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  1. Did you receive an email about it first? Can I still hope my physical mailbox has a surprise for me even though my electronic one didn't?
  2. I'm more interested in why they want to discuss sorry caches. Discussing great caches is much more interesting.
  3. I don't trust the elevations that Project GC is pulling in necessarily anyway. According to them, my lowest elevation is GC2BG62, at -10 feet. This is near a river in Rhode Island. Since the river is flowing into the ocean (about 1 mile away), rather than the ocean flowing into the river valley, I'm not sure how it could even pick up anything at a below-sea-level altitude there. A couple other finds of mine further upstream are also listed as being below sea level.
  4. I got a souvenir for the day of the eclipse while on my way to our viewing site. Groundspeak just happens to call it the Nebraska souvenir.
  5. After all the complaining and whining about who got the rewards this time, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to never do any project like this again.
  6. Yes that could be it. I have one locationless/moving cache, so that plus my duplicate find would explain the difference of two. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  7. Currently, I have 4304 finds on 4303 unique caches, plus 7 Lab cache finds totaling 4311 finds. On my Statistics page, if I sum up all of the numbers in each category shown, I get 4311, or 4304 for those where Lab caches are specifically excluded, except for the "Distance to Finds" chart. On that chart, the sum of the amounts shown in the various categories is 4302. Since the chart states that Lab caches are not counted, I would expect a total of 4304. I could even understand 4303 if the “double find” cache is excluded for the second find. The only plausible explanation I can think of is that the mileage chart isn’t counting the “double find” cache at all. Not a big deal if this is the case, but odd. Or maybe two caches are for example, exactly 10 miles away, and not being picked up by the <10 or >10 categories? Is anybody else noticing this situation? If so, do you have any caches where you have logged multiple finds? FTR, my double find cache is GC1H5VH, which was a challenge cache which invited you to make multiple finds if you complete the challenge multiple times. I logged this twice in my first year of caching, before realizing that this is generally looked down upon. Still, as it’s part of my history, I’m keeping it this way.
  8. I saw this this morning (as a M:tG player as well) and my heart just sank. This will not work out well for geocaching. Trackable loss, and cache losses to occur. This seems to be an idea that someone at WotC had, but didn't discuss with Groundspeak.
  9. It looks like Accounts Payable at Groundspeak forgot to send out the CO checks for New York this pay period. I get mine direct deposit; I'll have to see if the Minnesota checks were sent. Yep, mine went through. Looks like a localized incident.
  10. Nutlady, as a cacher who on occasion will rush out to try to grab an FTF, and who has occasionally gotten to a cache with no find logs online only to find a name or two on the logbook, I will tell you that you are doing absolutely nothing wrong, and should not feel like crud. If other cachers are trying to make you feel like crud, then they are in the wrong. Others have mentioned a "FTF- more later" approach, which is what I will do if I do get lucky, but even that is not necessary. If you wait until it is convenient to you to log your finds, as described in your original post "wait until I get home" and "with a few hours between me finding the caches and logging the find" you are notbeing rude, disrepectful, or a bad cacher in any way. If you were intentionally waiting beyond the time when you would/could log, rubbing your hands together and cackling about all the other disappointed FTF hunters out there, well that would be a different story. But rest assured, your actions are perfectly fine. Also note that the 2TF may not be trying to make you feel bad, but just stating a fact. If I'm 2TF but the FTF hasn't logged their find yet, I will still log mine stating something like "2TF-more later". That's not meant as an indictment on the non-logged FTFer, but again is just a courtesy to others who might be on the hunt. In other words, play the game as you have been playing, don't worry about disappointing others, and don't let them make you feel bad. It's a game. It should be fun. Have fun.
  11. That's because GOD works in mysterious ways.
  12. Is the other person local? When I'm in the period before I go travelling, I will often find a cache near where I will be staying, and then sort of use that as an anchor to look at other caches in the area. For example, one day I will open that cache up and then go to the large map and check out the area to the south of it. The next day, I may pull up that same cache and then look at caches to the east. The next day to the north. Or if I'm building a booklist of the caches in the area, I may open it to the first cache on that list and do the same. Not that I plan to do it each day, but check things out in my spare time.
  13. Events certainly grab your attention this way.
  14. At the time of my post, before the post ahead of mine was edited, it mentioned the specific cache. Thankfully, that has been fixed.
  15. Thanks, guys, but I don't think you're supposed to be discussing specific cache solutions here.
  16. And that is greatly appreciated by (at least some of)us in the area. Although lately my phone and WhereYouGo don't want to cooperate, so I haven't picked up any of yours for a while. Oh my goodness, I see it's been a year since the HHXI one. I gotta get this figured out.
  17. And don't feel bad about this at all--you helped a traveler travel. that's what you're supposed to do. There is always a risk when you drop a traveler that unless you immediately log the find and drop, someone else may find that cache and pick up the traveler before you can make your log. Even if you drop in the morning, and that evening at home log everything, the traveler may have been picked up. If the other person didn't realize it was a fresh drop, or is impatient, they may have grabbed it from you before you could log it into the cache. No problem.
  18. While that is certainly true, by simply stating that the smaller region must be >10%, the spirit of the challenge is maintained. Although is someone legitimately could cover over 50% of the globe, their "qualifying" area would start to shrink, rather than grow, but I don't think that that's going to be an issue in reality.
  19. If you choose to set up a new account for mom, and want to give her credit for any of the finds under your current account that she was with you at, you can do that. Your account will show you which days the two of you found the cache, and you can add those finds to her accounts on those same days. If you do that, and are going back very far in time, you may want to include a statement like "Originally found with my son Justin, now adding under my own account" or similar to explain what is going on. Sometimes COs get a little suspicious about delayed logs, and this will help show that there's nothing hinky going on. That's especially true if the cache has been archived since the time the two of you originally found it.
  20. If you mark these as found after you adopt them, here's what the situation will be: 98% of the people in your area won't even notice that you are both the new owner and have a find on the cache, especially once your find log moves down the cache page a ways. of the remaining 2% who do notice, some will assume that you made the find before adopting the caches, particularly if you keep the original CO's credit on the cache page-something like "Cache Owner: Original Guy (adopted by gasbottle)" Of the portion who do notice the order of adoption/find, some won't care or think any less of you for finding after adoption. Of the remaining few cachers who do notice, and do care about it, they may think of you as being anywhere along the spectrum of being a little needy to being the second coming of Hitler. So the questions to ask are: "Do I personally want these as finds, versus owned caches?" and "Do I care that some minuscule number of cachers think I am a demon from Hell for finding my adopted cache?" Your own answers to those questions will tell you whether to find these.
  21. Colleda mentioned that having some duplication of the data to be found is an advantage to the finders, and to you in that you won't necessarily need to replace missing containers immediately. The most common approach I've seen is to say something like "The final is located at N 45 00.ABC W 90 00.DEF" and then have one log labeled "A=4", another labeled "B=5", etc. This means, though, that a finder probably doesn't need to find the C and F logs in order to have a pretty good idea of the area to search for the final. Depending upon the area near the final location, they may not need those numbers. So you're still not guaranteed that the finders will have found all of your level 1 caches. One way to get around that issue would be to say something like "Each level 1 cache contains a number. Add these numbers together to get a six-digit answer in the form ABCDEF. The final is located at N 45 00.ABC W 90 00.DEF" Then put these six numbers (for example) in your six caches: -488835 246683 360354 45908 92926 199753 Your total is ABCDEF=456789, but if the finder has only five of the level 1 answers, they can't brute force the final location (well, other methods still exist for that). That's good if that's what you want, but as Colleda points out, it's frustrating to a finder that one DNF also means this is unfindable, and you'll need to be more diligent about replacing missing caches. Also keep in mind that there are more digits that may become smudged or unreadable, again making the final unfindable.
  22. Those same McDonald's were listed as Waymarks long before Pokemon GO. Most McDonalds have geocaches on their property, as I have found several and own a few myself. We can play here for free, and the other non-profit geocache listing services don't get used much. I don't see a problem with the official geocaching site selling their services, but I do wish they would invest more back into their company for the paying members here. So why isn't geocaching organised by a non profit organisation? Because geocaching is a business. Really? Is the bolded part true? What part of the country is that? I'd say that its probably likely over half of Wal-Marts have caches, and at one time I understand a good chunk of Cracker Barrels had caches, but over 50% of McDonald's?
  23. On your app, the one that gave you the .1306 and the .2344 above: Take the decimal portions of the minutes and multiply each by 60. That will give you the seconds under the familiar DD MM SS method. So .1306 * 60 = 7.836 (close enough to the 7.8351 you show); and .2344 * 60 = 14.064 (compare to 14.0625) To reverse the process, divide by sixty. As stated above, neither description is necessarily more accurate than the other, but precision levels are slightly different.
  24. Good for them. I hope they have fun. My personal definition of being in a state means physically touching the ground outside. Switching planes in an airport wouldn't count, unless we disembark/embark from outside. That hasn't happened yet, so no issue for me. That gives me 47 states, with Utah and the Carolinas to go. If I had to use the "eaten a nice, sit-down meal" definition above, I think Delaware and Alabama are the only two states that would go back to unvisited status. In both of those cases, my visit involved taking the interstate highway across the state, but making a stop at a rest area or convenience store/gas station within the state. Although now that my sister has moved to a Mobile suburb, I expect that I'll soon be able to move Alabama into the solidly legitimate side. My 15yo son is going to get to go to Salt Lake City next month with his speedskating team, and do some workouts on the Olympic ice there. Unfortunately, I am unable to take time off from work now to be a chaperone. I've told him I'm jealous of his chance to try the Olympic oval, and that he'll be hitting one of my last three states. Most of my state visits happened before I started geocaching, I've only got 15 states here. I visited NYC after searching for my first cache, but before my first official find, so now I miss not having that 16th state.
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