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  1. Hi everyone I have recently asked / submitted a cache for publication called "bl@@dy hell ginge" and this has been turn down because the reviewer as deemed it "vulgar" under our rules.... "You agree not to: 4(a) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, embarrassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to any other person or entity" However There are over 130 caches which have been published with "bloody" in the title and one called "Where the Bloody Hell is Monty ?!?!?!" GC3J9V8 ? Although I am in favor of rules there does appear to be huge discrepancies and inconsistencies accruing and wondered what everyone else thinks. regards all ginger
  2. SK100DS Inflatable 1 Person Sport Kayak - Sevylor Recommended a little pricy though g.
  3. Have I done something to turn off being notified, I’m also not being notified of published caches in my area although I have set up notifications for all cache types within a certain range thanks
  4. Guys I am extremily keen to attend and would welcome teaming up as it were im in Kent and or Eire Have tent Have vehicle Have the madness of mind ginger4x4
  5. Ok I know its last minute but there is going to be a "10 Year Celebration Event" in Kent on Saturday 1st May, all are welcome for those who are able to attend. For more information please keep an eye out for the listing, which has now been submitted awaiting approval. Once approved I'll add the GC number to this topic. ginger *** DUE TO THIS EVENT BEING UNDER THE 14 DAYS SUBMITTAL DEADLINE *** it could not be published. [Admin edit] APOLOGISES TO ALL Admin edit again: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#event
  6. Got mine off of ebay genuine Garmin about £10 g.
  7. Courtstone YOSM 135 = TP0032 Fir Hill YOSM 114 = TP3177 Garn Fawr YOSM 182 = TP0718 Grange Hil YOSM 091 = TP3437 Holyhead YOSM 199 = TP0519 Kings Seat YOSM 256 = TP4225 Jon. by the way "YOSM" is latin for yogurt
  8. Thanks Mouse I have checked and no updates are needed but would be interested in the Beta 2.81 where can I find thanks g Hello Beta is available here And a thread discussing it is over on the main GPS and tech forum here As *mouse* has already said, we've been running with these for a while and have not found any glitches yet. Good Luck Thanks to you both... g
  9. Thanks Mouse I have checked and no updates are needed but would be interested in the Beta 2.81 where can I find thanks g
  10. Hi all Can this update "Colorado 400t, Ver. 3.20, as of Nov 25, 2009" on the Garmin web site be used to update a 550t unit. The 550t is showing at the moment v2.30. thanks ginger
  11. hi when will the official mega Scotland event coin be availible for order? thanks ginger
  12. I'm not sure I'm following this correctly. According to your profile you've had one of these since August 2008??? Dear keehotee I apologise your having problems keep up.... I missed out on collecting ALL of the Garmin Geocoins and only though a family member managed to get 1 x Garmin Big Ben this has since disappeared out in the field although a member going by the name of "Disney Nuts" has registered it has being in his procession and after many many emails to him with no answers can only assume his kicked it even though his profile shows he is still caching. I hope yet again that this has cleared up your or any confusion.... Im starting to regret posting this straight forward request via this forum. ginger
  13. A catelogue of geocoins availbe for purchase.. ginger
  14. hi is there such a thing as a "geocoin" directory (availible to purchase) ginger
  15. Maybe I haven’t explained myself properly, I missed out on collecting these free geocoins from Garmin though shops like Blacks and Millets. My request is that there maybe members out there that may have some/all of these coins they may want to part with or no longer want, to tempt members to look in there drawers or the bottom of they cupboards’ I’ve offered to or Im willing to buy them from folks. Or even meet them at a meet and exchange them for a pint or two. Me wanting to buy them of folks Im not quite sure why this is not "in the spirit of the game" at least Im trying to come by these coins honestly, as we know there are quite a few that just disappear I hope that’s cleared that up ginger
  16. You mean these? 1. Collect a Geocoin from any Blacks or Millets store 2. Go to garminuk.geocaching.com and register your Geocoin’s unique ID number. You will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of the great adventure prizes. 3. Choose a cache from the website in a location that interests you 4. Hunt down the cache by entering the location coordinates (or ‘waypoints’) into your Garmin GPS handheld, and leave your Geocoin inside it 5. Return to the website and log your Geocoin’s new location 6. Seek out other people’s coins to keep the game going and follow the trail online Yes indeed I do "mean".. unfortunatly I didnt do No: 1 hence the request for those who may have but not used/or placed in a cache. ginger
  17. Hi Im after if at all possible the Garmin geocoins, I know im a bit late but there must be some out there that are not wanted of maybe for sale if so please get in touch ginger
  18. Please forgive my mate Dakar4x4 he doesn't get out much and when he does its usually under the strictest of supervision due to his mishap and alleged run in with the local vet although I understand the goat and the authorities didn't want to press charges nor the hassle of the publicity. Bless him ginger4x4
  19. And I thought you'd finally mastered the ways of the Memory Maps grasshopper? J Yes master I thought I'd had too until the only lap top that did everything packed up G.
  20. Hi I have many computer problems manly Memory Map related set up issues that I have persevered with but have now conceded defeat the lap top I have been using has final died and require another setting up. Im more than willing to pay for someone’s time, efforts, and knowledge etc. Or can someone recommend anywhere that will sort out all this for me. Thanks in advance ginger4x4 Gillingham Kent Area
  21. Yes but there mostly cache and dash in Kent will dig some out and send over, you may be interested in... www.ginger4x4.co.uk G.
  22. Hi I have a Oregon 300 with TOPO GB and World Base mapping with a 2gb card Im looking to swap it for a Colorado 400t with TOPO GB and World base mapping with or without 2gb card.......... WHY just cant get on with it. Its in excellent working order and excellent condition. Is there anyone out there wanting to swap? ginger4x4 geo-ginge@googlemail.com
  23. Hi Is there anyone willing to create maps for me Im willing to remburse etc Im looking for various regions of Eastern Europe. regards ginger
  24. Would have been curtious to have been told that my posting was going to be moved....? ginger4x4
  25. Congratulations to my M8 Jonathan aka Dakar4x4 on 1000 Cache's reached today. He is truly a Nerd amongst nerds ginger4x4...
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