I'll post some pictures in a bit.
  4. Wonderful, a double post...Thanks CSU Fresno for your wonderful internet services...
  5. Don't mean to butt into this wonderful conversation, but hi. I'm from Dinuba and recently got really into geocaching.
  6. Neither of you look topless to me. This is a family friendly site...
  7. Too bad, so sad. Well Said, Rule 2 just says you have to record your visit - could write "found it" and then log the fact online - I could write - "Found It, full details in the paper log" - would you delete that? You want an essay then set me a decent cache in decent surroundings that take me out & about for a good walk to somewhere special. If its a micro stashed in the middle of a car park, or under a lamp post somewhere, then no matter how fiendish the clues to find it, its still not going to inspire me to write anything meaningful. C I don't see where I posted that I'd delete a log. (unless you are referring to someone else) And I agree that a boring find leads to a boring log entry. Edit: I read back a few posts and I never posted that I would delete a log simply because the finder only wrote TFTC!... I simply stated I'm sick of getting them. < an opinion, my 2cents.
  8. It was, it's deep grass. And it's sealed... Edit: To elaborate, I pushed the grass to the side with my hands. No tool was used to bury this cache. It's fescue and I reached the netting that is at the bottom of the grass. Is it now ok? Or should I change it? I'm up to constructive criticism, as I am new to hiding.
  9. We ALL agree on that. But I disagree that you have the right to delete a log that says TFTC. True I wouldn't delete a log due to that, but I'd definitely hint that I wouldn't like them in my GC logs.
  10. I agree with this: TO CLAIM A SMILEY YOU MUST SIGN THE LOG. And I'm sick of getting logs that are just :TFTC...
  11. I disagree with the given idea. I have less than 100 finds, due to my area lacking in maintained GCs and I'm also a full time student, which limits my time to search to the weekends. Creating a lower limit would be something I'd support. I found reading these threads to be a big help in creating caches everyone enjoys. Some incredible ideas come through these pages! When I started hiding, my main focus was numbers. Get my numbers up by placing 35mm canisters all over the place, but as I've read through the forums I've changed to make better quality hides.
  12. A couple weekends back my fiance and I went on a "romantic" geocaching trip. Topless Jeep ride up to Sequoia National Park. Just 45 min away from us. (We are lucky and take advantage of it as often as possible)
  13. Here's my drain GC. Got the idea from this thread. Gonna have some Halloween caches come up soon
  14. I learned in ASL Class that over 250,000 people have a hearing impairment in Fresno County, of Central California. People are surprised how many deaf people are around them. They cant tell because they are no different from the deaf people. I support the creation of this coin! I would buy them to put into all of my caches. "The problem is not that the students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen." Rev. Jesse Jackson"
  15. Im getting started in Geocaching. Let me know if anyone is willing to part with an inexpensive device. Thanks
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