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  1. Great, this sounds like the GPS for me. I ordered one today! Thanks for the responses Team Delorme, the fact that you use it for mountain biking and post here really helped my decision. Can't wait until the snow melts and I can really test it out this spring!
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated. I think I am one step closer to ordering the PN-20. One last novice question, will the unit get reception if I have it in my camel back? From pictures I've seen, I really dont want to mount it on my bike, it looks cumbersome and could easily get snagged on things.
  3. Thanks for the great review. I am new to the GPS word, and I've done quite a bit of research but a couple of things still confuse me about the delorme: -1: There is no altimeter built into the PN-20. Does this mean if I take it on a hike it wont be able to calculate the elevation gain/loss? I want to use my GPS unit to gather cycling training data and knowing how much elevation gain is important to me. -2: I really like the National Geographic Topo series, but I don't want to have to pay 80$ for each state. It seems like the Topo 7 included with the PN-20 is as accurate as the NG, or am I mistaken? The information on Delormes website is confusing (at least to me) if the detailed USGS 1:24,000 are included on the Topo 7 disc or if you have to buy individual maps from Delorme. Thanks for any input!
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