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  1. I think I might get a better response here so here it goes


    Hi, in the next few days I want to do a post over at my blog (http://huskyhiker.com), a geocaching blog roll if you will... I want to give people places to go to read more about geocaching...If you have a blog or know of a blog that should be on the list PM me or just post it here...


    A little description would be help full too but not necessary.




  2. having your dog not on a leash is fine if your dog stops dead in his/her tracks and comes when called so you can leash them... I hike with my dog (always leashed) and he does not get along with big dogs so when we encounter unleashed big dogs on the trail a fight is bound to happen. It happened this past weekend. Should I not bring my dog in the woods when I am the one obeying the leash laws in our state parks? Another thing to think about is some people fear dogs. Should they feel nervous about hiking because you don't leash your dog. I hate unleashed dogs more and more every time I hike...

  3. I was wondering if it is possible to save track data to the map so the data is visible on the map in the gps like a road or trail and not taking up track data...


    For example: I hike a trail and want to add the trails to my topo map so they can be transferred to the gps for future use. Or do they have to be kept as a log file... I only want them there for reference not to trackback by or anything.


    Not sure if this make sense to anyone but me.




  4. I carry a bag full of trade items, yet I don't trade at most of the caches I visit. If I find a cache lacking quality trade item I will re stock it with some stuff from my "trade" bag. Pay it forward. I think more people need to live by this pay it forward mentality. Even if you start doing a 2 for 1 trade it would help wonders.


    What I hate is opening a cache to find rocks, candy bar wrappers, and pennies...




  5. I am starting to map my hike tracks and post them to my blog. I have been using mapsource, my maps google, to do everything. I was wondering if anyone knows of software that is good for working with tracks. Tips and tricks would be great too...


    Also it would be completely awesome if I could add my track to my topo map so I could use it in the future to follow... I want to add it so it shows up on the gps like a trail or road. Is there a way to do this?




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