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  1. Hello,


    I just received a Garmin iQue today and finally figured out how to load the maps on it after a couple installation problems (helps to not accidentally skip a step).


    Anyway... I have a couple of questions for iQue users. My prior GPS is a Magellan Sportrak Map. I use the maps to get me to the general area (if I don't already know it) and then I use the compass, almost exclusively, to find the cache. Is there a compass hidden somewhere on the iQue?? If not, can I get some software to provide one? Without the compass I'm inclined to return the thing to the store.


    Also... the last palm device I owned was one of the original palm pilots (I think they were still the only game in town back then). Since this was a gift, I didn't do any research on this product and have no idea what I can and can't do with it. I've done a little searching on this website and have found some information on downloading coordinates, which I intend to try soon (probably once I finish this note), but what about loading the cache pages? Anything else I should know??


    I know this covers alot, but hopefully there will be a couple of short responses.



  2. I know that you can format your cache page (to some degree), but can you format your TB pages? I just want to do a couple simple things like had a break and maybe a background.



  3. I just felt really bad because the owner had e-mailed me thanking me for the photos I uploaded. Seems his kids really enjoyed them. I guess that when kids are involved I like to see things go well for them.


    I do agree, movement is better than nothing! I have 3 travel bugs that have 107, 11 and 8 miles. The one that moved 11 miles was left in a cache that gets visits about every 2 months or so. Actually I'm just happy that I'm pretty sure they haven't gone missing, which in the end is the only thing that would upset me.


    Thanks for listening!

  4. OK... I know many people have complained about this in the past, but I just have to comment on it again.


    I live in So. Florida and found a travel bug wanting to see Nasa (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=53501). I happened to be going to Daytona soon, so I took him with me and managed to locate a cache on the way home to drop him off at. He was probably 15 or so miles from Cape Kennedy at this point.


    Then... someone picks him up with the following log entry:


    retrieved this little fellow and I have a special purpose in minf for him. I will be starting a new t bug hotel and he will be one of it's orignal inhabitants.


    (his spelling mistakes, not mine).


    Now... I'm all for TB hotels, but I think picking a TB up that was so close to his goal and then move him 83 miles in the wrong direction is just not nice. B) He's not even MY TB, but I feel I let the owners down by putting him in a place near this person.


    OK.... Just had to say something. I realize that this is a "dead horse" topic but I just had to vent people that understand!

  5. Thank you both so much! We're really looking forward to our trip, just wish we had more time! This will be the my first release of a travel bug and he's mine as well! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a cache, but with the help you've given me I'm certain I will find more than one!



    Thank you again! :(



  6. I have a couple new TB's that I want to activate before going on vacation. I plan on dropping the off along the way. Do I put the activation location as my home or where I am planning on dropping them off. I think I want their starting point to be the cache I drop them off in, not my home town. Also... I'm not positive that I will find a cache in a couple of the spots I'm visiting, so if I activate them now with the vaction destination as the activation location and then don't find a home for them there is there any way to fix that?


    I want to activate them before I leave because I don't know when I'll get to a PC while on holiday. This was, if they are found before I can get to a computer at least they will be in the system.


    One last question... how do I upload a photo of my TB? I didn't see anything when I looked at the activation page. I'm uploaded photos for travel bugs I've found but this is my first attempt at starting my own.


    Thank you!

  7. Well... we have plans to visit Franschoek so we'll be heading in that direction. Also planning on visiting Table Mountain. We only have a few days and my husband wouldn't like spending much time just caching. ;) If there was something to see along the way, he'd be OK with it. I guess I'd like to keep it within a few hours of Cape Town, if that was the only thing we were going for.


    I realize that I may not have many options, other than the virtuals around the city. Without knowing the area very well, the maps from Geocaching are not much help at this point.


    Thank you for your help, in advance! :)

  8. I am living in the USA, but will be visiting Cape Town briefly this month. I would like to "release" a travel bug while I am there but am having difficulty finding an appropriate cache. We will only be in Cape Town for 4 days and have quite a few things we wish to do. We're not serious hikers, so long distance walking for a cache probably won't work for us.


    Also... I really don't know the area well at all, so I've just been looking at the caches in the immediate area of Cape Town. We do plan on touring a couple wine regions while we are there.


    Can anyone recommend a traditional cache (or two) that we could consider for dropping off our travel bug??


    Thank you!



  9. Hi there. I'm from Florida in the USA and have a TB interested in getting to England (Mini The Moocher). I am going to be there for a 12 hour layover in January and would like to help it find a home while I am there. The problem is... we are continuing on to the Southern Hemisphere where it is warm and I don't intend to pack heaps of cold weather clothes. Having been to London only once, and in December, I'm pretty sure I won't want to spend much time getting to or looking for a cache.


    So... I figure I have a few options. One would be to find a regular cache somewhere near the tube between the airport and the city (we plan on going to the city for lunch). Another would be to find someone there that would meet us for lunch and I could give them the TB so they could help to find a home in England.


    My least preferable option is to just say this is all too difficult and put it in another cache around here and let someone else do this.


    Any suggestions/takers?? We arrive Sunday January 11th around 10am.


    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! :mad:

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