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  1. Hey, hey! 2000 finds for Woof!


    Hmm. I thought we only congratulated local cachers in this forum.


    I guess I'll extend a provisional congratulation, assuming that we are graced with an actual visit sometime in the future....



    And I wouldn't rest on those laurels if I were you. [:(]

  2. After monitoring cache logs of both caches I've hidden and caches I've visited, I've found that the most consistently claimed item that I've left in both is any sort of ready-to-go micro or small cache. That's not to say you have to start your cache themed with just those items, but a few can't hurt, and they're a cheap trade item to pack around.


    1. film cannister with log in plastic bag.

    2. film cannister wrapped in cammo tape with log in plastic bag.

    3. film cannister with magnet glued to end or wrapped onto side with cammo tape, with log in plastic bag.

    4. film cannister with wire hook made from length of stovepipe wire taped to side with cammo tape (these are great for hiding in low-hanging branches).

    5. smallish tupperware with 2 or 3 trinkets and log in plastic bag, wrapped in cammo tape.

    6. any sort of small tin painted cammo, exquipped with magnet and log in plastic bad.


    you get the idea.


    As i've said, they're cheap to make, particularly compared to camping stuff or balls or swizzle sticks or pins or "sig cards" that, personally, I find utterly worthless. Experienced geocachers snap them up.

  3. 6-8 hours is about right for rechargables in a geko. I use a 301 and I always carry a spare pair of charged batteries in a pants pocket and another pair in my fanny pack.


    I like the 301 because of it's form factor. It's very small and fits nicely in my pocket. It doesn't have maps, but I use mapopolis on my palm for mapping and I prefer that. The unit is also pretty rugged.


    Mine has served me well - I'll hit 2K caches with it sometime this spring.

  4. It sounds like a bunch of pretty sorry friendships if people need to be bribed (with a smiley) to meet for pizza.


    I've often said that there are many geocachers who wouldn't show up at their own mothers funeral unless they could log it.

  5. So the TB Hotel, that Marky referred to, is actually in Cupertino, not Sunnyvale, right?


    That's how I understand it, but frankly it's almost impossible to know what town you're in when you're down there. San Jose? Cupertino? Santa Clara? Sunnyvale? They all run together in odd ways, and if you look at a Thomas Brothers guidebook you'll see that there are odd pockets of one or the other scattered here and there. If you're not from the area it's just that much easier to call it all San Jose and be done with it.

  6. Depends on if you have a car when you're there....


    If no, the choices are pretty simple. Anything you can walk to.


    If yes, then here's my short list.


    The first five are a great combo



    The Great Lobos

    Lincoln Park

    The Gate Promenade

    Sounds of the Bay


    -- Lincoln park is my all-time favorite.


    Randall Junior Museum

    Nanny Goat Hill (cache is hard to find though)

    How Succulent (if you like plants & gardens)



    I personally enjoy the logs I receive for Union Square.


    These are ones I would suggest making explicit trips to go visit. There are plenty of other worthwhile caches, but I would advise just picking up ones in areas you already intend to be visiting.

  7. I'm not sure how I feel about ignore lists.


    ditto. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean that they're not there.


    Still, there are some caches within my clean areas that I have more or less 'ignored', and I usually filter out puzzles in my standard PQs. Sometimes I attempt one of these, but I have to be in just the right mood.


    I think that there are two sorts of Geocachers - the 'clean map' types, and the 'pick and choose' types. (which sort are you?) If you're a 'clean map' type, then the ignore list is a little like cheating. If you're a 'pick and choose', then what difference does it make? -- other than perhaps making it a little easier to pick and choose.


    [walruz now passes along the handle of the spoon so someone else can stir the pot]

  8. I did 113 caches in a weekend in Palm Desert, and if it hadn't been for my digital voice recorder (this model) I would not have had much of anything to say about most of them, even though each one was memorable in it's own right. Instead, I had log notes dictated on-the-spot, each prefaced with the cache name. Although I had also marked them in cachemate I logged everything off the voice recorder. Highly recommended.

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