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  1. I have the same Vista. Mine took 45 min to load entire U.S.A. with City Navigator DVD
  2. I don't know ... I followed along all the steps on my HCx as I was typing them in, pikcing two random waypoints as the start and end points, and it worked for me. Are you sure you have the unit in Demo mode? I tryed it again, I did just like you said. And even went back and cked for demo mode. I picked two waypoints, one in Tn. and the other Fl. It started the route from my house in Ky. I don't know??
  3. 0. Put the unit in Demo mode. 1. If your start and end points don't already exist as waypoints or addresses or POIs, create them. 2. Go to the main menu page and select "Routes". 3. Select "New". 4. Click on "Select Next Point", which brings up the "Find" page. 5. Get to your starting location from the Find page the way you normally would get to it. 6. Select "Use". This becomes the start of the new route you are creating. 7. Back at the Route page, click on "Select Next Point" again. 8. Identify your end point from the Find page just as before, and click "Use". 9. Click "Navigate" and "Follow Road". 10. Optional: you can now choose to simulate driving the route if you want to. 11. For the list of turn-by-turn directions, go to the Active Route page (assuming that you have it in your page rotation). I tryed this but it still starts the route from where I live, instead of the first waypoint that I selected?? What am I doing wrong?
  4. How do you change the unit so that you can look up directions for two points which ARE NOT your local point. It always starts my directions from where I'm at, instead of what I'm trying to get directions for. I've tryed waypoint to waypoint and it still starts from my house.
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