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  1. Its not quite a bucket in a tree. The constructed a wooden, roofless shower stall platform for SF3, for SF4 we got running water, and for SF5 we now have a water heater! Still no roof on it yet - but it feels amazing to shower while looking at the sky Here are some older pictures of it (note that it now has stairs, and instead of a barrel it has a door now i believe): Ah... "Barrel for a door" kind of primitive. I actually half-expected the bucket treatment So... uh... are people all showering together in this waterhut? Those aren't the "caches" I'd like to find
  2. Noticed on the COG Fling website that shower facilities are "primitive"... Are they your typical conservation area "loonie-in for 5 minutes of hot water in a cement room" kinda primitive or something else? I personally don't care, but my gf might. Also I'm curious what the tally of total attendees stands at?
  3. I think that's a fabulous idea... Can't believe I never thought of that after all the times I searched the satellite maps of an area while doing recon at home.
  4. I personally use a Colorado 300 with Garmin Canadian and U.S. topo and love the paperless aspect that it brings. Prior to that, I used a Legend HcX which seems rather archaic in hindsight... I'd personally recommend the Colorado series, though I might be alone on that thought I'm curious if anyone has had difficulties with the touch screen of the Oregon? Specifically, I'm curious if the screen can stand up to falls/scratches/scrapes as well as the other GPSr's without affecting the way it operates? With some of the terrain we encounter (and some of the silly ways we treat our $400 machines as a result) it always seemed crazy to me to have a touch screen handheld GPSr, even if you did get the screen covers.
  5. Amen... wondered when this was scheduled to happen this year. Such a fun event.
  6. Still bitter about not being un-invited? GW had quite a head start GWVIII - 757 will attend entries / 285 days since published = 2.66 wa's/day SFV - 192 will attend entries / 23 days since published = 8.35 wa's/day Logs - not by any of the organizing committee, nor did we ask them to do so. If you wanna take a crack at policing other peoples logs feel free to bring it up with them. Caches - Don't look at COG caches - it will save you time. Facebook - We sent a special invite to the COG facebook group, as it is a COG event - if you don't want mail from us then leave the group. Feel free to ask us to revoke your COG membership too. By that math, you should have at least 968 posted will attends by the time of the event. I eagerly look to see that. I never said there was anything wrong with the spam. Just wondering if GeoWoodstock did that. As for policing cache pages and and logs, that is up to someone else to decide what is proper usage and what isn't. Are we to expect further advertising of the event by placing caches before the event to advertise th event? I noticed for the past two years, at least, caches were placed called Spring Fling ... I was looking for the part in this post where the guy with all the issues, who is seemingly causing the most grief, actually had something constructive to say. Unfortunately, I just find a lot of rhetoric and negativity towards a group of people who are trying to run an event while perhaps achieving a milestone for caching in Ontario. To me, it sounds as though these folks have their gig under control and I'm not sure I see any valid reason to question any perceived motives; I look forward to going to this event regardless of it's status. My suggestion might be to assist or stay out of the way since nobody really likes the kid who just stamps his feet and pouts to get attention.
  7. I'm in agreement with the pig... I found that I learned quite quickly what I enjoyed about this little game/hobby we have here, and it didn't consist of lamp skirts and the like. So, while I personally have decided not to place any lamp skirt micros, I don't fault those who do. Instead, it seems more logical to me to be an ambassador of the game and coach people along, rather than simply complaining, centering a group out and waxing apathetic.
  8. I, for one, would love for Keith to make it out to this event. It would be a shame for anyone to miss out on such a historically well run event with so many interesting things to do.
  9. This is a pic of me with coin #44. I call the pic "Blinded By The Light". Great little cointest here and I'm glad one made it my way before the summer ended. (Sorry 'bout the up the nose type shot... )
  10. I'm continuously getting this error since 11:15pm EST. Anyone else?
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