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  1. Wow people! I guess that sort of ends my idea to get any. I hate it when my work interferes with my geocaching.
  2. gold and dark forest green enamel, or shiny silver and dark green. You could also do a Cobalt Blue and it would be gorgeous. This is a lovely coin. I am a fan of celtic knots. Thanks for the lovely idea. Please put me on the list when you are taking orders. Thanks. Ps. Our family is Irish as well. (one side of the family, anyway).
  3. I'm so glad you are doing these. I was going to do a boomarang coin to do a race to australia and back. Please put me on your list, I would like a few.
  4. I don't collect geocoins. I like to buy them to send them off into the wild and see where they go. It's very exciting to find a geocoin in a cache and I've only found one so far. The rest, I placed myself. So, if you want someone to distribute some in various places, feel free to send some my way and I'll find them good caches to perch in. Morninglori
  5. I'd like to order one, but that link shows me an empty catalog. Do I have to be a member of Texas Geocaching to order one?
  6. Have any others of these for Texans who apparently don't read the forums enough?
  7. Thanks FairyHoney. You are always very helpful.
  8. Gang, I just retrieved a wooden nickel out of a cache. It has Texas on one side and has GPSTX on the other. It does not say it is trackable. Is this a personal team coin? Am I supposed to move it to another cache? Inquiring minds want to know. ps. I'm working on my glass coin prototype. When it's ready, I'll post pics here and ya'll can tell me if any of them look like something anyone would consider moving them from cache to cache.
  9. Well I can tell you that in Texas, the reason is because all the companies who used to mine for metals have all given it up to mine for Natural gas. It's starting to smell like the Exxon Valdez pooped here. ps. I am typing this from the top of a derrick.
  10. They figure that since gas prices are going up, no one will notice.
  11. So, Eartha, I guess the most important question here is... do you really go "la la la la la " as you go on down the road? Perhaps you can record it and post it on this website. (I definitely think this website needs the sound of people hunting for caches).
  12. I'm definitely interested, but shaky on resell costs for this puppy. Do you have a cost that you were thinking of?
  13. Stain glass is tedious but very beautiful...a little art object unto itself. I make stain glass jewelry that is much smaller, so how hard could it be? But you just gave me a great idea. I've been refiberglassing my sailboat and have been thrown into the wild world of resin and fiberglass polymers. Resin and fiberglass have an endless list of creative uses. It would be easier to print words on too. I can handle the $1.50 per min of 100 cost. It's the $400-$700 pricetag that's coughable. I think I'd rather spend the money on the gas to get someplace cool and cacheable. Thanks for the ideas. Keep 'em coming. If I get something approved, maybe you can be my coin guinea pig.
  14. I want to create some coins to play with, not collect. I don't mind the metal, but the process has obviously become too institutionalized and too expensive for small mints. I am more interested in smaller quantities of a variety of trackable coins instead of large quantities of one design. Scrap metal is very expensive and I don't have the facilities for smelting. I have seen wood and plastic and high fired clay coins, but has anyone considered reinforced etched glass? I was thinking of melted slag or etched bound stained glass. Has this been done before and if so, what was the result? Are there any other affordable substances to make these puppies out of for us garage artists. And do you think that a etched glass with the "trackable at..." message would be accepted for a tracking number by the Lords of Groundspeak? What thinkest thouest?
  15. Hey there. how much are you selling it for? morninglori
  16. If he doesn't buy it, I am interested. morninglori
  17. This is very good information. Thank you for posting it. I didn't see it in any of the other forums, so glad I caught it here. morninglori
  18. First of all...happy birthday and it is indeed a lovely day to cache. I plan to do the same. (pack up the geohound and see what i can find). So, speaking of which, which caches do you plan to look for today and how would I find out? Also, can you tell me (within 10 years) how old you are? That'll help me on question #2. 1. How many caches will we find today? n fzneg pnpure jvyy svther bhg jurer V nz pnpuvat naq tb sebz gurer 2. What time was I born at? 3. What temperature was it last year on this day? purpx zl cebsvyr gb frr jurer V pnpurq ba guvf qnl ynfg lrne
  19. I'm lovin' this idea. Sent you an email for my weird passport idea. Hope you find it as fun as I do.
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