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  1. These guys seem to have a good selection of quality NiMH chargers: http://www.thomas-distributing.com/nimh_battery_chargers.htm I'm providing the link as I had a tough time finding a source for a good battery charger. I'm using a LaCrosse BC-900 these days. I'm getting ready to buy a charger..Do you like that charger which is one on my list plus the Maha C-9000
  2. Better Yet. Buy a sticker and register at www.stuffbak.com/
  3. I have the same GPsr. I bought City Navigator NT vs. 2008 which gives auto-routing and real good street maps. The best price is $102.92 at www.thenerds.net I pretty sure that if you buy this software on a micro sd card it will not transfer to your computer, but the DVD will transfer to your handheld. Double ck me on this, but thats why I didn't buy the micro sd on ebay and went with the DVD. Info is: MapSource City Navigator North America NT on DVD contains full coverage for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Navigate with confidence having interstates, highways, and residential streets at the tip of your finger. City Navigator North America NT provides automatic route calculations with turn by turn directions on the PC and on NT compatible Garmin units. If yours is like mine, you won't have auto-routing until you buy the City Navigator. My routes were just straight lines until I installed City Navigator. Just the amount of data is worth it. hotels/gas stations/food/atm/banks, lots of stuff that comes in handy. As far as your question about the wilderness, I can't answer. You will have country roads with City Navigator, but I doubt if it will show the other ones you will like. You can turn ON TRACKING and the gps will follow you anywhere you go and you can backtrack and get back as long as you have a signals. I've found this very helpful since I ride a bicycle alot on the country roads.
  4. Best price on City Navigator NT is $102.92 at http://www.thenerds.net/
  5. I tried that too.... it is still showing it as two straight lines....???? What gives? Matt Mine did that too. I changed from the topo to City Navigator NT and it routes right now. If I change back to topo the straight lines come back. I can use topo and do a straight line, copy it to a CN NT map and recalculate it and it does the route the correct way. Hope I helped.
  6. Is there a way to remove the waypoints while using the route tool and then replace them later. The waypoints are always in the way when I'm trying to use the route tool. And if you select "less" on details it removes the country/city streets that I want.
  7. Ergo, I was not able to get a MOVE option??
  8. Ok, I got the new road in place, can I delete another road thats not needed inbetween two roads?
  9. How do you change a route that you used route tool to build. I want to drag the route to another intersection. Is this possible?
  10. I have the same Etrex. Is adding a waypoint how you add a cache?
  11. I think I'll find some first. That will give me a better learning of what others are doing. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Is placing a cach on private property a good idea? How much traffic is normal if I get permision ?
  13. On the right side of the unit there are two soft keys. Hit the upper key and the pointer position info will go away. Every time you move the pointer, the position data will reappear and you only have to push the soft key again to clear the pointer info. cool, thanks
  14. Beat me to it again More money but worth it in the long run. I picked up the Maha9000 a while ago and glad that I did. It will bring back old almost dead batteries to a usable state. Most of the LSD (Low Self Discharge) batteries will be fine. Well, now I have an idea on batteries so I looked at Thomas website...http://thomasdistributing.com/index.htm and now I don't have a clue as to which charger I want. There's so many to choose from?? I love buttons and gagets tho...
  15. The version you got is the City Navigator which is not the "NT" which stands for new technology. The NT version takes up less space on your MicroSD card. I'm thinking it should work on your HCX the same as the NT does.
  16. I stay away from Radio Shack, they usually don't hold up to long.
  17. If it didn't have the backlight I would take it back..I always need it..
  18. Whats the best rechargable batteries on the market now that last longer?
  19. Is there a way to rid the screen of the Map Pointer info when you don't need it on the maps?
  20. I did my tests just in Demo mode, leaving the GPS receiver on. Auto would use your current satellite fix and would only be available if the GPSr was on. I'm not sure what you mean by your last point, though. With the route method, I created a route with two waypoints (which would be your two caches in this case). Then I used Demo mode and the map to tell it I was nearby the first waypoint. Then I went to the route I created and selected Navigate. I was trying to test routing (and I presume you are as well), so I chose Follow Road. Hope this helps. Actually I was trying to help a family member who was on vacation and lost. If I use the pointer and zoom in on a city when in demo mode it thinks I'm there. There should be a way to do it without pointing to a city and using two waypoints?? after choosing AUTO
  21. Go to Demo Mode, then go to the Satellite screen, press the Menu button, tell it New Location, and Use Map. Then you can pick the location where you want to position yourself to start navigating. I'm trying that, but it's not particularly user-friendly. My route goes between two geocaches. I'm trying to find one of them on the map, but unfortunately I have two problems: (1) there are a ton of geocaches here, so it's not easy to find the one I randomly picked as the starting location just by panning and zooming, and (2) unlike the regular map, the one that is displayed for setting the new location doesn't show the lat/long of the cursor when you're panning around. Well, you could select a spot that's near the start point, then create a route between the two waypoints that you want to navigate between. When you select Navigate on that route, it should navigate you from your current location to the first point, then navigate to the next point, which is the part you care about. Here's what I tryed. change to demo mode turn satellite off push menu button, then new location choose USE MAP, automatic doesn't work in this case??whats it for anyway? point to new location then choose USE map then from waypoint, choose second location and it works. I think??
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