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  1. quote:For that price, I could own 17 of my bike (KMart on sale for $50, normally $120ish). KMart bikes will not last you long, they are comparable to used cars disguised as new cars...they are meant for around the block use and to the corner store, nothing more. They are flimsy and not at all durable, and if you are to go geocaching (which will take you many kilometres), Kmart bikes will break down and then you'll have to learn how to fix it quickly. 850 for a bike? Some bikes go up to 5000 dollars, and probably more, but in those times, the pay off is either winning races, or just having a nice bike, or using it for what's its worth. ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  2. Hey yes excellant idea !! 1 I would suggest (from first and second-hand experience) that you would get a good quality bike for under 1000$ at a bike shop, and no other multi-purpose stores. Bike shops have good bikes for good prices, and like most things, you get what you pay for. 2 Talk to a trusted friend who may know about bikes, and have that person come along with you at the bike shop, and know how to test it, or both of you go and test a bike and feel it, like you would a car. 3 As far as a specific bike type, well I don't know them by name, only by design, and it looks like you need a hybrid between road bike and offroad or mountain bike...no too heavy and tires not too thin nor too thick either. 4 There are also books and magazines and internet sites out there that may have information that can help you. Have fun! ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Czarniecki314:Sarcasm is a tool with which only the intelligent are equipped. ...and like all tools, it can be used properly or inproperly. ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  4. Here is a search for threads related to themed caches. I think many people create and look for themed caches. Themes, I assume, are interesting because they are different than any other caches. They can get boring if everyone leaves the same objects or never brings any new ones. They even might have the diversity that other caches have, if the leavers and takers get creative, or if the creator gets creative in how the cache is to be handled. My first find was a themed cache. Is there is database our there with a list of all themed caches? ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Wanderingson and Compass Rose:After reviewing multiple threads in this forum, I seem to keep running across the same magic number of 100 finds. Am I missing something here? Aren't we all missing something? quote:Is there something magical about the 100th find? Is there a magic number for number of hides as well? Perhaps what is magical, is personal. Some say it is the number, some say it is the experience, for most I guess it must be both, or something else. Your first 100% on a test has a sort of magic does it not? What about your first 100 hours logged in as a pilot? Any other first 100s out there? What about sailing out for 100 days without seeing any land? Or living 100 days in the "wilderness" with only the necessities...or arctic or tropical deserts? Road bikers average 100km or miles a day on their trips...some intense people go for an average of 200 per day! It is like your 20th birthday or 30th or 40th...they are all milestones. The magic is the memory associated with that milestone. This doesn't only happen in Geocaching, it happens almost everywhere. For some though, it is just a number like all other numbers. Happy Caching! ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  6. 1 dollar = 100 pennies 100 is a nice round number. 100% ONE CENTURY = 100 years = experience 100 laps 100 rabbits 100 most...this and that...in the last 100 years... ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  7. The meaning of terms always change as do their contexts...at all levels from the individual, to any group, through to the world as a whole. It is difficult to stop or control this process. Sometimes you have to precise in your terms, and othes times it just doesn't matter. What does it matter in this case? ______________________________________________ Kanto It is entirely up to you if a thing leads to something useful or not.
  8. I assume Letterboxing has been around longer than Geocaching. Has Letterboxing taken as much flak as Geocaching seems to have? ______________________________________________ Kanto
  9. For every thing that is done, there will be those who like it, and those who do not (and at different degrees of liking and disliking). If you are part of either group, and you care about the image of your side, then you can use the media to your advantage. Either side can create their own media...whether by net or by magazine, or by some kind of organised system where articles or leaflets are spread out at regulated and controlled times and places... ...then there is the difference between INFORMING the public, and IMPOSING information on the public. Just some thoughts. Can stopping the whoring be entirely possible, or only minimized to some extent? (non-rhetorical) ______________________________________________ Kanto
  10. ...and now for something only slightly off topic... I think Planeteering is an awesome term!! Here is are search results in google for planeteering. Happy Caching ! ______________________________________________ Kanto
  11. Though some caches are nealry impossible to find in reasonable time without GPS...(because the instructions with them are made for GSP users, mostly)... ...there are plenty of geocachers who manage well without GPS...but the equilavent "treasure finding" activity that is designed to work without GPS is Letterboxing, which I think, preceded both GPS and Geocaching. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  12. Well... ...there is some truth in it. If you have patience, then you can find out how what truth any drivel has, can really turn into something practical...only then will it make sense, because it is a final product. Vague principles that are inherent in "pseudo philosophy", as some would call it, are only a small part of the process of making sense of certain things. It may be strange, but it is effective for some people...but not in all situations. Sometimes, its just plain drivel. Sometimes, its not. Can you tell the difference? ______________________________________________ Kanto
  13. quote:Breaktrack posted: I am sure there are those that will be MORE than willing to make sure they will now be complicated to the n'th degree... watch and see if I'm not right. TANGENT FROM THREAD TOPIC Some make it more complicated. Some perceive it more complicated. Some make it simpler. Some perceive it simpler. There are those who see the truth whether simple or complicated, it is still the truth. There are those who confuse all of the above (and if I have, let me know And there are still other possibilities... ...in the end, any simple rules are only guidelines...and they may be black and white, until they fail or help you to guide you when you face the grey...and so that is when you find new things that are black and white within the grey. Are we in the loop yet? ON TOPIC PS: Good Code of Ethics, however, to what degree to we share common sense, and how much common sense is entirely personal, and changes from person to person? Does this question even lead to any useful answer? ______________________________________________ Kanto
  14. quote:Originally posted by TEAM 360:
  15. I think in certain situations GPS is not needed at all, and others, it is!! There is a situation for every possibility. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  16. A proclamation...hear ye! hear he!... If one should decide he or she wished to control thy contents of thy cache...then one shall maketh one's own cache. Furthermore, if one should provide a theme for one's cache, the consequent control of cache's content would increase con-se-quent-tally. Lastl-ay, if-ah anyone knoweth of-a such theme-based caches-ah, it is asked-eh that you would step forth and proclaim such claims, so as to help those in need ov-ah nice-er cache. Thank you and good day! ______________________________________________ Kanto
  17. Redundant Post #1 ______________________________________________ Kanto
  18. Hey glad to hear it, thanks. Happy Caching, happy Coding. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  19. quote:Originally posted by mckee:I can't get this to save as my avatar: Well you may already have tried these.. Save as jpg...and your avatar would be just one frame of the animation. You'd have to time your save-click just right. My friend, who I'll email about it, managed somehow (memory is fuzzy on this), to make the computer think an animation was a jpg...and thereby doing what you proposed, an avatar with an animation. Maybe geocaching.com has a more full-proof system than that other site where my friend made that work. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  20. Hello, I thought El Diablo might be interested in these animations I found on the net, nice site...and there are even animations in that site that some users here have used for their signatures or avatars! Enjoy! ______________________________________________ Kanto
  21. The Cache Raiders asked if their new avatar is better than their first...well I think it is. However, I noticed the Staffs made by El Diablo all have a separate geocaching.com logo on them, apart from the personal logo. If the personal logo also has a part of the geocaching.com logo...it is a bit of repetition isn't it? Oh well...just a little detail to maybe consider if you're chosen. It's like some flags out there have Union Jacks in them in two spots...that has always been a little strange in my honest opinion. But you're logo, alone, is definitely better with, than without the background. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  22. Yes, but to what city or location we can to relate to, I asked. After this, where it is moving to and where it has moved from is also interesting, perhaps all that is at the site Stunod linked us to. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  23. I thought this ought to be shared here. ______________________________________________ Kanto
  24. By Stunod's information, and by this calculator, they are 888878.842331894 meters away from each other. I didn't find a vector for it...like pointing to a city or country? ______________________________________________ Kanto [This message was edited by Kanto on July 23, 2003 at 10:42 AM.]
  25. If you are asking for what information to keep track of in a paper-log...then I would suggest: Necessary for logging it on geocaching.com: 1-Name of Cache 2-Date that you found it. Other extra information: 3-What you took and/or left (if anything). 4-Any story related to your find. 5-Night, Day, Rainy, Windy...?? 6-People present 7-CITO stories 8-Whatever else you think of... Travel Bugs: You can keep written log of the Travel Bugs you find, but I would not move them. 1-Their name 2-Their code 3-The cache in which you spotted them. 4-Date you spotted them ...and when you get back toa computer, you can "post a note". I hope this helps. Happy Caching! ______________________________________________ Kanto [This message was edited by Kanto on July 23, 2003 at 11:29 AM.]
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