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  1. On 12/24/2019 at 10:59 AM, rosebud55112 said:

    Goals for 2020:


    1. Get my NonTraditional/Total Finds ratio over 50%.  Once I've hit that, I may start picking up more trads, so I won't necessarily end the year over 50%

    2. Add 12+ new US Counties

    3. Add 2+ US states

    4. Add 2+ Canadian Provinces

    5. Publish 5+ Puzzle caches


    1. Success, sort of.  I'm at 51.7%at the end of 2020, but that does include a lot of Adventure Lab Caches.  2021 goal: (NonTraditional, non-Lab Caches)/(Total non-Lab)>50%

    2. Close but no cigar.  11 new US counties.  A trip which got cancelled due to covid would have made this easily.

    3. Success.  Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were earned.

    4. Nope.  That cancelled trip raises its head again.

    5. Nope.  Published only 2 Mystery caches.




  2. 4 minutes ago, Lynx Humble said:

    At least until December 30th


    It's not clear for the number of caches because there can be multiple wonders in the same cache. 


    They decided to repeat Mystery at the museum that was nice but I wasn't a fan of the fact that you needed to find specific cache before others or cheat in your logging order. I see they repeated that same mistake this time...


    Also how you get the second souvenir without automatically getting the third?

    Yep, obviously based on Mystery at the Museum -- no problem with that.  But the process becomes do what you need to get souvenir 1, and we'll give that to you, then do what you need to get souvenir 2, and we'll give that one and another one just for kicks to you.

  3. 20 hours ago, ras_oscar said:

    i used to live in a  "town" in the rural part of the state. The town is unincorporated ant therefore doesn't have formal poitical boundaries. How would the frog ever hope to navigate something like that? Heck, in some parts of the world there is no agreement on the boundaries of COUNTRIES. What would the frog do 20 years ago with Grenada? claimed both by GB and Argentina.

    Unless I'm mistaken, you're thinking almost 40 years ago, and the disputed territory was the Falkland Islands/Las Malvinas (depending on side).  Grenada is north of South America and to the best of my knowledge, has never been claimed by Argentina.

  4. 6 hours ago, Jayeffel said:

    I have en event tomorrow and since I cannot find anything on Help ( may be there and I don;t know where to look) I came here. This is just a small event meeting at a restaurant. Once the event is over I know participants and me included should  log as attended. Is there anything more to the event than conducting it, logging your  own participation,  and closing the event?

    Pay your bill, tip your waitstaff, go out and get some more cool caches you just learned about.

  5. 6 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

    I recently found a cache that had a hint we could not figure out. One of the previous logs stated: You'll understand the hint after you find the cache.

    Which, unless it is maybe a hint about how to open the cache (for example, a cache with a lock), or instructions on returning the cache to it's correct position, or something in a similar vein, means it's a pretty poor hint.  

  6. Maybe I missed an announcement or something, but I just noticed that I have a new beta version of Badgegen on project-gc.  It's got some neat new badges that weren't available before, and combined some old ones (It looks like coins and TBs are now wrapped into one).  It's got a 360 degree from home encirclement badge--can anyone point me to a checker for that?  'm shy 5 degrees, and would love to know which five degrees those are.

  7. When the first one came through and I didn't see a log on the trackable's history page, I assumed that the logger had simply mistyped the code for a different trackable, and then after posting, realized what had happened and deleted the log.  But the second one on the same coin raised my curiosity, and led me to this thread.


    If HQ is autodeleting these, good for them, and thank you.

  8. In the past two days I've had two people log discoveries of a coin I've had at home with me for years--same coin, one of many.


    I looked at the logs of that coin and don't see either one--does that mean HQ has already deleted them?  I'd like to delete them--and based on the info I just learned I am going to lock that coin and many others.

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  9. 5 hours ago, colleda said:

    There have been previous threads on this topic.

    I think I then mentioned there is a traditional in the Butterfly Garden, Changi Airport, Singapore. terminal 3 IIRC.


    The topic isn't the existence of caches in airports--the topics is whether it is possible to determine how many cachers have such a cache as the only cache in the state or other geographical region.  It may well be the case that that is not determineable.  So far, no one has had input on that question.

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  10. So it looks like at some point next month I will have a need to fly to Dallas.  Looking at airfare this morning, I saw that the cheapest-yet-not-in-the-middle-of-the-night flight would put me through DIA (Denver International Airport) with a 2.5 hour layover.  Not enough time to really get out of the airport and cache, but of course, DIA has an Earthcache inside the main terminal.  Yay!  Even more Yay, I do not have Colorado yet, so this would be my first cache in the state--and also my only cache in the state, at least for the time being.


    I'm sure I would not be the only layover cacher with this cache as my only Colorado cache--is there some way to run a program through Groundspeak or Project-GC to determine the approximate number of cachers in that situation?


    I know a similar situation can occur with passengers who get the Virtual cache in Chicago O'Hare as their only Illinois cache.  That one is not my only IL cache, but I was able to get it during a layover there last April.


    I know there is a bookmark of airport-based caches, but my question isn't about that; it's about whether its possible to determine the size of the population with an airport cache (or any one particular cache) as their only cache in the geographic region.

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  11. Goals for 2020:


    1. Get my NonTraditional/Total Finds ratio over 50%.  Once I've hit that, I may start picking up more trads, so I won't necessarily end the year over 50%

    2. Add 12+ new US Counties

    3. Add 2+ US states

    4. Add 2+ Canadian Provinces

    5. Publish 5+ Puzzle caches

  12. 8 minutes ago, baer2006 said:

    I think it's even stricter than "Once qualified, always qualified". You cannot have a challenge requirement where a cache find could work against you. The latter is the case for any "D/T average" requirements. To achieve average T > 2, all finds of caches with T <= 1.5 move you away from the target. Same would be true for, say, "less than 50% traditionals in your total finds".

    That makes sense.  And that would be justification for allowing the Jasmer Challenge type of challenge.  It's not a case of finding cache X cause you to be unqualified; it's the inexorable march of time that does it.


    Every one of us, at some point after our deaths, will no longer qualify for a Jasmer challenge.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

  13. On 12/16/2018 at 1:51 PM, rosebud55112 said:

    1. Continue working on getting my Non-Traditionals/Total caches ratio up to 50%

    2. Add 3+ countries

    3. Add 12+ counties

    4. Break 300 multi-caches

    5. Hide 6+ new puzzle caches


    1. Good progress on this.  I found 307 more non-trads than traditionals this year, bringing my NT ratio up from 46.0% to 49.2%.  I'm now just 82 NT caches away from my goal.

    2. Success--added Grand Cayman, Honduras, and Mexico while on a cruise in June.  Had to DNF the only cache I had a chance with in Belize.

    3. Success beyond my hope--39 new counties in 2019

    4. Missed this one.  Needed 43, picked up 32

    5. Missed big on this one.  Only one published this year--this morning in fact.



  14. 6 hours ago, kanchan said:

    Do you happen to know if this one is still ok under the current guidelines? It's my cache but I haven't been active in the game for years now...


    I think that you would have a difficult time getting one exactly like this published today, even though as pointed out this one would be grandfathered.  All of the individual squares can be checked with stats online, and so in theory, a checker could be built to see if a finder has one or more rows, columns or diagonals filled.  All that is good.


    But two of the squares themselves are questionable (under my understanding of the rules).  O-3 (Average Terrain >2) and B-4 (Average Difficulty >2) may be true at any given point in time, but could become untrue the next day depending upon what caches are found after already meeting the qualification.  I believe (could be wrong) that GS does not allow challenges like that--they need to be once qualified, always qualified.


    Yes, strictly speaking, I-5 (Find a cache hidden in every month since May 2000) is also one that people become unqualified for, but this type of challenge is allowed anyway.

  15. 22 hours ago, AeroMechAZ said:

    OK, so if I'm understanding correctly, If my friends and I (WildSpirit-Wolf, FlyBoy7292) go out on each Monday and Tuesday (our only days off from work) and find at least 2 (or more) caches each week, then we can get the Souvenir, right?

    I dont think so.  You must find at least one cache on each of those six days.  Finding two on Monday and getting shut out on Tuesday won't do it for you.  Don't think caches found, think days on which caches are found.

  16. This past Saturday, 9/21, I made a trip across southern Minnesota to watch my daughter at a marching band competition, and of course I grabbed some caches along the way.  In total, I found 17 caches on Saturday.  When I got home on Sunday and was logging them, I accidentally logged some for Sunday, 9/22, forgetting to properly change the found date.  After a bit, I realized I had the incorrect date, and edited the logs to show the right day.  So now on my Geocaches tab, I can see all 17 caches as found on 9/21.  However, on my statistics tab, it shows me as having only 13 caches found on 9/21 in my career.


    I had 2 9/21 caches before, and I correctly logged 11 caches (misdating 6), so I understand why the system would originally say 13, but I'm wondering why the stats tab is keeping those last 6 as finds on 9/22 instead of counting them as 9/21 finds?  It's not a horrible thing to have those six caches showing up one day off, but it makes the stats tab less trustworthy.

  17. I keep multiple lists, and any given cache may qualify to be on more than one list, which reduces the likelihood of missing something if I forget to download a list.


    I have a Solved But Unfound list for my home state, and another for outside of that.  The home state one is downloaded to my GPSr relatively often.


    If I am going to travel, I put together a bookmark for that trip (or update a former one if I've made the trip before).  This will include the route there if driving.  I review the online map and add anything that interests me--ones that will help with challenges; ones with interesting D/T combos; highly favorited caches; etc.  I usually wind up wind up with more caches than time to get them, so I don't worry about missing some intersecting caches.  I just accept that will happen.


    I have lists for Challenges I qualify for; Challenges I've signed but don't qualify for, interesting Challenges I want to make progress on, and quite a few others.  Overall though, don't worry about the ones you don't get--you'll drive yourself crazy doing that.  Enjoy the ones you do getand be pleased with the progress you do make.

  18. It can't be the case that there is a rule that posted coordinates = final coordinates implies Traditional cache.  That rule would prevent Challenge caches from being at their posted coordinates, which most are, except perhaps those used in geo-art.  K13 made this point above.


    It can be the case that "if the cache container  could be replaced with a simple peanut butter jar and that would definitely be a trad, then the original is a trad" is a rule, but I don't think there's anything spelled out like that.  It sounds as though that is the custom in some areas (perhaps even the CO's), but if the CO is being non-customary, that would make it non-traditional, no?


    In my mind, anything that makes the cache/cache container non-obvious as to how to open it should have the right to be called non-traditional (specifically unknown) left to the CO.

  19. On 8/27/2019 at 7:51 PM, rosebud55112 said:

    Oh that drives me nuts when they don't run things like this past an editor who knows how to spell.  I hate-watch our local news station because they are so bad at this type of thing.  I'll give them a break for the occasional truly breaking news item, but when its the 10pm news on something that happened in the middle of the day (and then repeated on the next morning's 6am news!) I scream at the TV

    In a self-reported version of Hartman's Law, the above should read "but when it's the 10pm news".  Irony noted.

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