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  1. The response from Garmin was 2 GB card support.
  2. Just got my Legend HCX and trying to get the basics and understand the mapping usage. I'm an engineer and this is confusing... I haven't bought the Navigator and Topo DVDs yet so I'm testing w/ some IMGs I found online. Tried downloading the IMGs with img2gps but couldn't get it to work on my Mac running Parallels. Seems to have sent out the maps but didn't show up on the Legend. So I used cgsmapper and MapSetTookit to translate them into MapSource readable files. Now they're loaded in my GPS. They're not detailed as street maps, but the Yosemite park map is pretty decent. 1) Mapsets. Can you only load 1 mapset at a time? I was trying to create different mapsets, say one for local roads, then one for Nat'l parks. I put one one first. I assumed loading a 2nd set would just add more maps but it just replaced what was there previously. 2) The Legend has a basemap loaded. If I load a map, does is overlay the basemap or does it replace it? 3) If I buy both the Nagivator and Topo DVDs and use a 2 GB card, will I be able to load both onto the card? How would I do that? Thanks from the newbie.
  3. Newbie, have had the Legend HCX for less than a day. I downloaded some .LOC files from geocaching.com. In Mapsource, I opened one .LOC file. However, I want to add multiple .LOC files so I can categorize them as geocaches. However, I can't seem to figure out how to append the caches. Every time I open a new .LOC file, it overwrites the previous waypoint. How can I add more .LOC files? I'm sure this is something easy but Garmin's docs aren't very clear. Thanks.
  4. Just started on my Legend HCX too. I used MacCaching with .LOC files and seems to work very easy.
  5. Look again. I got the Legend HCX yesterday for $195 on Amazon. Still the same today. Last week it was $203.
  6. Went ahead w/ the Legend HCx. It was sub-$200 today on Amazon. Drop $10 since yesterday.
  7. I want to know if I can use SDHC cards so I can go over 2GB on a card. Some 4GB cards I found are SDHC as opposed to SD. Thanks.
  8. I want to know if I can use SDHC cards so I can go over 2GB on a card. Some 4GB cards I found are SDHC as opposed to SD. Thanks.
  9. Went to see both units (CSX not the CX) at REI. Seems the biggest diff is form factor and button layout. For some reason, I like the Legend layout because I can do it one handed with the rocker/ENTER switch. This is probably due to my constant cellphone usage more than anything else. With the CSX, I have navigate with the rocker and then hit ENTER. The only time I could see the big advantage with the discrete buttons may be for car nav or on a bike where I might dedicated buttons. I also prefer the Legend's smaller, lighter feel. I took a look at both manuals and functionally, both seem very close. Found out that the Legend HCx uses a MediaTek chipset while the 60CX uses a SiRF Star III. From what I've read, they're pretty much on par with each other. Anyone disagree? I'm leaning towards the Legend, perhaps I can use the savings towards maps.
  10. Interested in getting into geocaching with the family. We don't have a GPS unit so I'm looking the Garmin etrex Legend HCX and GPSMAP 60CX. Those have been recommended many times throughout my queries. My question is what is the main diff btw the 2 units? Form factor is close but is the 60CX really work the $80+ more? Thanks.
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