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  1. I can go back to a waymark that I have visited that does not belong to me, browse the gallery, select my visit photo (I always upload a visit photo), and select it to be the default photo for that waymark. According to bootron I should only be able to do that if I'm visiting a waymark I own.


    What's interesting is that in many of these visited non-owned waymarks, I tagged the image as being the default image (I thought I was tagging it as the default image for my visit, so I did it as a matter of course,) and now when I pull up the visit image it has the "default image for waymark" box checked. I think this is a data migration issue.

  2. I checked a new one as default. the current default is actually a (nice) visit photo from another visitor, and I can't uncheck it because there's no check box.




    In other cases, checking and unchecking boxes has no effect.








    bootron, you may use my account to debug if you like. email me for particulars.

  3. You rock dude.


    As the waymark owner, you can go to any image in your waymark gallery, click on it, and then assign it to be the default waymark. You can do this at any time.


    Great. Love it.


    The checkbox is there but it doesn't seem to actually cause the default image to change.


    This is an issue for me because many of my visit images are now the default images, and I'm an ugly cuss.

  4. ETA - now I'm really confused. Apparently, when posting a visit log, you can specify that your visit photo is the default photo for the waymark. Thus, any visitor to one of my waymarks can upload a visit and say that their photo is the default photo for the waymark. Or something. Good night.


    If you post a log to your own waymark, you are given the option to make it the default photo for the waymark. If you don't own the waymark, you aren't given this option (or at least you shouldn't be given this option). If you notice otherwise, please get back to me.


    ok. that makes sense. i wish there were some option (someday) to reverse that selection. I've made it on many of my visits. I suppose i could delete and re-upload the pix?

  5. The new waymark page format selects an image from the gallery if there is no default image provided. Most of my posted waymarks have no default image - i format the html of the page directly. What happens in these cases is that the last photo uploaded to the waymark gallery is used as a default image, in many cases it's a visit photo and not even a listing photo. It would be nice to be able to tag an image as a default image and have the option of it showing up in the listing (as opposed to at the top of the listing) made seperate, if you see what i'm saying. I would like the default image to only show at the top of the listing, not in the body (which I would like to continue to format myself.) It would also be nice to be able to assign and unassign this attribute after the fact.


    This assumes that the default image now both shows at the top of the listing and in the body of the listing. If that's not the case, let me know.


    If that doesn't make sense it's because it's past my bedtime. ask and I will try again.


    ETA - now I'm really confused. Apparently, when posting a visit log, you can specify that your visit photo is the default photo for the waymark. Thus, any visitor to one of my waymarks can upload a visit and say that their photo is the default photo for the waymark. Or something. Good night.

  6. Ditto. I use a geko for a GPS (perfectly adequate, imo, a 301) and a palm for cache listings and maps. I have both a zire 71 and a tungsten E and am currently using the zire. (zire 72 is a whole different beast btw.) I use cachemate (fed by GSAK) for the listings and MapOpolis for the maps. Cachemate will export palm listings into the address book and MapOpolis will pick them up and display them. Maps of the US were $40 which is very competetive with a stack of map books, and much more portable. I have county maps of my area on an SD card and I copy the ones I need into RAM depending on where I go. The whole setup sync's quickly and is ready to go in a small camera bag. The MapOpolis map is actually easier to manipulate than the map on a mapping GPS and when I go out with my wife and her Legend CX we often turn to it when trying to figure out "where next."

  7. hmm...


    sometimes I just look at the directory to see what categories have been approved lately. (starbucks!! sheesh!!)


    I click through email links to get to category management, although it would be easy enough to get there from my page.


    I look at my page just because I like it.


    usually i go to my page and look for an existing category that I have a new instance of. I click on the category heading and proceed to post the instance. If it's something i have no instance of, i'll track it down in the directory. This is probably 80% of my use. I find that marking new waymarks is the most time consuming part of the hobby, through no fault of the site - it just takes time to properly describe some of the things I waymark. i will say that if you were looking for areas to 'add value', something that enables casual users to make really good waymark pages would be a win - I have been asked, for example, "how do you get all those pictures on your pages?" (I copy in scaled links from the gallery.) The default image option is a nice but very basic start along that path. For Example...


    sometimes what I do is select a geocache in an area I frequent and then I select "nearest waymarks". I scroll through these looking for ones that aren't checked (visited) and open their pages. In a command window i have a perl script running. On each page I copy out the title, switch to the command window, paste it in at a prompt, switch back, copy out the coords, switch back, paste them in at a prompt. The perl script reformates the coords and spits the whole session (multiple pages) out as a vcard file. I import that vcard file into my palm desktop contacts. Those items now show up on my MapOpolis map on my palm, along with geocaches (which cachemate will export into the address book for mapopolis). Bottom line is I can see waymarks on my map and stop to visit them as I geocache, or just drive around, assuming I have any time for such things. I am one of the only people in my area who systematically visits waymarks. I've visited about 400 and have a fairly large list in the palm of places yet to stop. Naturally, as I cache and visit I see other items to waymark (see 80% case above), and yes I do visit what I waymark.


    I wish I lived in seattle. I would camp out on your effing doorstep until you gave me work to do just to get rid of me...

  8. What you're looking for, specifically, is Duck brand cammo duct tape. In my neck of the woods it's easiest to find at WalMart. I find it in the duct tape section (near paint) in with all the other duct tape, not the outdoor section. It really can make a container disappear into most foilage, and does protect the container from the effects of sunlight.


    Another cammo approach I take for difficult areas is to make a rock shell for my container. Purchase a tub of quick dry cement. Wrap your container in multiple layers of plastic grocery bags. Cover that with cement, not too thin or the result will be prone to cracking. When dry, invert and strip off all the grocery bags (they won't stick to the cement.) You now have a rock shell that you can spray-paint or whatever. They container just slides under this. I've found this approach works better than a container embedded in cement - those experience more handling by cachers and end up cracking.


    As for our delayed update... stop making feature suggestions! :antenna:


    Such as:


    As far as I'm concerned, if I could ask for any one thing, it would be a "filter out visited waymarks" checkbox.



    It's a fairly reasonable request. I'm not asking to rework the way things get logged, or implement a new XML schema, just a checkbox that supresses the display of waymarks I've already visited.


    The Geocaching site can do that.

  10. I have two california historic markers that are about a half mile apart.


    1. WMPAY - Nation's First Successful Sugar Beet Factory, Union City Ca


    2. WMPAH - Site of First [Alameda] County Courthouse, Union City, Ca


    The oddity I'm seeing is that if I pull up number 1 and search for nearest historic markers, I see number 2, but if I pull up number 2 and do the same I don't see number 1. In fact, number 1 doesn't show up in many searches. Could it have something to do with the square brackets in the waymark name?

  11. FWIW, what I do...


    I use mapopolis on my palmpilot for caching *and* Waymarking.


    For caching, cachemate will export caches (name and coords) into the palm address book in the format that mapopolis looks for. When those are present, they show up on the map and I can see where caches are. (I don't use a mapping gps.)


    For Waymarking, I have a simple perl script that accepts the name and coords of a waymark and spits out a vcard file. I cut & paste those from the waymark page. I can import that into the palm desktop under a 'waymarks' category, and when synched, waymarks also show up on my mapopolis map. This is typically all I need - most waymarks can be found once you get close enough to them. A library, for example. Once I'm nearby I don't need my GPS to zero in on it. :unsure:


    So bottom line, while I'm out caching I see both geocaches and waymarks on my palmpilot map. I stop for caches, I stop for new waymarkables, I stop for existing waymarks. It makes the overall experience very nice.


    I still wish I had 'filter out visited waymarks'....

  12. I don't know about others, but I always take a picture of myself at a waymark regardless of what it is. That's my visit picture and it's what I upload with my visit description. That's the way I think the game should be played so that's how I play it. Digital cameras are very affordable these days. Get with it.


    "hands off" picture tip - silly putty can be used to affix your camera to many types of supports, including the top of a hiking pole jammed into the ground. Set the auto-timer and pose.

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